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His Majesty the King is entering! I hope everyone shows courtesy.

With the strong voice coming from the entrance, the ornately decorated wooden door opened with aclick\'.

I greet His Majesty the King.

I greet His Majesty the King, the light of the Kingdom.

Words greeting the King flowed from all over the banquet hall.

At the same time, a satisfied expression appeared on the King\'s face.

Tap, tap.

The King, who gave them a hand greeting with a good-looking smile, kept a slow pace and headed to the center.

I greet His Majesty the King, the light of the Stellen Kingdom.

Hohoho, and who is this Queen Estella.

I heard that you are staying in the Stellen Kingdom.

It\'s been a while since I\'ve greeted you, Your Majesty.

I was disappointed that you didn\'t come to visit me first.

Give this old man some time to be with you, too.

The older you get, the more you want to be next to something beautiful.

I was busy taking care of national affairs.

The Crown Prince is competent, as I\'ve heard.


I\'m flattered.

Thank you for inviting me to this big event.

Your Majesty.

I will visit you when the banquet is over.


I will be waiting.

Make sure you enjoy the banquet to your heart\'s content.


Drinking and entertainment will not be stopped today.

After he finished speaking, the King headed to the throne in the center with a grin.

He doesn\'t look good…

Estelle tilted her head and looked at the King.

Right after, a sweet performance came out announcing the beginning of the engagement ceremony.

The Crown Prince of the Stellen Kingdom.

His Highness, Theon Ermedi, is entering.


Theon appeared through the open door, dressed in a glamorous suit.

The round jewels embedded through the whole suit emitted a brilliant glow, but they did not conceal his handsome looks.

With the guests\' applause, Theon kept his stiff expression and stepped towards the center, where the King was.

The Princess of the Libert Kingdom, Miss Ariel Clermant, is entering.

The distinguished guests cheered in unison at Ariel\'s beautiful appearance that followed.

While everyone was staring at Ariel, Theon\'s glance was directed only at Ayla, who stood behind her.

Why are you…

Theon\'s eyes widened as he spotted Ayla.

Theon\'s expression, which had been keeping its stiffness, began to twist a little at the sight of Ayla getting closer and closer.

Did you wait long

Ariel stood next to Theon with an arrogant smile.

Ayla, who was spreading out the bottom of Ariel\'s dress, frowned when she saw Theon.

Ayla\'s blue eyes seemed to be whisperingI\'m fine., so he was even more heartbroken.

He felt like he was suffocating.

He hated this moment so much that he couldn\'t breathe.

Why was she being so cruel

Rather, he felt like a fool for thinking it would work out well.

Ariel\'s gaze hardened coldly at the affectionate appearance of the two of them.

Ariel silently tugged at Theon\'s sleeve as the noisy voices of the guests reached her ears.


The engagement of the two people will now be carried out.

According to the precedent, His Majesty the King will proceed with your engagement vows.

They walked towards the King, who was standing in the center.

The King slowly opened his mouth with a satisfied smile.

I am honored to have many distinguished guests at this beautiful banquet that marks the beginning of two young people.

Even though the Stellen and Libert Kingdom have been allies until now, they have held double-edged swords against each other.

Cold sweat flowed down the King\'s forehead as he read the speech.

Are you… alright Your Majesty.

As the secretary noticed that and asked in a worried voice, the King nodded as if he were fine.

Oh my.

Maybe it\'s because I\'m nervous I\'m even sweating.

Joyful laughter came from the guests\' mouths at the King\'s cheeky voice.

This old man just looks forward to seeing our future shine even brighter with the beginning of the two people.

Theon and Ariel, who were standing in front of the King, slowly looked at him.

He continued with a stern voice.

Do Theon Ermedi of the Stellen Kingdom and Ariel Clermant of the Libert Kingdom promise to acknowledge, care for and respect each other\'s differences


Unlike Ariel, who replied coldly, Theon kept his mouth shut.

The King frowned and stared quietly at Theon.

His eyes, resembling those of a snake, silently encouraged Theon.

Feeling frustrated, the King, who was waiting for an answer, took a quick sip of the wine in the crystal glass.

Whether he had a headache, the King kept his frown and touched his forehead.

Soon after, the King\'s heavy body shook from side to side, unable to keep his balance.


Your… Your Majesty!! Take His Majesty.


Theon\'s urgent voice echoed inside the banquet hall.



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