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Eden will accompany you tomorrow.

As she was pouring the tea, Ayla\'s hand paused at Theon\'s quiet voice.

‘What about Your Highness\'

Since she already knew the answer, she tried to push back the question that lingered in her mouth.

She felt disappointed, but instead of expressing her feelings, she closed her mouth tightly.

Of course, it seemed like it was greedy to think that they would be going together.

Since I\'m going with two people, I will feel safe.

Are you disappointed


I know you\'re busy taking care of national affairs.

Unlike her calm voice, there was clearly a sad look in Ayla\'s blue eyes.


He couldn\'t miss even Ayla\'s smallest change.

Theon, who raised his arms in a seated position, wrapped them around Ayla\'s waist with a soft touch.

Feeling his breath behind her back, Ayla put down the teapot she was holding.


She burst out laughing as Theon brought his head closer and rubbed it on her waist as if he were a puppy.

Must you act cute when you think you\'re at a disadvantage

So, look at me for a bit.

I\'m also saddened by the fact that I can\'t be with you.

I heard from Secretary Mason.

That there\'s a big ball tomorrow.

His Majesty is attending too, so of course, you have to stay here.

It\'s important.

It\'s a ball led by the Queen.

Queen Estella


We need to find the shameless person who pretended to be the Count.

The two people looking at each other were filled with determination.

Although it was a serious atmosphere, it didn\'t last long because of Theon, who was snuggling into her embrace.

Ayla, who was looking around as she swept away Theon\'s hair, tilted her head.

Come to think of it… I haven\'t seen Louis.

Did you send him to a nice place

Leave of absence due to personal reasons.

Leave of absence

That\'s what Mason said.

I don\'t know the details either.

Work must have gotten boring.

He\'s not that irresponsible.

Theon closed his mouth as Ayla spoke straightforwardly.

From the look on her stiffened face, he might get in trouble if he said something unnecessary.

There was only one way to do this.

I\'ll ask him to find out what\'s going on.

‘Seems like I have to pay attention to all sorts of things.\'

After he finished speaking, a small sigh flowed out of Theon\'s mouth.


A black carriage adorned with ornate golden symbols appeared amid the tall trees.

The black horses driving the old-fashioned carriage were glossy, and you could tell at first glance that they were expensive.

Rattle, rattle.

There were bumpy rocks here and there on the deserted narrow road.

It was a high-priced carriage, but that price was overshadowed by the uncomfortable ride.

Ayla, who was sitting in the center of the carriage, grabbed her throbbing head and frowned.

How much longer until we arrive

There must be a restaurant around here… Ah, there it is.

After passing the hill we will be there.

Orhan, who was in the front seat, turned around and spoke.

The appearance of Ayla reflected in Orhan\'s eyes was beauty itself.

The slender neckline and shoulder line, exposed beneath her raised black hair, captured the image of the seductive community leader, Helena.

Her red lips, as if she were holding a rose in her mouth, were very attractive, and her blue eyes added to the mystery.

The tight black dress that emphasized her chest contrasted with her white skin to create an enchanting look.

Even the dark red mask on top of it, as always, was absolutely perfect.

He was confident that if Theon saw how she looked right now, he would have been extremely angry.

You don\'t look good.

Shall we take a break

I\'m alright.

Ayla shook her head slightly at Orhan\'s worried voice and lowered her gaze.

She kept swallowing dry while holding on tightly to the crumpled letter, which got worn out due to being read many times, and the piece of beeswax.

‘You\'re foolish.\'

Orhan let out a small sigh as he looked at her, then turned back and looked forward.

The carriage, which had been rattling for a long time, had crossed the hill and was entering a flatland.

Beyond Ayla\'s blue eyes, she could see the old-fashioned external appearance of the merchant community.

As they reached their destination, the carriage, which had been continuously boasting an uncomfortable ride, slowly began to slow down.

The Libro Community of Merchants had a huge scale and splendor worthy of its reputation.

As she came down from the carriage, supported by Orhan, Ayla\'s eyes were shaking anxiously.

Don\'t be nervous.

Eden approached her and said in a dry voice.

Who said I was nervous

Do you have any idea how much you\'ve opened and closed the letter you\'re holding

Sometimes it\'s polite to ignore it and pretend that you don\'t know.

You\'re saying the same thing as someone.


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