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It was a peaceful day at the west palace, like any other.

It was possible because it was a place where only a limited number of people, including the royal family, could enter.


Take it easy.

You can take a break at times like this.

I still have work left that His Highness ordered me to do.

Anyway, you don\'t know how to fool around.

Unlike Mason, who was resting with the chair reclined, Louis, who was going over the documents, quickly moved his hand.

Tap, tap.

At the sound of footsteps coming from afar, Louis\' gaze turned to the hallway.

As the owner of the footsteps gradually appeared, Louis\' face distorted noticeably.

What\'s wrong

Before I am your Father, I am the Duke of the Stellen Kingdom.


Be polite according to one\'s status.

Duke Daniel clicked his tongue at Louis\' aggressive attitude.

Recognizing the situation, Mason quickly stood up.

The secretary Mason Fren greets Duke Daniel.

His Highness is away for a moment, would you like to go inside and wait

Let\'s do that.

How have you been


Things have been easy since you sent your precious son.

At Mason\'s kind words, the Duke tapped his shoulder a couple of times with a gallant laugh.

I like you.

His Highness must be happy to have such talented people by his side.

Mason and Duke Daniel were apparently acquaintances.

The two seemed to get along quite well, exchanging good wishes and asking for each other\'s well-being.

To the extent that no hostile feelings were revealed.

With a friendly smile, Mason showed Duke Daniel inside Theon\'s office.

I will prepare tea for you to drink while you wait.

Is there anything you would like to drink aside from that

A cup of heavily brewed black tea is enough.

I will prepare a dessert to accompany it.

I heard that an important guest is coming tomorrow

That\'s what he meant.

Duke Daniel, who looked around, flicked his fingers and spoke.

A fishy smile appeared on Mason\'s lips.


Duke Daniel has come to visit.

Why did that noble person come here

It must be because of the meeting tomorrow.

He came to find a prey.

I don\'t see Louis.

He left for a moment.

Theon nodded silently at Mason\'s stern words.

With a stiff expression.

He was just about to organize his work.

The ambitious plan to head towards the mansion where Ayla was staying was falling through due to a disrupter.

Frowning, Theon stepped forward at a fast pace.


Through the gap in the open door, he could see the Duke examining a book.

As if quite some time had passed, the teacup that was placed on the table was revealing its bottom.

Duke Daniel, what is the matter

Theon\'s monotonous voice echoed inside.

Do I come only when something happens I came here to say hello because I thought you would be exhausted from dealing with state affairs.

I see you were worried that I wouldn\'t be able to do it.

Duke Daniel\'s face was distorted in an instant at Theon\'s attitude of drawing a line.

‘Arrogant jerk.\'

He didn\'t like him from the beginning, but his arrogance was going through the roof.

He didn\'t know that the person who he thought would be second place in all his life would beat the eldest son and be appointed as the Crown Prince.

If he had given Delia to this guy instead, things would have been easier.

Duke Daniel smiled bitterly as he daydreamed meaninglessly.

Ironically, he doesn\'t feel like the world has compassion for his daughter.

I heard an important guest is coming from the Raff Kingdom

That\'s correct.

Seeing that the Queen of Raff is coming in person, you must pay special attention.

I have to be very careful as it is a difficult position.

If it\'s alright with you, I want to give you a little help.

Duke Daniel said, squinting his eyes.

Seeing the Duke\'s attitude, as if he was thinking of him, he burst out laughing.

He was not one to act without a price.

Obviously, there was something he wanted.

If he thought he was the child from the old days, he was mistaken.

He had no intention of moving according to his will anymore.

It is not a matter for the Duke to get involved with.

What… do you mean

At Theon\'s unexpected words, a look of bewilderment appeared on the Duke\'s face.

It is not a simple problem that mere nobles can solve.

The royal family, who hold the highest authority, must step forward.

I will only accept Duke Daniel\'s deep wishes.

If you have nothing more to say, please go back now.

Because he has something important to do.

Theon gave him a blow until the last moment.

The Duke\'s clenched fists trembled in shame.


Are you sure he said he was coming today

It was surely today.

He said he was coming to collect the remainder.

You didn\'t hear it wrong, did you

Even though I have little knowledge, I am fluent in languages.

Ayla looked suspiciously at Orhan, who was speaking confidently.

Seeing Orhan making a long face as if it were unfair, Ayla smiled a little.

It disappeared quickly though.


Orhan\'s hair fluttered in the wind as he kept silent.

He turned his gaze to the window, following the blowing wind.

Only 10 gold coins.

It was hard to accept the fact that people were bought and sold for the price of one piece of clothing.

Thinking of that beast that didn\'t have any paternal love, he felt sorry for Lily, whom he didn\'t even know her face.

‘She must be heartbroken.\'


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