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“Open up.”

As her lips were firmly shut, Kyle recited in a low voice and strongly bit Ayla’s lower lip.

With the fishy smell of blood, his tongue pushed into her mouth without giving her a chance to stop him.


A painful groan flowed out of Ayla’s mouth.

At the same time, Kyle’s body hesitated.

He knew.

That he shouldn’t do this.

That she was in pain.

He perceived it in his head, but he couldn’t stop his body.

He wanted her so much and missed her enough to cry.

The one who threw him into despair… was her, Ayla Serdian.

As Kyle’s movements were getting deeper and deeper, Ayla clenched her fist and hit him in the chest.

As if he didn’t care about her feelings, Kyle’s fingertips slowly scanned Ayla’s back.

Kyle’s soft, hot tongue moved roughly deep into her mouth, pushing her to the limit.

“St… Stop…”

A rather rough breath burst out from Ayla’s mouth as she got out of breath.

Kyle’s fingertips trembled as he swept away Ayla’s hair.

“It’s a punishment for disrespecting me.”

Transparent saliva stretched like a web between the detached lips, creating an obscene appearance.

Ayla took rough breaths, tears incessantly pouring out of her big eyes.


At the same time, the door, which was firmly closed, fell down helplessly due to an external force.

“Princess!! Are you alright”

Orhan and Elin hurried in through the open door.

Behind them, a confused Eden could be seen.

“I’m not giving up on you.”

With a fishy smile, Kyle kissed Ayla’s lips lightly, and then detached himself.

Suddenly, he turned around and smiled crookedly at the three people who were staring at him.

There was a terrible loneliness in Kyle’s back as he stepped out of the mansion at a slow pace.


Eden’s silver eyes shook as he faced Kyle.

Things seemed to have become twisted during the time he was away.

Kyle’s slightly shaking eyes found him, but he remained silent.

Was it greed that made him think he would grab him by the neck, asking why he was there

Wounded eyes and a bitter smile.

Resigning steps and an exhausted breath.

Everything was unfamiliar.

At Kyle’s figure, whom he hadn’t seen in the meantime, Eden lost sight of what he had to say and remained silent.

‘What is going on’

He couldn’t help but look at Kyle as he went down the stairs at a slow pace.


Only after hearing Elin’s cry in front of him did Eden’s gaze stop chasing Kyle.

Eden’s eyes rolled and naturally turned towards the room.

Then, he searched for traces of Ayla, as usual.

The fresh blood on her small lips.

The disheveled hair.

The blue eyes that had lost their focus.

He could guess the urgent situation that had taken place inside just from what he was seeing.

“Crazy bastard!!”

Eden, who crossed the corridor to chase behind Kyle, who had already disappeared, clenched his teeth tightly and uttered a rough cursing.

Orhan, who collapsed on his spot and shook his shoulders with his head down, looked pitiful.

Maybe because of the guilt of not being able to protect his master.

‘Damned Stellen Kingdom.’

Eden’s heart rate quickly rose.

He couldn’t help but look at Ayla, who was terrified and trembling.

Then, when Eden, who was frowning, walked past Orhan and came inside the room,

“Everyone, please leave.”

“But… Princess…”

Elin blurred her words at Ayla’s heavily sinking voice.



Ayla’s blue eyes shook, lifeless.

Elin, who was biting her lips to hold back her tears, said, ‘Yes.

Please rest.’, and slowly got up.

Eden looked at Elin as she headed out the door with drooped shoulders.

“Leave now.



Elin, who was standing in front of Eden, tugged at his clothes and spoke.


‘Have something to say.’

Elin quietly shook her head at the hesitating Eden’s voice.

Eden, who was staring at Elin, turned his gaze to Ayla once again.

Their gazes met.

“I’m really fine.”


When Eden bit his lips tightly as she watched Ayla smiling at him, he felt the fishy smell of blood.

And then he thought.

It was time.


Under the dark sky, the round moon emitted a brilliant glow.

The forest filled with silence had an eerie aura.

A few moments later, a man dressed in a ceremonial suit appeared with the sound of horse hooves.

“Whoa, whoa-”

As he reached his destination, Theon pulled the reins and slowed the horse.

Under the moonlight, his face showed signs of exhaustion.

He felt drained thanks to the ball that lasted two days.

It was arduous because, even though he was firmly determined, there were not only one or two people approaching him to say a word as he was the next king.

Chattering while exchanging unnecessary conversations did not match his personality.

He wondered if he should sit quietly in the detached palace and wait for Ayla to come back as soon as she finished her journey, but it was too much.

“I have no choice but to see the person I want to see.”

Theon rolled up the corners of his mouth and looked inside the mansion.

It was quite late, but the surroundings were strangely quiet.


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