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“Tell me in detail.”

“I found the secretary who served Princess Zenia.”


“In the Stellen Kingdom.”

“What about Zenia”

“Well… I didn’t see the Princess.

A woman was accompanying the secretary, but she was not the Princess.”

“Where are they staying”

“It’s a little bit out of the city.

I’ve marked it separately.”

The man handed Kyle the scroll map he had carefully rolled.

When he received the map, Kyle’s expression turned odd.

Kyle slowly waved his hand at the man, as if telling him to leave.

The man, who was tilting his head at Kyle’s dull reaction, bowed his head and turned around.

“Ah, right.”

Kyle’s icy voice rang behind the man as he headed towards the door.

The man’s gaze naturally turned to Kyle.

“Is there… anything else you want to say”

“If you look at me one more time and click your tongue, instead of your shoulder, you will lose your neck.

I don’t have a lot of patience.”


After speaking, Kyle lifted one corner of his mouth and smiled.



A deep sigh came out of Kyle’s mouth as he put down the map.

He thought he would be happy.

Since it was the moment to put Zenia, whom he longed for, in front of his eyes.

He didn’t have to confuse her anymore with a mere maid.

It wouldn’t be long before he could reunite with his precious loved one…

So why did he feel weird

Ayla, who was terrified whenever she looked at him, quickly flashed through his mind.

What did she expect, what was she thinking

He felt like he was holding a string that wouldn’t untangle.

With his eyes closed, Kyle swept his face silently.


The room where the servants guided them to was quite old-fashioned.

The green plants adorning the ivory wallpaper harmonized with the furniture.

To the point that she couldn’t even remember the damp cave at the entrance.

At the same time as they came inside, the voice of the excited Countess echoed.

“You’re staying here for a while, right”

“I want to, but I have to go back.”

“Ayla… I don’t want you to go.”

“I’m doing better than I thought.

I have to go back.

There’s something I must do.”

“Is it something important”

Countess Serdian’s eyes were suddenly wet.

Ayla nodded, her lips tightly closed.

Catherine, who was keeping silent, hesitantly continued.

“Ayla, we can’t go back yet.

Your father is looking for a way, but…”

“Soon… You will be able to come back.”

“What do you mean”

“I’m getting a lead.

I’m going to catch the real culprit.

You will be able to come back.”

For an instant, Catherine’s gaze sank coldly.



“The people involved in this are more powerful than you think.

I can’t see you getting hurt.”

“Marquis Charne.

He’s the one Father took care of, isn’t he”


“His Highness the Crown Prince is helping me.

It’s all thanks to him that I was able to come here.

What Mother is worrying about won’t happen.

Rest assured.”

“When did my baby grow up like this…”

The Countess’ eyes filled with tears at Ayla’s determined voice.

The Countess pulled her daughter, who seemed only young, into her arms.

There was no more conversation between mother and daughter.

The warmth they exchanged explained everything.

Knock, knock, knock.

A small knock was heard inside the quiet room.

Soon after, the door that had been closed opened with a click.


If you don’t mind, can I talk to Ayla alone”

Diane came into the room and said in a rather strange voice.

Countess Serdian gave a small nod and left.

An awkward silence flowed for a while between the two people that had been left alone.

As Diane quietly hesitated, Ayla opened her mouth at the same time.

“Thank you for protecting my parents.”


“There must be a reason why you didn’t tell me.

I don’t blame you.

I’m just grateful that they’re safe.”

As she said this, Ayla bowed her head forward and showed politeness.


“Well then, shall we have a conversation between the communities”

“Very well.

I am Helena, from the Rumba Community of Merchants.”

Ayla made idle talk at Diane’s words.

Soon after, Diane’s businesslike voice rang in her ears.

“The reason we called Rumba is that we wanted to buy back the stolen goods you bought so far.

Since you operate secretly, there must be a lot of rare and precious items, right”

“Recently, a magic stone came in.

Is this in the range you want”

“That sounds excellent.

We will buy that item.”

“I will do as you request.

We didn’t start this to make a profit anyway.”

A moment of silence flowed between them.

Diane hesitated, keeping her gaze down, but slowly opened her mouth.

“… What was the reason”

For doing such a dangerous thing.

Diane, who was sipping her tea, squinted her eyes and stared at Ayla.

“I wanted to meet the Libro community.”


“I want to know about this item that was distributed by Libro.”

Ayla, who was rummaging through her clothes, put a small glass bottle down on the table.

Inside it, a purple liquid was emitting a mysterious brilliant glow.


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