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Kyle called himEden\'.

Eden had an exotic appearance and a unique hair color to be considered a person of the Stellen Kingdom.

All things considered, she was certain that Eden was not a native but a foreigner from another country.

‘But only members of the Knights can carry swords inside the palace…\'

The clothes Eden was wearing were similar to the Royal Palace Knights, but they were obviously different.

However, they weren\'t the clothes of the Kingdom Knights either.

But the sword stuck on the left side of Eden\'s waist could not be explained unless he was a knight.

Who on earth is that guy…

Ayla muttered with a serious expression, sitting on the bed.

Lily, who had brought disinfectant and ointment, looked at Ayla with her eyes wide open.

Pretending to be fine, Lily spoke, trembling.

Get angry later and stay still for now.

We must treat the wound first.

If not, your beautiful face may get worse.

Lily came closer and closer.

For a moment, along with a splitting headache, everything around her seemed blurry.

With her head spinning, Lily\'s image walking towards her split into two.

Soon, Ayla\'s vision became dark.

Without even a handful of light.

Young Lady!!!


The refreshing feeling she felt after a long time was enough to lift her depressed mood.

Ayla hadn\'t slept well since entering the palace, but it was different this time.

Unlike usual, it was an unmatched and pleasant morning.

‘It\'s soft.\'

She wanted to feel warmer and cozier.

With her eyes closed, Ayla snuggled a little deeper into the thick covers.

‘Wait, soft\'

Before she could feel the texture of the thick covers, the hard feeling of the maid\'s palace bed came to her mind.

Soon, Ayla\'s blue eyes appeared, shaking greatly.


With her wide-open eyes, Ayla saw herself in a somewhat familiar room.

One thing is certain, this surely isn\'t the maid\'s quarters.

‘It\'s undoubtedly familiar…\'

Ayla got up from the bed and looked around.


While Ayla was agonizing over it, she heard the door opening.

Beyond the open door, this time too, there was an unexpected person.

Are you up

Louis! Why are you here

What on earth happened to you

What… Are you talking about

You got a fever and wouldn\'t wake up for two days.

What on earth happened in the Royal Palace …

Please, don\'t make me worry.

Giving her a worried look, Louis carefully embraced Ayla\'s slender body.

At the familiar warmth surrounding her shoulders, Ayla let out a sigh of relief.

Soon, Ayla\'s blue eyes disappeared again.


Louis and Ayla were sitting across from each other, staring at one another.

Soon, Louis, who was looking at Ayla\'s closed lips, pressed her.

Will you… Continue not talking What happened in the Royal Palace

How am I here

The man and woman remained in silence, showing their determination not to lose to one another.

It wasn\'t understandable to Ayla\'s common sense why she was here.

Amid returning to the maid\'s quarters and talking to Lily, she felt her vision getting blurry.

All right, it was good up until there.

The question is, how did Louis know that and how did he bring her here.


At that time, when a heavy silence flowed between the two, an embarrassing noise came from Ayla\'s stomach.

It\'s only natural that she was hungry after lying down for two whole days, but this wasn\'t it.

She was so embarrassed she wanted to hide in a mouse hole right away.

Louis wasn\'t very emotional, but his boundaries had long fallen apart.

He laughed at the sincere sound coming from Ayla\'s stomach.

‘You\'d rather laugh in my face…\'

Meanwhile, she was very grateful to Louis, who was laughing with his head down in consideration for her, who would be embarrassed.

Ahem, Louis Daniel.

If you won\'t talk, I won\'t talk either.

As if she didn\'t care, Ayla cleared her throat and spoke in a serious tone.

She pretended to be alright as best as she could, but her stomach was too honest and blatant.


Pfft! I get it, let\'s eat for now.

He\'s making a fuss because he\'s hungry.

The laughing Louis said, pointing his finger at Ayla\'s stomach.

Ayla\'s cheeks turned red right away, as if they were about to explode.



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