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Looking at the young ladies, who were scared that they might have caused trouble because of the conversation a while ago, Estelle smiled gently.

The young ladies seemed to have become somewhat radical in their words and actions because they were engrossed in the conversation.

Please kindly understand.

I will apologize on their behalf.

Claire, who was quick-witted, quickly broke the silence.

Estelle\'s gaze naturally turned to Claire.

Miss Claire, right


That\'s correct.

Your Majesty.

My name is Claire, the daughter of Marquis Charne.

As if she were happy with Estelle\'s interest, Claire spoke in a bright tone.

Without knowing the storm that was about to come.

As you said earlier, it seems you like peach tea

I am so happy that Your Majesty is paying attention to me.

Although it is a fruit that is difficult to obtain in the Stellen Kingdom… It is one of my favorite teas.

Ah, is that so


My Father likes it a lot too.

Leaving behind Claire, who was chatting excitedly, Estelle glanced at Ayla.

She was pouring the tea with calm movements, but she couldn\'t hide her slightly trembling fingertips.

‘So it\'s you…\'

Ayla\'s eyes turned cold as she muttered to herself.


I came to get the payment for the item I brought the other day.

Orhan smiled a little when he saw the familiar man that had come inside.

He had wondered how long it would take for him to come back, so he was behaving excessively cautiously.

Though he probably didn\'t realize that it made him look even more suspicious.

The payment has been prepared plentifully.

We were waiting for you.

Let\'s go inside.

Orhan showed a business smile and guided the man.

The appearance of the man who came to the mansion again was nothing like when he first came.

The thick smell of tobacco leaves and the smell of dust exuded over his shabby clothes.

Although he was acting determined, it was clear that he was not a noble.

As he glanced at the man, the corners of Orhan\'s mouth rose pleasantly.

This is not the place where I went the first time.

As Orhan climbed the stairs, the man gave him a wary glance and spoke.

Even so, he didn\'t stop his following steps.

The Madam wants to see you.

Orhan, who was taking the lead, stood in front of a wooden door that looked luxurious and spoke in a stiff voice.

Madam You mean you are not the owner of the community

If I were the owner of the community, I wouldn\'t be acting as the doorkeeper here.

The Madam is waiting for you.

Please go inside.

The look of embarrassment on the man\'s face was obvious.

There hadn\'t been any change until now, but it seemed to be effective this time.

As he finished talking, Orhan pulled the firmly closed wooden door knob.


Looking distinguished, Helena sat on a velvet couch in the center.

Her fingertips were mesmerizing as she touched the teacup, with her curly black hair flowing down to her waist.

The man gulped as Helena lifted her head, feeling a presence.

A dark red butterfly mask covered half her face.

The black eyeshadow that covered her clear blue eyes, and the red lips were deadly indeed.

Seeing Helena\'s white skin exposed through the dress, the man tried to look away while clearing his throat.

Are you the one who brought the magic stone

Helena asked the man with her charming voice.

At the same time, she crossed her long legs in the opposite direction.

The man\'s instincts followed her leg line, but only for a moment.

A shallow groan burst out of the man\'s mouth.

Facing him, Helena frowned faintly, drawing a line.

The man\'s face turned red, as if he were embarrassed.

I… I\'m not answering any questions.

I came here to make a deal, so just pay me.

The man shook his head a little to adjust his concentration, which had been broken by Helena, and spoke.

At his cold answer, the corners of Helena\'s mouth went up in a line.

What do you think is the value of the item you brought

What If you have no intention of buying, why don\'t you just say it I came here on purpose because I was certain you\'d take care of it, but it seems I came in vain.

Despite the man\'s sharp voice, Helena\'s spirit showed no sign of wavering.

She even relaxed to play around with the magic stone she was holding.

Seeing that, the man approached Helena, panting.

Though he didn\'t take more than a few steps before being stopped by Orhan\'s firm arm.

Helena broke the heavy silence that enveloped the three of them.

People like us do anything for money, but… There are also some rules that apply to such merchants.


Helena\'s blue eyes slowly scanned the man.

A dusty robe, leather shoes that had become worn out due to being used for many years, and tangled hair.

Nowhere in the man\'s appearance did it look like he would be carrying such a precious object.


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