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Tap, tap.

One of the maids who came inside approached Ariel, hesitating.

Do you have anything to tell me

The secretary of the east palace requested an audience with the Princess.

Why me, in the east palace where His Majesty is staying

There is something to discuss about your engagement ceremony…

At Ariel\'s questioning voice, the woman lowered her gaze and blurred her words.

Ariel\'s sharp eyes changed to docile as she felt the distinguished guest\'s gaze towards the two of them.

Then, with a beautiful smile, she slowly opened her mouth.

I\'m sorry, what should I do It seems they are looking for me in the east palace.

Seems like your married life has already started

The young ladies burst into laughter at the witty middle-aged woman\'s voice.

Ariel, who was smiling lightly, asked for the understanding of the distinguished guests and got up from her seat.

When she was no longer visible, several young ladies exchanged glances with each other.

I heard that Count Serdian\'s daughter is in the Royal Palace

Soon after, one of the young ladies, who was tilting her teacup, threw a topic of discussion.

As if it was exciting, the eyes of those who had gathered gleamed like hyenas that had found their prey.

I think I heard that she was working as a maid.

I heard that one of the maids who spilled the tea on Princess Ariel the other day is the daughter of Count Serdian.

No wonder, she isn\'t careful.

If it were me, I would have committed suicide for being ashamed of what my father did.

She probably didn\'t know that was the right thing to do, since she lived in a foreign country.

She\'s shameless, tsk tsk.

Starting with the words of the unknown young lady, everyone started contributing to the conversation about the Count.

With the appearance of an opponent that was easy to chew up, the crowd stretched out the provocative words like fish in the water.

As if they had forgotten the existence of Estelle, who had been silent.

From what I\'ve heard, there are rumors that she and His Highness have that kind of relationship.

Oh my, that\'s shameful.

What are you saying, Baroness

Have you heard the rumors among the maids of the Royal Palace that the two of them spend a lot of time together secretly

Hm… Where there is smoke, there is fire.

Like father, like daughter.

Tsk tsk.

If the two of them are already like that, what will happen to Princess Ariel She\'s a beautiful person, but she\'s pitiful.

She might have intentionally spilled the hot tea on her.

The mouths that had come together one after the other had no intention of quieting down.

As if they had been waiting, the crowd began pouring out gossip that had not yet been talked about.

She must have seduced His Highness the Crown Prince with determination.

I heard that she is pretty good-looking, so men wouldn\'t refuse her.

The day she spilled the tea on Princess Ariel, Grand Duke Arrot took her with him, right He was running around so much that even if you said he was her lover, I would believe it…

She\'s indecent too.

She really doesn\'t have anything like an education.

It is a great blessing not to have to be with someone like that.

I feel sorry for the Princess, what should I do… Once he has an affair, it\'s not going to be easy to turn it back to how it was.

I asked why her complexion was somber when her engagement ceremony is approaching, and it seems there was a reason.

The malicious gossip about Ayla and sympathy for Ariel continued for a while.

Estelle, who was quietly listening to the conversation of the young ladies, smiled weakly.

Tap, tap.

The sound of careful steps could be heard from far away in the hallway.

It seemed that no one had yet noticed the sound as they were absorbed in the conversation.

Except for Estelle, who was waiting for her tea.

Suddenly, the owner of the approaching footsteps appeared through the linen curtains.

I\'m sorry to keep you waiting.

Beautiful Queen Estella.

It\'s alright.

It was worth the wait.

It looks very appetizing.

Estelle, who looked over the colorful desserts, spoke in a satisfied voice.

Ayla, who exchanged an eye-greeting with Estelle, poured the tea and looked around carefully.

‘Is there something on my face Why are they staring at me so intently\'

Ayla tilted her head at the appearance of the young ladies, who closed her mouths tightly with wide-open eyes, as if they were seeing something they couldn\'t see.

By the way… What an interesting topic.

The young ladies\' eyes quickly moved at Estelle\'s low voice.

Although it was a joke, Estelle said she had a personal tea prepared for her, for fear of being poisoned.

And amid that, Ayla appeared as Estelle\'s private maid

This alone proved that the relationship between the two was quite close.


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