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A sigh escaped from Ayla\'s lips as she looked at Kyle\'s back getting smaller and smaller.

Her heart, which had been pounding in fear that he would choke her again, was calming down.

Although she couldn\'t hide her trembling fingers.

The nameZenia\' that came out of Kyle\'s mouth flashed through her mind.

Ayla lowered her head at the rushing headache, raised her hands, and wrapped them around her forehead.

What are you doing here

Before her throbbing headache could subside, she heard another voice.

Ayla, who was holding her breath with her eyes closed, slowly raised her head.


I asked what you were doing here.

Ah… That…

Eden spoke bluntly to Ayla who was hesitating, unable to continue her words.

The floor is cold.

Ayla\'s lips twitched at the sight of Eden keeping his cold gaze with his arms crossed.

Normally he would have reached out and helped her, but Eden was acting cold.

Getting up, Ayla spoke in a voice that tried to disperse the awkward atmosphere.

Are you all better now!


The wound was quite deep, I\'m glad it healed quickly.

Because I tend to recover fast.

She felt a bit saddened by Eden\'s business-like attitude.

I heard you\'re going to work as His Highness\' guard knight I was very worried, but things worked out well.


You were worried, but you didn\'t come once.

Ah, about that.

Save your excuses.

Whoever expected it in the first place is an idiot.

There was a situation.

‘If this had happened to you, I would have left everything and gone to you.\'

Eden smiled bitterly, pushing back the words he couldn\'t bear to say.

Ah right, Knight Jenners gave this to me.

I thought it was a precious fragrance, but I\'m only giving it to you now.

Ayla, who was rummaging through her pockets, took out a small glass bottle.

Looking at the glass bottle, Eden said in a rather sharp voice.

Where did he get this

It seems to have fallen when you were unconscious.

I think he mistook it for it being mine.

I\'m sorry if I offended you.

I should have returned it sooner…

A bitter smile appeared on Eden\'s lips, who was handed the glass bottle.

Looking at his expression, he didn\'t look as happy as she expected.

Tilting her head, Ayla cautiously opened her mouth.

It\'s a unique scent.

Where can I get that fragrance

I smelled it because I was curious, and it had a really good scent.

It\'s a scent I\'ve never smelled in the Stellen Kingdom…


Ayla\'s eyes shook slightly at his unexpected words.

She thought it was similar to the fragrance that Baron Noir brought from Pella, but she didn\'t expect it to really be the same.

A strange tension appeared on Ayla\'s face.

She heard that it was difficult to obtain fragrances from Pella because they were rare on their own.

It was an extremely expensive item for Eden, who was living life as a wanderer, to own.

Suspicion arose over Ayla\'s blue eyes.

In the first place, there was no information about Eden.

Except for joining the Knights in exchange for saving Kyle\'s life on the battlefield.

And even so, he was not a member of the Knights, but Kyle\'s personal guard knight, so no one knew about Eden\'s past.

Not even Kyle, whom he was in charge of guarding.

‘What connection does he have with Pella\'

As if reading her thoughts, Eden continued what he was saying.

Are you curious about where I come from And how can I have such a precious thing

If I were in the same position as Theon Ermedi.

Would I have a chance too

What do you mean

Exactly what I said.

I\'m asking if I were the owner of a country… Would I have a chance to win your heart too

Don\'t tell me…

‘Is he from Pella\'s royal family\'

At Eden\'s meaningful words, Ayla\'s eyes fluttered wildly.

The owner of a country, like Theon; it didn\'t seem like it was meant to be a joke.

Since at least his eyes were sincere.

When it comes to the royal family of Pella, she came to know about it while reading classical books.

The book that captured the exotic appearance of the people of this country, unlike the people of the Stellen Kingdom, who usually have dark hair, was of great interest to the young Ayla.

The silver hair that only appeared in the royal family was really mysterious.

Reminiscent of the contents of the book, Ayla\'s gaze turned to Eden\'s silver hair that was shining in the light.

Thinking about it now, Eden\'s appearance was very similar to that of the people of Pella.

His appearance, mysterious hair, eyes, tall height, and body shape were almost identical to what was portrayed in the book.

If he was really from the royal family of Pella, why was he infiltrating the Stellen Kingdom looking like this

The image of Theon, who was tormented as he recalled the wizards of Pella, was still vivid in her mind.

Ayla\'s face darkened noticeably.

She was afraid that it might be to get revenge on the Stellen Kingdom for destroying the country of Pella.

Eden smiled bitterly towards Ayla, who hesitated without being able to continue speaking.

It\'s a joke.

I don\'t know what you\'re thinking, but as you can see, there\'s no way a beggar like me can do that, right

Eden shrugged his shoulders and made idle talk.

Contrary to his playful words, Ayla\'s eyes were full of alertness.

I picked it up while traveling.

As you said, it has a good scent, so I took it with me.

It\'s been quite some time.

Our Respectable Highness must be waiting.

Tell me a little bit more…


I am greedier for work than I thought.

It\'s my first day at work, so I can\'t get on his wrong side.

Well, then.

After saying goodbye by waving his fingers, Eden turned around without delay.

His face, which had been smiling playfully, turned cold.

Eden\'s silver eyes gleamed and stared straight ahead.



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