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Trudge, trudge.

Ayla’s steps naturally headed for the natural forest.

After walking in for a long time, she saw the lake that she faced with Eden.

“Back then, I didn’t know this would happen.”


Standing by the water, Ayla took a deep breath with a shallow smile.

Soon, her blue eyes disappeared.

The banquet hall, where she first met Eden.

The Ruit secret they shared, the messed-up cherry blossom festival.

The corners of Ayla’s mouth rose slightly as she reminisced with both eyes closed.

Though her recollection, which was like a midsummer dream, didn’t last long.

“… a fine man.


Ayla’s eyes widened at the familiar voice coming from afar.

‘Who is he talking to’

Though it was concealed by the wind, she was certain it was Eden’s voice.

Ayla slowly turned her steps towards the sound, holding her breath.

As the distance narrowed, an unknown tension wrapped all over her body.

Soon, two silhouettes entered Ayla’s eyes.

‘When did they become close like that’

When she found the familiar figures, the corners of Ayla’s mouth went up.

She was secretly worried about Eden, who seemed to be unable to calm his mind in the royal palace.

But looking at the two people that were facing each other, she thought she was worried for nothing.


When she was about to take the last step with a clear smile,

“Attack the Crown Prince.”

With Eden’s lowly sinking voice, everything stopped.



“Why… are you here…”

A small shivering body, and hurt, shaking blue eyes.

Eden’s voice trembled finely as he found Ayla.

“I heard it wrong, right”


“About attacking the C… Crown Prince.”

Ayla tried to calm her trembling voice and spoke.

Eden’s eyes turned cold, and he smiled bitterly.

Ayla’s small shoulders trembled at his appearance, which she had never seen before.

“No, you heard it correctly.”



Luke, who was watching the situation, stood in front of Eden.

Eden’s threatening eyes turned to him silently.

“Shall I cut your throat first”


Even with Eden’s cold voice, Luke did not move.

It was as if he knew he couldn’t do that.

“Hail, don’t destroy yourself.”


After he finished speaking, Luke slowly turned around and kneeled, facing Ayla.

Their heavily sinking eyes met.

“Miss Ayla.

Would you like to come with me I’ll take you to the maids’ quarters.”


I-It’s fine.

I need to talk to Eden.”


Luke glanced at Eden at Ayla’s unexpected words.

Maybe it was because of Ayla’s arrival, but Eden’s eyes, which had been threatening only a little while ago, turned somewhat gentle.

Looking at the two of them, Luke hesitated for a moment, and then stood up.

“Ugh… Alright.

No matter how crazy you are, you won’t hurt someone precious to you.”

“Thank you for your consideration.”

“It’s something I have to do.”

After speaking, Luke disappeared into the darkness with a bitter smile.

There was silence for a while between the two people who were left behind.

For how long did it continue

Ayla’s gaze, anxiously shaking, turned to Eden.

“If you intend to stop me, you’d better give up.”

“You’re spending every day feeling guilty.”


“Everyone was… hurt.

It’s not just you.”

“You’re ruthless.”

He thought she would give it to him at least once.

Eden let out a small snort at Ayla’s crying words.

His eyes turned cold again.

Then, he continued in an emotionless voice.

“You have to repay death with death.

Is there any point in feeling guilty about something that has already happened”

Eden’s cold eyes stared at Ayla.

There seemed to be no more regrets in his determined voice.

“So what will you get!”

Ayla, who was biting her lips, screamed at Eden.

“Will those who have already parted come back alive If you do that, you… you.”


“Will you be happy”

Eden’s body whimpered a little at Ayla’s low voice.

It was just a short sentence, but it had so much meaning.

The heavy silence between the two continued for a while.


The sound of leaves scattering in the wind was sorrowful.

Eden’s hazy gaze cut through the air.

He couldn’t deny her words, which had caught him off guard.

Killing the Crown Prince of the Stellen Kingdom wasn’t going to change anything.

He couldn’t give up even if another sense of guilt swallowed him after a moment of victory.

Even if it was funny that he had grown attached to this place, which was no different from an ill-fated relationship, in a short time.

Even if it was to repay the sorrow.

Even if it was for the sake of his family, who died miserably.

Everything had to go according to plan.

That way, he will live.

He will be free from the guilt of not being able to protect them.

He will be able to escape the terrible nightmares he faces every night.

Bitter laughter erupted from Eden’s mouth as he looked at Ayla.

“Well… I might be happy.”

Eden’s low voice rang in her ears.

His wet eyes were filled with loneliness and emptiness.

There was no one here who wasn’t hurt.


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