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Owen, who all this time she had thought was clueless, was one step ahead.


If the Grand Duke had stepped in, it would have been a really big problem this time.

You did well.

How worried I was… Are you really alright

Of course.

Fortunately, thanks to the help of His Highness, the Prince, I came out unharmed.

That\'s true, but… Next time, I will definitely save you.

Owen Arrot will definitely save Ayla Serdian.

Owen, who always looked like a child, had a serious expression when he uttered his last words.

Save… Somehow, she got some strength from that word alone, so Ayla revealed her hidden feelings.

I feel reassured, really.

Ayla and Owen smiled prettily, looking at each other.


From today, you will be in charge of Highness, the Prince\'s tea service.

What Me

Who else is here besides Miss Ayla, then

Perhaps Rose has the ability of saying nonsense so naturally.

‘I just want to live comfortably.

Rising in status is meaningless.\'

I have been taking care of Grand Duke Arrot\'s baths, and now His Highness\' tea service

What if I, who was forced to work here under the wrath of the King, cause harm to the Royal family

She couldn\'t understand what Rose was thinking, why she left those important responsibilities to her.

The maid who had been serving His Highness\' tea caught a severe cold and can\'t do it for the time being, so she entrusted it to Miss Ayla.

As if she had read Ayla\'s mind, Rose clearly pinpointed what she had been wondering.

No, but… Head Maid, this is a little… I am still very busy.

Don\'t you think perhaps the Grand Duke will need more help than His Highness… Yes… I understand.

‘That\'s right, will there be any problem in doing the tea service\'

Rose\'s fierce eyes made Ayla lower her tail.

Soon, it will be time for the tea, so get ready.

Leaving those final words, Rose suddenly left.

‘Even if you go, you have to tell me something.\'

Ayla\'s gaze followed Rose\'s footsteps, as she moved far away.


According to Lily, Theon loves milk tea and peanut cookies the most.

She couldn\'t trust everything but, in a situation where she doesn\'t know anything, this was considered high grade information.

With her clumsy skills, Ayla put down the tea and placed the freshly baked cookies on a plate.

The savory smell of the peanut cookies spread across the kitchen, stimulating her appetite, but she couldn\'t guarantee the taste.

Woah, I must be careful this time.

Holding the plate tightly, Ayla went up the stairs of the west palace.

When she dropped the champagne glass in the banquet hall, she clearly felt that someone pushed her.

Of course, it could have been a mistake but, seeing that no one was passing by, it was more credible that she was pushed intentionally.

‘Who would push me intentionally\'

The distance between Ayla and the aristocrats around her was quite big.

But there was no way that Lily, who had come to give a little help, pushed her on purpose.

In the end, she arrived at Theon\'s office without finding an answer.

Knock, knock.

Standing in front of the office door, Ayla turned the doorknob with a light knock.

Soon after, beyond Ayla\'s field of view, she saw a desk with huge piles of documents.

There were so many piles of documents that she couldn\'t see Theon sitting at the desk.

I brought the tea.

Theon, who was focusing on examining the documents, only gestured at Ayla to put down what she had brought, without even looking at her.

‘Does he not have a mouth Why does he always move his hands.\'

Ayla made a blunt expression.

She put down the tea and cookies she had brought next to Theon and kept her position.

Perhaps there was a problem, as Theon was staring at the documents on the desk like he wanted to kill them.

‘Why on earth is he like that.\'

The curious Ayla glanced sideways at the documents.

Various accounting terms and numbers were written on the papers, perhaps related to the banquet expenses.

As Ayla slowly glanced at the papers over Theon\'s shoulder, something strange came into her view.


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