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It happened in an instant.

Following Theon\'s urgent voice, the beautiful interior turned into chaos.

Servants and officials gathered around the King, who had fallen unconscious.

Take His Majesty, quickly!!

Damn it.

Get out of the way!

A nervous Kyle appeared in between the rushing servants.

Watching the situation, Ayla was anxious and close to tears.

W-what should I do…

He was the King who shattered her family.

She pledged to curse him to her heart\'s content when she saw him.

But, was it because he was a person before he was an enemy

Seeing the King going limp so powerlessly, she felt sorry for him.

Would it be funny if a feeling of worry preceded resentment and hatred

Ayla closed her slightly open mouth with her hand and tried to push back the tears that were about to burst out.

Get out of my way, you dull bastards!

Soon, the King\'s heavy body was placed over Kyle\'s.

The two men who had been banded together after the commotion quickly left the banquet hall.

The engagement between Theon and Ariel was now meaningless.

No, it was pretty much over now.

Ayla, who was watching them getting farther and farther away, turned her trembling eyes to Ariel.

Are you… alright

Despite Ayla\'s cautious question, Ariel did not move.

She was just biting her trembling lips so hard that she started bleeding.

Ariel was also confused by the sudden events.

Ayla stared at Ariel without saying a word.

Ariel\'s chest went up and down as she panted.

Her murderous gaze was directed at the door through which the King had disappeared.

And not long after, she could tell.

What that woman was feeling right now was anger and hatred, not concern and compassion for the King.


Ariel clenched her trembling fists and threw the bouquet of roses she held to the floor.

What a damned old man.

Ariel frowned heavily and trailed through the chaotic crowd.


The east palace where the King lived was filled with luxury and entertainment beyond splendor.

Everywhere, including the walls, was surrounded by big jewels that shone brilliantly and bright gold lacquer.

No matter where one looked, there were only items of the finest quality.

Not only that, but the east palace was also filled with precious goods from various countries, matching the King\'s reputation for liking beautiful things.

But right now, at this moment, those things were of no use.

Unlike its splendid exterior, the interior was filled with silence.

The court physician, who was checking the King\'s pulse, hesitated and looked at the two men standing behind him.

How is His Majesty

Theon asked in a low voice.

Fortunately, he is now stable, but…

Don\'t beat around the bush and tell us the truth.

If you add the slightest lie, I\'m going to cut off your head first.

A murderous intent was felt in Kyle\'s eyes as he looked at the court physician.

Although they were like enemies, blood ties were blood ties.

He missed his grandfather who thought of him as adorable when he was young.

Seeing the King become a dog of power and driving not only his children but his grandchildren to extremities to satisfy his greed, he had empty hopes for quite a long time.

It was funny because he hoped that he would come to him first someday.

He waited for a warm word that he had endured well in that dangerous place.

Unfortunately, after returning to the Stellen Kingdom, the King never visited Kyle.

Ahem, seeing that His Majesty is old…

The court physician blurred his words with an unconfident voice.

So, you mean we\'re waiting for the day he dies Well, that\'s good.

He\'s a pain in the neck old man.

Grand Duke Ermedi, that\'s too much.

Kyle glared at Theon, who spoke in an upright tone of voice despite all this.

The court physician kept his anxious gaze as he looked at the two brothers, who seemed like they would start punching each other right away, and spoke.

Soon, his consciousness… will return.

You can go now.

As if he had been waiting for Theon\'s formal voice, the court physician left the east palace.

Seeing that, Kyle shouted loudly as if he couldn\'t hold back his anger.

Don\'t make a commotion.

His Majesty is asleep.

You\'re calm amid all this, Theon.

It\'s as if you knew the situation beforehand.

Kyle smiled sarcastically and his eyebrows twitched.

Denying it or running away from it won\'t solve anything.

You\'re pretending to be good until the end.

I\'m not pretending, it\'s the truth.

I hate you so much.

Theon Ermedi.

Because you\'re despicable.

I\'m sick of you pretending to be righteous, pretending to be good, and being hypocritical all by yourself, as if you knew everything.


Theon clenched his fists tightly without saying a word.

There was a heavy silence between them for a while.

A few moments passed.

As if there was nothing more to say, Kyle turned around and headed for the entrance.


After the angry sound of the door closing, only two people were left in the place that was filled with splendor.

Though it was lonely.


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