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“Is something the matter”

Theon’s sharp voice echoed inside.

Mason hesitated for a while because of the cold atmosphere that flowed between the two of them, and then talked carefully.

“The engagement ceremony tomorrow…”

“I think I told you I wouldn’t be attending it.”

“But, Your Highness!”

Theon’s gray eyes quietly stared at Mason.

Theon’s eyes, which didn’t show any hint of emotion, were warning him not to cross the line anymore.

Mason, who was nibbling on his lips and holding back the words he had to say, opened his mouth with a resolute expression.

“Many distinguished guests are attending.”

“Should I say the same thing again”


Why are you being like this to someone who didn’t do anything!”


“Someone who was more reasonable than anyone else…”

With an irritated voice, Mason glanced at Ayla, who was standing behind Theon.

Her eyes, which were sinking heavily as if she were a sinner, gradually turned downwards.

“Let’s stop here.

I can’t hear you anymore.”

“I’m disappointed.”

After Mason finished speaking, he bowed his head to Theon and walked out of the office with quick steps.

As he closed the door with a ‘bang’, Theon’s eyebrows twisted.

“Are you going to just let it go He rebelled against you.”


Eden’s cold voice made Theon’s eyebrows twitch.

Theon’s gray eyes slowly turned to Eden.

“I could get him on his knees right away.”

“It’s good to have enthusiasm, but there’s no need for that.”

“If you show weakness, he will defy you again.

You have to cut it at the root.”

When he finished speaking, one corner of Eden’s mouth went up.

While remaining indifferent to Ayla’s stinging gaze.

Eden tilted his head and waited for Theon’s answer.

“Even if he says that, he’ll regret it once he leaves.

He’s a man with less courage than he looks.”


Eden’s threatening eyes shook slightly at Theon’s unexpected words.

“You don’t look good.”

“I had a bit of trouble… sleeping.”

“If you need anything, feel free to tell me.

I let it go because you said you don’t need any special place to stay… But still, I’m worried.”

“Are you worried about me now”

“I’m entrusting you with my life, so I should take care of you.”

With a light smile, Theon gestured for him to leave.

Eden, who was biting his lips without saying a word, nodded and walked towards the door.

Eden’s eyes shook greatly and clouded as he turned the doorknob.


“You don’t have to give up on a lot of things because of me.”



Ayla’s low voice rang in Theon’s ears.

Unlike her calm voice, Ayla’s blue eyes, trembling slightly, seemed to be piercing his heart.

He noticed that she already knew everything.

He didn’t know how he should begin talking.

Theon, who hesitated to answer with his lips tightly closed, cautiously opened his mouth.

“You don’t have to worry about it.”

“Think… of the great cause.”


“I don’t want to see Your Highness falter.”

Ayla’s determined eyes turned to Theon.

As it was a union of the two kingdoms, it was an event that many people were focusing on.

Amid that, it didn’t make sense to not attend the engagement ceremony.

It was a sensitive matter that could allow war to break out between the two kingdoms, so they couldn’t leave it like this.

Of course, he knew that.

How could he, who was so composed, be wavering like this

He didn’t even know that everything originated from him.

That’s why she felt even more heartbroken.

She couldn’t accept their engagement either.

Trying to pretend to be alright.

She was just pretending to understand, because she wasn’t alright at all.

Nevertheless, she had to pretend that it was nothing.

She didn’t deserve it and didn’t have the right to do that either.


The wet eyes of the two people met.

Maybe it was because of the sadness of knowing each other’s feelings but being unable to speak.

Ayla, who had been holding back the tears while biting her lips, continued with a low voice.

“Proceed with your engagement to Princess Ariel.”


“Your Highness is suspicious, too.

That all of this will be connected to Ariel Clermant.”

“But this isn’t it.

I’m looking for a way.

So wait just a little…”

“If you keep insisting like this, there may be a big war between the kingdoms.

You don’t want to face countless sacrifices again, do you”


“You promised to put everything back in its original place.”

After she finished speaking, Ayla gave an aching smile.

Her big eyes were filled with tears.


Transparent tears flowed down Ayla’s cheeks.

Theon’s eyes wetted as he faced her gaze.

How much time passed

Ayla opened her mouth, struggling to smile with a distorted face.

“I’m alright.”

“I’m not.”

Theon’s large hand grabbed Ayla’s delicate wrist.

She could feel the slight trembling of his fingers over her grasped arm.

“At this rate… I’m afraid I will lose you forever.”

Theon’s shaking eyes contained only Ayla.

She was sad to see Theon filled with fear that he would be abandoned by her.

“I will always be by Your Majesty’s side.”

“I love you, Ayla…”

Theon, who was slowly caressing Ayla’s cheeks, spoke in a trembling voice.

As their lips overlapped, transparent tears flowed down Theon’s cheeks.


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