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Mattel, please bring us the food you had prepared.


Young Master.


Louis got up from his seat and asked Mattel to prepare a meal.

While Louis spoke, the servants around him started moving busily.


It felt strangely unusual to be in a position where she is being served instead of serving someone.

The daily routines that were very natural and ordinary before entering the palace, felt unfamiliar in just a month.


Young Master, we have finished preparing the meal.


It didn\'t take much time for the food to come out, as it was prepared in advance.


Looking at the appetizing food that filled the table, she started salivating.


But, for some reason, Ayla was just staring blankly at the well-prepared food.


Are you not you hungry Let\'s eat.

I\'ll cut it for you.


Louis said, placing salad in a small plate in front of Ayla.

Soon after, he skillfully cut the well-done lamb steak into bite-sized pieces and put them on Ayla\'s plate.


Ah… I\'ll eat! This looks really good.


Ayla raised her knife and fork and smiled brightly.




After finishing the meal, Ayla and Louis moved to the terrace.


On the spacious and sunny terrace, there was a mud-colored rattan sofa and table.


When Ayla sat down, the old gentleman served sweet honey tea and cinnamon-covered pastries.


Thank you.



You\'re welcome.

Young Lady Ayla.


Mattel gave Ayla a friendly smile and then stepped out of the terrace.


How about we talk now About what happened.


Ayla said bluntly, stirring her tea with a teaspoon.


A sweet honey scent emanated pleasantly from the well mixed tea.


I asked… The Head Maid.

The Head Maid Are you talking about Rose


Head Maid Rose Tuba.

I asked for you to rest here for a while because you had collapsed.

Louis, how do you know the Head Maid


At Ayla\'s question, Louis smiled instead of answering.


Louis, sitting with his legs crossed and holding a teacup, raised one corner of his mouth and smiled bitterly.


Soon after, he took a sip of the tea he was holding and looked at Ayla, softly.


Did you change your mind about staying in the palace

You haven\'t answered my question yet.

Louis, how do you know Rose

Then I won\'t answer either.


Seeing that Louis wasn\'t answering, Ayla pretended to be sulky, crossing her arms.

Louis, who had hesitated for a moment, carefully opened his mouth.


She worked as Delia\'s… My sister\'s exclusive maid.


She couldn\'t give an answer to Louis\' low voice.

Ayla bit her lips nervously, fiddling with a teaspoon.




You didn\'t mean to… I\'m much better now.

You don\'t have to worry.


It was Louis who said he was fine, but his melancholic gaze represented his true feelings.


Delia Daniel.

Louis\' older sister and the Stellen Kingdoms Crown Princess.


Although she is not in this world anymore…



Stay just one more day.

I can\'t not go back to the palace! Isn\'t it obvious how much the Head Maid will nag at me


The two of them had already been struggling with this issue for an hour.


It was quite tense, with Louis telling her to rest one more day and Ayla disagreeing, saying she should go back to the palace.


It\'s not good in other people\'s eyes, so I really must go now.

Other people If that\'s the case, don\'t worry.

You woke up today.

It\'s not much either.

Just one more day off.

No! I have many things to do in the Royal Palace.

Even now, I probably have a lot to do It\'s totally fine! All fine!

Ugh… This stubbornness.


Louis sighed as he looked at Ayla drawing a large circle with her arms, with her eyes wide open.


The tall Louis bent down and tugged slightly at Ayla\'s soft cheeks.

Smiling faintly, he said,I lost\', finally declaring defeat.


Then, I\'ll get going.

Don\'t come out, Sir Louis Daniel.



Louis stopped Ayla again, who had already reached the front door.


When Ayla formed the wordWhat\' in her mouth, Louis rummaged through the pockets of his pants and pulled out something shiny.


There was a beautiful bracelet decorated with scarlet garnets on his big hand.


Louis unhooked the bracelet and carefully put it on Ayla\'s left wrist.


I wanted to give you something better but… I was afraid you would lose it while working.

I will give you something better next time.

And done, it\'s pretty.

It fits you well.

You can\'t lose it.

Promise me!


Seeing Louis smiling at her with his pinky finger up, Ayla also smiled; but she didn\'t feel at ease.

Garnets, also called pomegranates, also had a meaning ofplease accept my love.\'.




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