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At Estelle\'s picky attitude, the interior was once again agitated.

As if trying to sort things out, Ariel\'s soft voice was heard.

This is Queen Estella of the Raff Kingdom.

A precious person has come, so everyone, please show courtesy.

Understanding the situation, the young ladies started to scramble to greet Estelle.

As if satisfied, the corners of Estelle\'s lips curled up slightly.

I don\'t know if I interrupted your fun time.

I want to join the tea party too, is that alright

Estelle looked at Ariel, not really asking for consent.

Who could defy the Queen\'s words

Contrary to her brightly smiling expression, Ariel\'s gaze at Estelle was cold.

Of course.

It is a great honor to be able to be with the Queen.

I am Ariel Clermant.

I am about to be engaged to His Highness the Crown Prince.

Ah, the youngest princess of the Libert Kingdom I remember the King endlessly bragging to me about you.

I\'m embarrassed.

I heard that you came to the Stellen Kingdom for a meeting.

Have you perhaps experienced any inconvenience during your stay


Sneering laughter escaped Estelle\'s mouth.

The corners of Ariel\'s lips, who was still smiling, were shaking slightly.

Oh, I\'m sorry if I offended you.

I was careless.

It\'s because you said you were getting engaged, but you talked as if you were the hostess.

Well… There were some unfamiliar things, but none of them were so uncomfortable that the Princess of the Libert Kingdom should be concerned.

After speaking, Estelle fluttered the skirt of her gorgeous dress and headed towards an empty seat.

Ariel stood still, biting her lip tightly at the rushing sense of shame and contempt.

Seeing Ariel like that, Estelle had a fishy smile.

Beautiful Queen Estella, I made a big mistake just now.

Instead of sitting here, please sit at the upper seat in the center.

All the young ladies gathered here are curious about Your Majesty.

Claire, who was watching the situation, said brightly to Estelle.

Then, shall I

Of course.

Who else would sit here if not the Queen Since you came to the tea party, would you like me to bring you a cup of sweet tea

It\'s alright.

The tea I will drink will be prepared separately.

I see.

Do you perhaps have a special reason Is there any food that is not to your liking

Ariel, who had cleared up her feelings while the two of them chatted, returned to her seat without a word.

She could feel the worried gazes of the young ladies who had gathered, but that was even more annoying.

Ariel\'s murderous eyes turned to Estelle.

Estelle, who glanced at her, said with a light smile.

I\'m afraid of being poisoned.

At Estelle\'s words, the atmosphere in the interior, which was already heavy, froze as if ice water had been poured over it.

Her eyes were staring at only one place.

Ariel\'s face hardened visibly as she felt Estelle\'s gaze.

She was angry because her attitude of attacking her for no reason was unpleasant.

Ariel\'s furious eyes turned to Estelle.

I\'m joking.

I\'m joking.

It\'s because I think I made a boring appearance.

You\'re not… offended, are you Miss Ariel.

How could I be

The young ladies who watched the two of them struggled to let out a forced laugh.

The interior was filled with only the clinking of teacups and a tense breathing sound.

I wanted to hear interesting stories of the Stellen Kingdom, but… everyone is quiet.

Estelle, who was looking around, sat with her legs crossed and spoke with a haughty expression.

The eyes of the young ladies, who kept silent, were saying,Is she asking because she doesn\'t know\'

I heard that Princess Ariel got a formal dress fitted a while ago.

A young lady, whose name she didn\'t know, who was sitting in the corner asked towards Ariel after hesitating.


I went to the boutiqueBello\' not long ago.

As you said, their workmanship is quite good.

I heard that you have to make a reservation at least half a year in advance to get an outfit… I can\'t wait to see what the engagement ceremony of the two who will shine in the Stellen Kingdom will be like.

I heard that His Highness the Crown Prince didn\'t show up

One of the young ladies, who was listening to the conversation, said while maintaining a provoking gaze.

It could be because he was busy with work.

This is what happens when you have a high-ranking man as your husband.

Despite the young lady\'s rude remark, Ariel smiled and spoke wittily.

The interior, in which the mood had sunk heavily, was soon filled with the laughter of the young ladies.

As expected, her abilities weren\'t ordinary.

Estelle had been told about the suspiciousness of Princess Ariel in a conversation with the Crown Prince the other day.

She was provoking her in her own way at his request, but she hardly ever took the bait.

Estelle\'s gaze turned to Claire, who was sitting next to her.

Perhaps because she had finished the tea she was drinking, Claire called a maid.

Young Lady, do you need anything

I finished the tea I was drinking.

Can you bring me some more

Shall I bring you the same tea you were having

Hm… Do you perhaps have peach tea

Estelle\'s eyes flashed for a moment at Claire\'s words.

Estelle, who was slowly scanning her, muttered in a low voice.

She\'s remarkably similar.



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