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Theon\'s fingers, which had been careful so as not to hurt her, suddenly headed under her skirt.

He slowly caressed the white thighs that had been exposed under the rolled-up skirt.

Ayla\'s grip on Theon\'s chest gradually became stronger.


A small moan escaped from between Ayla\'s lips at the unfamiliar touch she had felt for the first time.

Theon\'s hand began to get a little rougher at the obscene moan.

His fingers, which had been resting on her thighs, were going deeper and deeper.

As if he couldn\'t hold back any longer, Theon roughly unbuttoned his shirt.

Through his open shirt, his upper body, made up of fine muscles, was revealed.

Ahh, ahh.

A harsh breath escaped Theon\'s mouth as he parted his lips.

His gray eyes, which had become hazy, turned to Ayla.

He lifted Ayla\'s body and walked towards the small room on the other side of the office.

Ayla\'s skirt precariously rolled up as she had her legs wrapped around Theon\'s waist.

They didn\'t forget to roughly covet each other\'s lips as they moved.

In his embrace, Ayla\'s fingertips slowly ran across Theon\'s back.

With each of Ayla\'s touch, his body heated up more and more.

Who taught you something like this

His desiring voice was very provocative.

I imitated what Your Highness did to me.

I guess I should teach you more.

Theon\'s lips curled up lightly.

She could feel the soft blanket under her burning skin.

Is it really alright

Ayla nodded her head instead of answering Theon, who had suddenly risen above her.

A shallow moan erupted from Ayla\'s mouth as his hot lips touched the nape of her neck.

His fingertips, which were trembling slightly, suddenly moved towards Ayla\'s chest.

Theon\'s hand, unbuttoning her blouse, moved urgently.

Before long, Ayla\'s flawless white skin began to appear under the moonlight.

Taking a deep breath, Theon\'s face headed towards her chest.

Knock, knock, knock.

The two people frowned heavily at the knocking sound coming from outside.

Theon sighed deeply and turned his gaze to the tactless knocking.

I came here because I have something to tell you.


How much longer do I have to wait

The appearance of the two men facing each other in the pitch-black darkness was obviously different.

The man with the transparent crystal glass in his hand turned his gaze to the man who was shaking like an aspen.

A particularly bright moonlight was flaunting itself through the window.

A ray of light permeated the dark interior.

I am not very patient.

You must have heard, right

Unlike his slightly wet hair, Kyle\'s eyes sank heavily.

He had just taken a bath, and he was wearing only a soft-looking bathrobe.

The well-refined, firm pectoral muscles were exposed through the gap.

Both big and small scars on every corner of his body seemed to show Kyle\'s wretched life.

It was now impossible to judge how many times he had barely saved his life on the fierce battlefield.

It wasn\'t difficult for someone like him to get rid of an inexperienced guy that was shivering in front of him.

The man couldn\'t have known about it either.

Kyle\'s cloudy eyes stared at the man, and he put on a fishy smile.

I-I apologize.

I will search a little more meticulously.

She moved without a trace… It is very difficult to follow her tracks.

You talk too much.

Kyle threw a brief sarcasm at the man who was making excuses.

The man\'s eyes trembled anxiously.

Swallowing dry, he clenched his fists weakly.

The man, who had been trembling, continued what he had to say as if he was making one last effort.

I… I\'m only telling you the truth.

Princess Zenia not only used a forged identity… She also did not accept anything offered by the Royal Palace.

The only information I have is the mansion provided by His Highness the Crown Prince.


Th-there is not enough information!! I can\'t find anyone like this.

You can\'t find anyone…

As he recalled the man\'s words, Kyle\'s eyes froze coldly.

There was no emotion in his low-pitched voice.

Kyle, who leaned his body comfortably, tapped the wooden table with his fingertips.

The man\'s heart pounded and jolted at the blunt sound that resounded regularly.



A pained moan escaped the man\'s mouth as the dagger flew in an instant.

The handle, engraved with the seal of the royal palace, was stuck above the shabby clothes.

With red blood.

The man hurriedly raised his hand to stop the bleeding in his shoulder, but it was already too late.

The brightly colored fabric he was wearing was dyed red in the blink of an eye.

The man, who had been groaning in pain and having cold sweats, had bloodshot eyes.

He couldn\'t even let out a scream at how deeply the sharp dagger had pierced him.

As if to ridicule him, the corners of Kyle\'s lips rose in an arc.

The man\'s resentful gaze turned to Kyle.

I said you talk too much.

If the result is the same next time, it won\'t end like this.

You must find her.


Kyle\'s dark brown eyes shook with madness as he finished talking.


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