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Diane bit her lips without a word.

“This is from the Libro community, right”


“A person died.

Two of them.”

“A person died This is just… a powerful anesthetic.

It gets people into a state of deep sleep, but it doesn’t kill them.”

Diane said, opening her eyes wide.

Her wildly shaking eyes were filled with confusion.

“The same thing turned up… at two suicides.”


“One was with the Crown Princess Consort, who passed away 5 years ago.

And the other was in the house of Baron Noir, who died recently.

It’s too strange to be a coincidence.”

“What… does that have to do with us”

At Diane’s cold reaction, Ayla stared at her without a word.

Her fists trembled, and her molars were grinding tightly to suppress her anger.

Everything she could see represented how Diane was feeling.

Diane took a hold of her trembling voice and continued.

“The Stellen Kingdom has abandoned our family, and we have no obligation to help them either.

We just provided the necessary items, the consequences should be up to them.”

“It’s not a matter that is easy to deal with.”

“Are you saying we should feel responsible”

“At least if you are a member of the Kingdom.

Isn’t it because you still have lingering attachments… that you can’t leave the Stellen Kingdom entirely”


Diane’s eyes, which had been shaking fiercely, were covered with clear tears.


“It was more boring than I thought.”

“It’s a good thing that nothing happened.

What are you so dissatisfied about”

At Eden’s grumbling voice, Orhan, who was next to him, answered bluntly.

“You have no tact.”

Eden muttered to himself and glanced at Ayla, who was sitting inside the carriage.

He was concerned about Ayla, who was keeping silent all the way back to the mansion.

She smiled calmly while saying goodbye to the Counts, but it seemed like she didn’t feel the same deep inside her heart.


As the slow-rolling carriage reached its destination, it started slowing down.

Before long, the sky was emitting a red glow as the sun went down.

Ayla, who had gotten off the carriage, showed signs of exhaustion.

Eden spoke gently to Ayla, who was walking towards the mansion.

“Are you going back to the royal palace today”


I’d like to take a break today.”

The corners of Ayla’s mouth rolled up with difficulty.

Seeing that, Eden nodded quietly.

“I have prepared the bath for you.

You worked hard today, going such a long way.


“Thank you, Elin.”

Elin, who was at the entrance, said, taking the coat that was hanging over Ayla’s shoulders.

Then, as she was climbing up the stairs after passing the fountain,


A guest who hadn’t been invited appeared, along with the clear sound of the bell.

Orhan’s eyes shook anxiously when he saw the unfamiliar guest.

“I must be seeing wrong.”

Orhan muttered to himself, staring straight ahead.

But he wasn’t.

The man in front of him narrowed the distance little by little and approached Orhan.

He was slowly getting out of breath at the appearance of an unexpected person.

Orhan glanced at the stairs as he silently looked around.

Fortunately, it seemed that Ayla and Elin had already gone inside the room.

Eden was also nowhere to be found, so if he made up something well, he had a chance of winning.

Orhan looked at Kyle with a businesslike smile as he narrowed down the distance.

“Who is this Isn’t this Commander Ermedi”

“I think it’s better to stop with the greetings.”

“Why are you being like this We’re acquaintances.

Shall I get you a cup of tea”

Orhan smiled nicely and spoke.

Kyle gave him a fishy smile and quickly grabbed Orhan by the neck.

“If you talk recklessly just one more time, you won’t get out of here alive.”

“Cough, cough, your greetings are… too much.”

“Where is Zenia”

“She went back… to Ruit. Cough.

I’m serving… someone else right now.”

Orhan said, struggling with Kyle’s strong grip.

As Orhan’s breath became shallower, his eyes turned red.

Orhan’s fingers, which had been trembling restlessly, moved slowly.

“Are you trying to fool me”

Kyle, who was squeezing Orhan’s throat, had a maniac smile on his face.

Orhan’s vision was gradually getting blurry due to Kyle’s tremendous power.

He wanted to kill him right away, but he couldn’t make things big.

Orhan’s hand, which was fiddling with the dagger he had hidden around his waist, fell down powerlessly.


At the same time, Orhan’s body was thrown away, drawing an arc, and made a loud noise.

Kyle took a rough breath and glared at Orhan, groaning on the floor.

“Ahh, ahh.

Are you… cough… going to… kill me”

“Answer my question.

Where is Zenia”


Even at Kyle’s murderous eyes, Orhan shut his mouth and kept silent.



At the same time as he heard the sound of the door, Orhan frowned slightly.

Kyle slowly turned his gaze towards the sound.


Orhan, what is going on”

Elin held out her head through the open door and spoke.

“It’s… nothing, I’m fine.

I lost my footing.

You don’t need to worry.”

“The Princess was worried about the loud noise.

Are you really alright”


The corners of Kyle’s mouth rose crookedly at Elin’s voice.

Kyle slowly stood up and turned his steps towards the stairs.

“E… lin! Close the door immediately!”

Orhan, who was groaning in pain as he turned his body, shouted at Elin, but it was too late.

Facing Kyle, Elin hunched her body and quietly stepped back.


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