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Sitting in the office, Ayla’s expression was filled with anxiety.

Staring at the crumpled piece of paper that Diane had handed her, she did not move for a while.

[Transaction statement]

Spreading out the piece of paper, Ayla’s eyes slowly moved along the densely written letters.

Inside, things such as the traded item, the price, and the date were briefly written.


Ayla mumbled quietly as she scanned what was written.


The official name of the drug they had been looking for so much.

‘We call it ‘clofo’.’

‘However, even a few drops can put you to sleep as if you’re dead.’

‘Of course, in the meantime, you could be finished painlessly.’

Diane said that in the beginning, clofo was not made for evil purposes.

It was a grateful existence to give momentary rest to those who trembled with pain.

Those who knew clofo say that the effect was great enough to be called the gift of God.

It was only the abusers’ fault.

[Recipient: Arthur Charne]

A chilly atmosphere enveloped her body.

Ayla’s eyes shook vigorously as she checked the contents of the last paragraph.


At that moment, Ayla’s body flinched slightly at the sound of the door.

Theon appeared through the open door, back from his meeting.

“Why are you so surprised”

“There’s something you need to see.”

Theon tilted his head at Ayla’s lowly sinking voice and sat across from her.

Ayla, who wetted her dry lips while remaining silent, slowly opened her mouth.

“I got this from Miss Diane.”

“The item we brought is still here”

“She said she won’t receive the payment.”


After she finished speaking, Ayla handed the piece of paper she was holding to Theon.

Theon’s brows twisted quickly as he quietly skimmed through the contents.

Probably thinking the same thing as her.

Theon loosened the necktie he was wearing and opened his mouth.


“It’s the name of the drug we found.”

“The Marquis of Charne… There is no place where he is not involved.”

“What do you mean”


A shallow sigh erupted from Theon’s mouth at Ayla’s inquisitive gaze.

Where should he start and how much of the truth should he tell her He was cautious.

“That day, the one who met with Queen Estelle was Marquis Charne.”

“Marquis Charne How could he… He’s one of the people my father helped.”

“At the same time, he also accused Count Serdian of the charges.”


“I wonder where the end is.”

After speaking, Theon bit his lips and crumpled the piece of paper he was holding.

Ayla, who was taking a breath with her long eyelashes down, spoke in a sluggish voice.

“Marquis Charne… Did he do this alone”

“The scale is too big and would require a lot of boldness for that.

Marquis Charne is not alone.”


“There must be someone behind him.

I’m sure of it.”

Theon’s gaze, which had been facing downwards, turned to Ayla.

Her thin, trembling fingers seemed to show her current state of confusion.

Ayla’s blue eyes were suddenly filled with transparent tears.

What on earth happened

No, what was happening

She felt sorry and pitied her father, who had been betrayed and abandoned by those he trusted.

Why were they so cruel to someone who said that living with integrity was everything in life


Hot tears flowed down Ayla’s cheeks.

Once she had started crying, the tears flowed incessantly.

“Cry to your heart’s content.”

Seeing that, Theon carefully pulled Ayla’s head into his chest.


Seeing Ayla sobbing silently with her face in his arms, Theon’s heart ached.

Helping her get it off her chest as much as she needed was the only thing and the best thing Theon could do now.

“It’s alright, Ayla.

Everything will be alright.”

Theon swept Ayla’s hair and recited in a low voice.

She could feel the emotions she had tried to push back coming up as she heard his warm voice.

“I’ll put everything back in its place.

I promise.

My love.”

As he whispered softly in Ayla’s ear, Theon’s eyelids lowered.


Before she knew it, it was midnight.

Ayla’s steps as she came out of the west palace were heavy.

“It’s suffocating.”

She felt like something was squeezing her chest.

She thought she felt relieved from crying in Theon’s arms, but it seemed like that was not the case.


Following the blowing wind, Ayla’s black pearl hair scattered in a curve.

At the same time, the branches of the trees that formed the area around the west palace shook, making a pleasant sound.

The smell of fresh grass and wood that followed the wind and reached the tip of her nose gave her a sense of security.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve cooled my head…”

Muttering to herself, Ayla’s eyes turned to the darkened night sky.

Was it a delusion that the last moonlight of the month seemed particularly lonely


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