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Theon, who was looking at the crystal glass fluttering red, clicked his tongue and showed a sign of disappointment.

Seeing Ayla\'s cold expression on her face, he quickly put it down, though.


Theon quietly swallowed dry at her appearance, which looked nothing like usual.

What\'s wrong

What Ah… I\'m sorry.

I was thinking about something else for a moment.

It\'s nothing.

Ayla gave a small smile at Theon\'s worried question, as if it was nothing.

She seemed to be the only one who wasn\'t aware that she looked even more pitiful like this.

The awkward silence between the two continued for a while.

When they reached the mansion, Theon pulled the reins he was holding and slowed the horse.

Get down.

Beautiful lady.

Theon, who came down, stretched his hand towards her as usual.

What was she thinking so hard Ayla was biting her lips blankly.

It\'s quite chilly.

A cold wind blew under the darkened sky.

Consideration and concern for Ayla were evident in his actions, tone, and gaze.

Theon\'s hands were busy moving as he took off his coat, fearing that she might catch a cold.

Contrary to his intention, the awkward atmosphere surrounding the two showed no sign of clearing up.

I think I should go get her.

Ayla opened her mouth after a long silence.


He entrusted us with this


That\'s correct.

Although he definitely looked like a commoner that could be easily seen anywhere… I was also very surprised that such a person would bring such a precious item.

Orhan answered Theon\'s question while recalling that time.

Theon nodded slowly, carefully examining the round gemstone he was holding.

Although it was crafted in detail, it looked no different from ordinary gems.

Except for the small wave that vibrated in the very center.

It\'s not an ordinary thing.

Theon put the gemstone he was holding on the table and spoke uninterestedly.

Ayla, who had been watching him carefully, naturally turned her gaze to Theon\'s fingers.

Contrary to how calmly he spoke, Theon\'s fingers were trembling.

Orhan, who had been silent while he hesitated, slowly opened his mouth.

It seems to be a magic stone.

Although its effect is weak…

So who brought this great thing

He didn\'t reveal his identity.

He left, saying only that he would come tomorrow to ask for the remainder.

Seems like he\'s not an opponent that\'s easy to deal with.

Theon got up from his seat and stared silently at his hand, which was trembling slightly.

Orhan said that its effect was negligible, but it wasn\'t negligible enough to the point that his body reacted.


Who on earth was he

A shallow sigh escaped Theon\'s mouth.

Magic stones were one of the most difficult items to obtain even within the Kingdom.

Only a few of the high-ranking officials from each country owned them, so it was difficult for ordinary people to even look at one during their whole lives.

Putting it all together, the person who brought this item was no ordinary person.

Or the person he is serving.

How do we deal with it

First, we must prepare a lot of gold coins.

Are you saying we\'re just going to pay the price

No way.

Theon responded sarcastically to Orhan\'s question.

Orhan shook his head left and right as if he did not understand the situation.

We must get the next deal.

Ayla, who had been silently listening to the conversation, slowly opened her mouth.

If… If it really is a magic stone as we expect, there must be someone behind the person who came to the community.

Theon nodded slightly, as if agreeing with Ayla\'s words.

Ayla, who took turns looking at the two of them, cautiously continued.

Building trust will come first.

He will bring something bigger only when he thinks he can trust us and leave it to us.

It was just a guess, but…

Ayla seemed unsure as she blurred her words.

To do that, the first thing we need to do is to secure money.


Go to the bank in front of the square and collect the gold coins I left there.

If you go to the secretary and show him this certificate, he will take care of the next matter.

Theon, who brought his hand to his chest, pulled out a small, sealed envelope.

The envelope was stamped with red wax, representing the Royal Palace.

It\'s pretty late, so you\'ll have to hurry.

Don\'t worry.

I am second to none when it comes to being fast.

You\'re cheeky.

Theon said with a lively smile, after hearing Orhan\'s words.

Orhan\'s attitude did not change despite Theon\'s sarcasm, although he confidently shrugged his shoulders.

Unlike the two playful people, Ayla, who had kept her firm expression, slowly opened her mouth.

I want to go with you.

And… I have a favor to ask His Highness.

A favor


I want you to listen.


At Ayla\'s earnest voice, both their gazes were fixed on her.

Orhan, who was quick-witted, quietly left the living room.

While saying he would be waiting.



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