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As if announcing the end, a gust of wind blew through the dark cave.

The black hair flowing down Helena\'s face fluttered wildly, following the movement of the wind.

When they reached the entrance of the cave, Eden\'s steps, following behind her, stopped for a moment.

The people here do things very… nastily.

At Eden\'s sarcastic voice, the people in front of him all turned around.

The sharp blade in Eden\'s hand was pointing at someone, emitting a clear glow.

Please… save me.

A voice that sounded young came out from under the wrapped robe.

The damp linen cloth fell at the boy\'s feet, who was trembling like an aspen.

You\'re a pretty good warrior.

The middle-aged man that stood in the middle tilted his head as if it was interesting and spoke.

Eden smiled sarcastically and raised the blade that was on the boy\'s neck.

Don\'t bull** me and call your superior.

Whoa, calm down.

Calm down.

I just wanted to check your skills.

I didn\'t mean no harm at all.

You can ask your master about that.

Please calm down your rage and let that child go.

He\'s only fifteen years old.

Unlike the urgent situation, the voice of the middle-aged man was only relaxed.

Having suddenly become a hostage, the boy\'s fingers trembled incessantly.

She had to remain calm.

It was an urgent situation where it would not be strange even if something happened right now.

Trying to keep her reason, Helena showed a displeased expression with her arms crossed.

Your joke has gone too far.

I needed to make sure you were good enough to compete with our community.

If you didn\'t believe us, you wouldn\'t have sent that thing in the first place.

The tip of Helena\'s chin was pointing to the letter the middle-aged man was holding.

He bowed his head and said,I apologize if I have offended you.\'

The corners of Helena\'s lips rolled up slightly.

Her gaze turned to Eden and the boy, who were behind her.

Please let that child go.

I can\'t trust him.

I\'ll decide whether we trust him or not.

Eden frowned at Helena\'s adamant voice and put his blade down.

At the same time, the frightened boy got up from his spot and ran behind the middle-aged man.


The Young Lady will be here soon.

Saying only those words, the black-robed people disappeared.

Helena\'s blue eyes slowly looked around.

The ornate golden pattern painted on the red wall highlighted its exotic appearance.

Every piece of furniture, decorations, and props all over the place was one of the most expensive.

They didn\'t wait long.

Helena frowned at the sound of light steps coming from outside the door.


The doorknob that was firmly closed turned to the right, and the door slowly opened.

Helena\'s eyes opened wide at the identity of the young lady who had made her appearance through the open door.

The appearance of the person she was facing was not much different from Helena\'s.

Her slightly open mouth and shaking eyes proved that she was also in a state of bewilderment.

Even if the others didn\'t know, she could not hide her identity from the woman she met.

Wearing a mask that covered half her face wasn\'t enough.

How much time did they spend together

The interior was filled with an unknown silence.

The woman\'s cold voice echoed.

Bring the Counts of Serdian here.

But, Young Lady… The Counts…

Don\'t say useless things.

If I said to bring them, bring them.


Transparent tears rolled down Ayla\'s cheeks.



As if to announce someone\'s entry, the small bell hanging in the center of the door shook with a clear sound.

My daughter… I\'m here to find my daughter.

What is the student\'s name

The man continued to rub his hands against each other and spoke in a hesitating voice.

Unlike the anxious-looking man, the voice of a woman in modest attire was calm.

Ayla Serdian, from the Stellen Kingdom.

I am the father of the child.

At Count Serdian\'s words, the woman replied,Yes.\', uninterested.

Then, she continued with a business-like voice.

She hasn\'t attended classes since a few days ago.

There aren\'t any records of her entering the dormitory at all.

What do you mean there are no records!

Since a week ago… There are no records at all.

It looks like the Miss Ayla Serdian you mentioned isn\'t here.

Unlike the gentle woman\'s voice, Count Serdian\'s face visibly darkened.

Not knowing what to do, his helplessly shaking eyes were representative of his anxious mind.

Count Serdian, whose lips were twitching, carefully continued.

Do you have any idea where she went

We don\'t know that either.

This is a school, not a nursery.

When she finished speaking, there was no feeling of sorriness or curiosity in the woman\'s eyes.

The Count couldn\'t help but feel devastated at the sight of the woman, who seemed to be grinning as if it was no longer her business.

As if their business was over, he felt a strange glance in her eyes that told him to go back.

Trudge, trudge.

Count Serdian drooped his shoulders and walked out the door.

Seeing his appearance, a small sigh erupted from the Countess\' mouth.

Are you alright

I\'m fine, Madam.

I just felt dizzy for a moment.

As he staggered while holding his forehead, the Countess approached him.

He said it was no big deal, but once the headache had begun, it did not go away.


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