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Helena\'s straightforward gaze was asking,Is this really yours\'

After understanding the meaning of her gaze, the man\'s eyes began to shake anxiously.

What are the rules

It\'s simple.

We do not handle unverified items.

If we make money recklessly, we\'re bound to go out of business.

The item you brought is a magic stone, which is the best among the best.

I don\'t think you know that, so I\'m telling you.

O-Of course I know! I\'m the owner of the item.

What on earth do you want to say

There are countless things I want to say, but… I\'m not free enough to have a chat with just anyone.


If you wanted to deceive anyone, you should have at least done the minimum.

Did you really think you could pretend to be a rich man with that slum smell coming from all over your body

The man clenched his fists silently at Helena\'s sarcastic voice.

Who is behind you

Helena whispered quietly as she suddenly approached the man.

Bring the real thing, not a fake one.

Real owner of the item.


Marquis Arthur Charne…

I need to confirm it, but I\'m sure of my feeling.

Theon\'s brows frowned at Estelle\'s voice, filled with conviction.

Although she was a clever queen, it was impossible to deduce the culprit from just a few words that were spoken at the tea party.

Moreover, Marquis Arthur Charne.

No matter how he thought about it, it didn\'t make any sense.

Marquis Charne, a former baron from the poor countryside, worked under Count Serdian and gradually expanded his domain.

The Marquis was the one who accused Count Serdian of tribute embezzlement.

As a reward for this, he received the title of Marquis, so one could say that Count Serdian was like a benefactor to the Marquis.

The image of him visiting the King on his own, saying he could no longer stand by and watch the evil deeds committed by Count Serdian, was still fresh in his memory.

‘Count Serdian has pocketed the tribute that was to be given to the Raff Kingdom.\'

‘Besides that, he has taken a great quantity of the national treasury into his hands.

I was silent until now because I didn\'t have the courage, but no more… Sob.\'

Marquis Charne, who was crying while telling the King everything about the charges of Count Serdian, was sincere.

At least it seemed so to him.

Theon, who has been keeping silent, cautiously opened his mouth.

Isn\'t it too hasty to be sure just from the peach tea

So let\'s confirm it first.

Picking up the teacup, the corners of Estelle\'s mouth rose.

Theon\'s gray eyes turned to Estelle, asking,How\'

Since he knows I\'m in the Stellen Kingdom, he won\'t make an appearance himself.

Unless he was an idiot.

Estelle crossed her legs and spoke slowly.

Have you thought of anything

Host a ball.

A masquerade ball would be nice.

She was rumored to be brilliant, but Estelle made a fairly good suggestion.

If it was a masquerade ball, where the concerns for being exposed were relatively small, it would be easy to gather the people of interest in one place.

There would be no good excuse to refuse a ball hosted by the royal palace and Estelle knew the criminal\'s face, so just putting it together was already half a success.

Of course, the key was how to take off the mask, but that was also not a big deal as long as he had power.

Sounds good.

Let\'s proceed fast.

After speaking, Theon nodded his head and showed a satisfied smile.

Estelle stared at him silently.

Anything else you\'d like to say

Theon said in a cautious voice as he felt the stinging gaze on him.

Estelle smiled, her intentions unknown, and then brought the teacup she was holding to her mouth.

After a long silence, Estelle slowly opened her mouth.

What are you going to do about your engagement with the youngest princess of the Libert Kingdom

Theon\'s eyes shook for a moment as if perplexed by the unexpected question, and then quickly regained their balance.

I\'m in the process of gathering evidence.

Theon\'s stiffened voice echoed inside.

At the same time, Estelle frowned lightly.


Princess Ariel seems to have played a funny joke.

That\'s interesting.

A funny joke… Can you tell me about it

It looks like she put her hands on something from the Stellen Kingdom.

It\'s one of the problems that foreigners can run into if they stay for a long time.

A base of supporters will be formed.


She has grown a lot of power.

A bitter smile appeared on Theon\'s face.

There were dubious circumstances, but her trick was so subtle and secretive that it was taking longer than expected to obtain the proper evidence.

Along with that, the date of the planned engagement was getting closer and closer, so he couldn\'t help but feel impatient.


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