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She had no time to resent anyone for what had happened.

Only Kyle’s hurt eyes wavered.

Would it be a contradiction to say that his sad eyes were at the same time despicable

Kyle’s impulsive and violent behavior made sense, but she couldn’t forgive it.

That fact afflicted and crushed Ayla countless times.

But now that Theon appeared, those things didn’t come to her mind.

No, they didn’t matter.

Just him and her.

Only the two of them mattered.

His presence alone was reassuring, and it seemed to heal her wounded soul.

“I love you.”


Clear tears flowed down Ayla’s cheeks.


“The owner of the Libro community is Baron Kerlot, who was expelled a few years ago”

“It seemed like he was quite close to the Count and his esteemed wife.

I heard he has been protecting them ever since the incident happened.”

“Things will be easier than I thought.”

“Yes, it seems like it will be better than expected.”

Theon frowned at Orhan’s businesslike voice.

“Bill Kerlot…”

He was one of the high-ranking nobles who had been expelled from the Kingdom a few years ago on charges similar to those of Count Serdian.

The image of Bill, who complained of injustice while denying his guilt throughout the judgment, remained in his mind.

How did Count Serdian get to know him

Theon, who was tapping on the table with his fingertips, turned his gray eyes to Orhan.

“Enough with the talk about the Libro community… What did Kyle do this time”


Theon’s low sinking voice echoed in the mansion.

Orhan lowered his gaze and shut his mouth tightly.

Ayla’s image, whom he had seen a while ago, flashed through his mind.

He didn’t believe Ayla’s words, who was saying that she had bitten her lip by mistake.

Even if he didn’t know, he was sure that Kyle had done it.

It must not be something ordinary if everyone was keeping their mouths shut and remaining silent.

Theon’s cold eyes stared at Orhan.

“Ayla got hurt.”

“I have… no excuse.”

“Don’t you think that answer is wrong”

“If you tell me to leave right away… I will.”

“I don’t understand what you’re saying.

Answer the question.

Don’t beat around the bush.”

Theon’s hard voice urged Orhan.

He, who had been biting his lips without saying a word, slowly opened his mouth.

“He forcefully…”

‘Kissed her.’

Orhan closed his eyes tightly and pushed the following words into his throat.

He couldn’t tell him about this disgusting situation with his own mouth.

“Whatever punishment you give me; I will accept it.

I failed to protect the Princess.”

Fortunately, or not, seeing the look on Theon’s face, he seemed to have noticed the words that would follow, even if he didn’t say them.

He was already prepared for the harsh remarks and reprimand.

Orhan quietly waited for Theon to react.

Fortunately, or not, his target seemed to have turned towards someone else.

“In the end, you crossed the line.


Theon’s gray eyes, reflecting the light, slowly showed a threatening mood.


“You could have stayed longer.”

“If I stay away for a long time, it will get suspicious.

There are more people interested in me than I thought.

You don’t even know anything.”

Ayla said in a cute manner, crumpling her nose.

Seeing that, Theon disheveled Ayla’s hair and rolled up the corners of his mouth.

The two people acted naturally as if nothing had happened last night.


The beautiful black horse crossed through the thick bushes and stopped in front of the large iron door.

Ayla, who came down to the ground, took a deep breath with her arms open.

“The air at dawn is refreshing.”

“Aren’t you tired”

Theon turned to Ayla, who was smiling beautifully, and asked in a worried tone.

At his words, Ayla shook her head quietly and tapped her feet on the ground like a child.

In consideration of Ayla, who would get tired from the long journey, Theon wanted her to stay in the mansion a little longer.

He brought her because she stubbornly said she wanted to come with him, but he was worried.

He had no idea what else Kyle might do in the royal palace, where he was free to walk around.

He wanted to keep her in the detached palace, but that was also unrealistic.


A small sigh came out of Theon’s mouth as he looked at Ayla.

“Come quickly.

You have a lot of documents to review.”


He was about to burst into laughter at Ayla’s appearance, urging him as if she knew his mind.

Theon, whose lips twitched as he held back his laughter, cleared his throat and said in a businesslike manner.

“What did you gain at the Libro community”

“Rather than gains… We made a deal.”

“What kind of deal”

As if intrigued, Theon asked with a light smile.

“We give them the magic stone and they give us information.”

“What kind of information will we get from them, that they asked for such a big price”

“They’re going to tell us where the drug is being distributed.

We need to talk about the details again.”

“It means you’ll be leaving the palace soon.

It’s a problem if my main lady-in-waiting keeps being absent.”

“This is also a form of work, Your Highness.”

Ayla smiled lightly at Theon.

Through the gap in the open door, she saw the high staircase that she was now accustomed to.

“Count Serdian and his wife… How are they”

Theon’s cautious voice echoed behind Ayla as she climbed the stairs.

“They are doing well.”

‘That’s a relief.’

Ayla took slower steps with a bitter smile.


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