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He could naturally know that the relationship between the two of them was unusual due to his long career as a secretary.

It is said that there is no way a man and woman can hide their affection for each other.

No matter how much they pretend, would they be able to deceive his eyes

If he says what he has to say like this, it will become gunpowder.

Moreover, if the two of them are together, the firepower will be doubled.

He could already see himself finishing the day while struggling with Theon\'s feistiness the whole time.

He had no other option, so he just hoped that his lord would quickly realize how loyal he is.

No matter how things turned out, he had to endure it for now.

I think I asked what was going on.

Ah… I… That…

Despite Theon asking again, Mason hesitated with a troubled expression on his face.

Feeling strange at Mason\'s unusual behavior, Ayla glanced over as she poured the tea.

Is it something important

Theon, recognizing his intention, winked at Ayla.

As if he had been waiting, Mason nodded vigorously at his lord\'s covert behavior.


What is it

He needed to confirm that Ayla had left.

Mason held his breath with his ear against the closed door.

As if satisfied with the sound of the distant footsteps, Mason twitched his eyebrows and nodded.

He could feel his master looking at him with a pathetic expression, but it was alright.

He was sure he was going to appreciate it.

Mason smiled sneakily at Theon and quickly opened his mouth.

You have to go get a suit for your engagement party.

Were you anxious like that just to talk about this

Miss Ayla was here too… I thought it would be awkward.

This is just me caring for Your Highness.


I think you did something pointless I don\'t plan on going anyway.

What was he saying Mason\'s face hardened at Theon\'s unconcerned remarks.

You\'re not going It\'s not any other day; on a day like this, you have to make an appearance.

Must I repeat myself

As if displeased with the opposing Mason, Theon frowned slightly

Theon, who changed his position and sat with his legs crossed, looked at Mason without a word.


It was obstacle after obstacle.

He didn\'t even want to imagine how Ariel would look like if he didn\'t follow the schedule.

But this was not the only problem.

Are you going to disobey His Majesty\'s will like this

I thinkdestroy\' would be a more appropriate word thandisobey\'.

This is not a matter to be taken lightly.

The previous kings also kept their legal wives and lovers separately.

I don\'t know why Your Highness is trying to walk on a difficult path…

Mason stopped what he was saying at Theon\'s threatening eyes and kept his mouth shut.

That\'s right, Mason.

Just like you said, the previous king kept his wife and concubine separately.

And what was the result


Being eaten away by a silent war.

Now that time has passed, there is not a single queen and concubine next to us.

They were either eaten away or self-destructed.


The opinion of the person concerned wasn\'t included anyway.

Why should I attend such an unsightly puppet show You must know that I don\'t intend to do so, nor have time to do so.

So, let\'s end this meaningless conversation here.

If you are a true loyal subject, you should wish for the happiness of your master.

Isn\'t that right

Theon got up and tapped Mason\'s shoulder a couple of times before leaving.


In front of the boutique, Ariel, in a pure white dress, came down from the large carriage.

Pierre, who had come outside beforehand, bowed his head towards Ariel.

It is an honor to meet you.

Princess Ariel.

I have heard a lot about Boutique Bello from noble ladies.

I heard you have to make a reservation at least a few months in advance to get an outfit, right

It\'s like that because there are a lot of people who like us.

You are modest.

At the end of the formal conversation, Pierre silently put on a business smile.

She said that she would become the wife of the Stellen Kingdom, and the momentum was quite strong.

The haughty gait, and the arrogant eyes hidden behind a good-natured face.

Even with how she dealt with other people, she was not an ordinary person.

Pierre spoke with a smile to Ariel, who sat on the velvet sofa and looked around.

Is there any tea or drink you would like to have

We\'ll have it together when His Highness arrives.

Don\'t worry about it and go to work.

I\'ll let you know if I need you.

Pierre, who was offended by Ariel\'s attitude of drawing the line with a refined voice, let out a small snort.

You must be bored from waiting; can I tell you something interesting

I\'m not sure.

‘This arrogant woman.\'


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