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‘As expected, it’s chaotic.’

Theon, who was sipping carbonated water on one side of the banquet hall, frowned slightly.

Dressed in black to match the dress code, he was shining even though he had no accessories in particular.

A smooth, black mask, without any superfluousness, covered more than half of his face, but it was not enough to completely cover Theon’s handsome appearance.

As if he was looking for someone, Theon’s gray eyes slowly scanned the interior of the banquet hall.

Estelle whispered in a quiet voice as she approached his side.

“Is Marquis Charne here yet”

“Not yet.”

“The main character is supposed to always appear late.”

“We’ll have to wait.

By the way… Are you satisfied with the ball”

“Well… To some extent”

Estelle shrugged and drank the wine she was holding, and then continued to speak.

“I don’t even see Princess Ariel.

If she had come to the banquet hall, she would’ve stirred things up.”

“You have only been in the Stellen Kingdom for a while, but it seems like you’re already well-informed about all the people around you.”

“I am a person who is in charge of a country.

I have to have that kind of insight and virtue.”

As he spoke as if it was impressive, Estelle replied with a small snort.

When Estelle had finished the wine she had left, she called one of the maids holding a tray.

“Would you like a drink”

Estelle picked up a glass of wine and asked in a charming voice to Theon.

Theon slowly raised his hand and expressed his refusal.

“I don’t enjoy alcohol.”


As expected, you’re no fun.

I have no idea what Miss Ayla saw in you.”

“Are you drunk already”


Estelle rolled up the corners of her mouth and stared ahead.

Mason, who was wearing ceremonial clothes, approached the two of them as they enjoyed a simple chat.

“Marquis Charne has arrived at the banquet hall.”

“Tell him I’m looking for him.”

At Theon’s dry words, Mason gave a short reply and turned around.

Not long after, the Marquis, who had adorned his whole body luxuriously, appeared.

They were blinded by the jewels gleaming all over him, which were worthy of the fame of Marquis Charne, who liked to show off.

“Greetings to His Highness the Crown Prince.”

Marquis Charne, who had come closer to them, glanced at Estelle standing next to him and bowed his head.

“It’s been a while, Marquis Arthur Charne.”

“I am honored that Your Highness has called the humble me.”

The Marquis rolled his narrow eyes and looked around, showing signs of anxiety.

Theon’s gaze turned to Marquis Charne’s mask, which was decorated with splendor.

“Are those Huia’s feathers”

“T-that’s correct.”

“What a beautiful color.

If you don’t mind, can I try it on for a moment”

“Yes… What What does that…”

“I mean to take it off.

I’m very envious of the mask you’re wearing.”

Theon grinned and nodded his head at Marquis Charne.

It was a silent pressure.

“Ahem, if… if Your Highness wishes so…”

After hesitating for a long time, Marquis Charne cleared his throat and slowly took off his mask.

As expected.

Hiding her face behind her gorgeous mask, Estelle smiled in satisfaction.


Tap, tap.

The man’s steps into the dark interior were quite elated.

Although his movement was awkward, perhaps because the wound he had gotten on his side the other day hadn’t healed properly, he seemed so confident that he could not be compared to anyone.

Kyle, who had become a mess over the course of several days, appeared in front of him.

Looking at Kyle, the man automatically clicked his tongue.

Then, he shut his mouth and looked around, surprised by his actions.

Fortunately, Kyle didn’t seem to have heard it.

A sigh of relief flowed out of the man’s mouth.

Although he usually enjoyed alcoholic beverages, from one day onwards, it was difficult to find a day when he wasn’t drunk.

He was resentful that he ruined his arm because he was going crazy over some damned woman.

The man, who was checking Kyle’s appearance, frowned for a moment and then slowly bowed his head.

“Aren’t you attending the ball”

“Is that something for you to care about Just do what you’re told.

Don’t be cheeky.”

The man’s body began to shrink a little at Kyle’s pitchless voice.

Seeing that, the corners of Kyle’s mouth rose in a fishy way.

Then, Kyle’s clouded eyes turned to the whiskey on the table.

There were empty bottles scattered around, disorderly.

“If you’re going to babble like a parrot, go back.”

He didn’t seem to be in a good mood at all.

Kyle took a sip of the whiskey in the clear crystal glass and spoke.

“I’m sorry if I upset you.”

“Haven’t you gone yet Don’t stand there blankly, go to the cellar and bring me some wine.”

“I think I found a trace of Princess Zenia.”


A faint laugh erupted from between Kyle’s lips.

Little by little, the hand holding the crystal glass gained strength.


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