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How did you get to know the Queen

Theon said in a blunt voice to Ayla, who was pouring the tea.

She managed to get away from Estelle, but now it was Theon Ermedi.

It was obstacle after obstacle.

It wasn\'t a problem of whether she told him the truth.

It was clearly a different problem.

She could already see him pouting, asking if she was going to finally tell him about Estelle.

That wasn\'t all, she had to be prepared to be scolded for bringing a stranger into the mansion.

Ayla carefully rolled her blue eyes and glanced sideways at Theon.

It is just as Her Majesty said.

We met by chance in the square.

It was really by chance.

Ayla emphasized the last two words in particular.

It was self-defense.

A kind of protection to prevent him from scolding her because it wasn\'t her intention.

But Estella said she would pay off her debt

I helped her a little.

The tea will get cold.

Drink it quickly.

She could feel his sharp gaze, but Ayla pretended not to notice and turned her head.

I\'m disappointed.

Theon\'s low voice echoed inside.

At the same time, Ayla\'s forehead wrinkled quietly.

Damn it.

As expected, her ominous premonitions are never wrong.

She was tired that these people had so many things to be disappointed about.

She wanted to grab someone and complain about whether the people who are the most powerful in the kingdom could act like this.

People won\'t know.

Theon Ermedi, who is rumored to be cold-blooded, has an unexpected hidden charm.

Seeing Theon staring at the teacup with his lips pursed, it seemed that leaving it as it was was not the best course of action.

As if she had already made up her mind, Ayla, who took a small deep breath, slowly opened her mouth.

She stayed a few days at the community.


Her… Majesty.

But! You know, pretending not to notice someone in need… At first, I thought she was really a beggar.

How would I know she was a queen

Theon tilted his head and looked at Ayla, who was flustered.

He couldn\'t understand her rambling words at all.

Ayla looked like she was about to cry at his sharp gaze.

Don\'t ramble on.

Who was where

Her Majesty stayed… at the community.

Why was the Queen at the community

Even with Ayla\'s despondent voice, he didn\'t seem to want to back down.

Theon got up from his seat and slowly approached Ayla.

Tap, tap.

With every step he took, Ayla\'s slender body was pushed more and more against the wall.

As she let out ahaha\' and smiled awkwardly, her body reached a dead end.

There was nowhere to run anymore.

Theon\'s slightly rough breath tickled Ayla\'s hair.

Without realizing it, she swallowed dry as she felt him approaching.

I don\'t know if she was disguised on purpose, but she was lying in front of the boutique, looking like a beggar!

A beggar

Her hair was messy, and her clothes were all torn and dirty.

How could I pretend not to notice her, when she begged me for help in that state

So, you took someone you don\'t know to the community

In my opinion… That\'s right, lower classes! People in the lower classes are more sensitive to rumors… I\'m sorry.

You seem to know you did something wrong

If she does something wrong, she should be punished, right

As soon as he finished speaking, Theon\'s cold lips came over Ayla\'s.

Startled by his sudden behavior, her lips faltered and widened the gap.

Wait… nhg.

Theon\'s tongue, which rushed into her in an instant, skillfully scraped through her mouth.

She tried to use the gap to continue speaking, but he went even deeper.

She felt as if her mind was getting hazy at the touch of his soft tongue moving gently inside her mouth.

Theon wrapped his arms tightly around Ayla\'s waist, who was slowly slipping down as if her legs were losing strength.

Ayla staggered and wrapped her arms around Theon\'s neck.

The longer the kiss went on, the more their lips got wet from each other\'s saliva.


Theon\'s body trembled slightly at Ayla\'s breathing, which was getting a little heavier.

He stopped what he was doing and slowly detached his lips.

Theon\'s reddish lips gleamed, as if to show proof of their long kiss.

There was a deep desire in his eyes as he looked at Ayla, who was breathing heavily.

I hope there isn\'t anything I don\'t know.

Theon\'s low-pitched voice tickled Ayla\'s ear.

With just a few words, she could tell how much self-control he was showing.

She didn\'t hate Theon\'s appearance, who was vividly showing his desire for her.

The mint scent, which had been wafting lightly, came out even more strongly.

Theon\'s fingertips trembled slightly as he gently caressed Ayla\'s cheeks.

Ayla\'s blue eyes were covered by her long eyelashes and disappeared.

As if she had already made up her mind, her red lips slowly opened.

I want to know everything about you.

I\'m first.

Theon had already lost his mind at Ayla\'s seductive voice.

Theon pulled Ayla\'s waist, which he was holding, and made her come closer to him.

Unlike before, she felt like she was out of breath because of the rough kiss with him.


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