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Trudge, trudge.

Theon\'s heavily sinking gray eyes turned to the King.

A wrinkled face and a yellowed skin that had lost its radiance.

Steep breathing noises, as if he could stop breathing at any moment.

The figure of the magnanimous King sweeping across the banquet hall just a few months ago could not be seen anywhere.

An old man at the crossroads between life and death.

He was no more and no less than that.


A strenuous sigh flowed out of Theon\'s mouth.

Immediately, Theon\'s low voice resounded inside.

Why were you so cruel

Towards my father, towards me, and brother too… Why were you so cruel!!!

A stream of hot tears flowed down Theon\'s cheeks as he screamed at the top of his lungs.

Resentment, anger… and sadness.

He knew.

But to live, because he wanted to live, he just pretended not to know.

To beg for his life.

He knew better than anyone that the old man in front of him was connected to his father\'s sudden death.

And his relationship with Kyle, which was now irreversible.

If it hadn\'t started in the first place.

If he hadn\'t ascended to the position of Crown Prince instead of Kyle.

Could he have escaped this hellish life

Wielding everything as you pleased.

Pulling us all down into this hell!

And now he was going to be at peace all by himself

Holding back the tears that were pouring down, a weak smile appeared on Theon\'s distorted face.


Theon stopped moving for a moment at the warm body temperature that touched his fingers.

He sobbed as he saw the wrinkled hand, and a weeping voice broke out.


You can\'t… do that… I can\'t let you go.

I\'m s…


You have to.

You killed my father, you destroyed my brother.

Those whom Your Majesty used as scapegoats…

Be sure to watch with both eyes… how they leap forward.

By all means.

After he finished speaking, Theon cold-heartedly shook off the King\'s hand.


How is the King

He has regained consciousness.

Oh my… Is that a good thing Or a bad thing

Unable to understand Estelle\'s words, Theon put down the documents he was reviewing and stared at her.

Soon, Theon raised one corner of his mouth and said,

Of course, it should be a good thing.

Judging by your hesitation, I guess it\'s the latter.

Estelle sat at the table in front of the desk in Theon\'s office, smiling charmingly.

I\'m sorry, but I\'m not in the mood for jokes today.

Is that so I had a funny story to tell you… I\'m sure you\'ll regret not hearing it.

Estelle\'s eyes twinkled as she stared at Theon.

With a relaxed smile, as always.

After hesitating for a moment, Theon let out a shallow sigh and sat opposite Estelle.

Would you like a cup of tea

Tea is fine, but wine would be better.

If you can, prepare something with a strong acidity.

Handsome secretary.

Estelle, who winked, crossed her white legs, revealing the bare skin between the opening of her skirt.

Mason gulped as he saw that, and the corners of Estelle\'s mouth went up.

He was clearly flustered.

Mason, who was moving his shaking eyes from side to side, briefly replied,Yes, yes!\', and quickly left the office.

If it\'s wine, there are many here as well.

You played a mischievous trick.

I think we should talk alone.


With a clear sound, the transparent glass was filled with red wine.

Go ahead.

Theon turned to Estelle and handed her the glass of wine he had just poured.

It\'s a good thing that your engagement was canceled.

… Of course, it\'s a good thing.

Ayla, what I\'m most afraid of is that she was hurt.

She\'s strong, so she will get over it.

It was an inevitable choice, for everyone.

Is that really the case I don\'t know if there is something likean inevitable choice\'.

Sometimes you need a cowardly excuse.

By the way… that girl, Ariel, she is not normal.

What do you mean

She didn\'t budge, even when she saw the King collapse.

I expected that.

Unlike what you see, she has an insolent and rude side.

Estelle swirled the glass of wine with a pleasant laugh and then brought it to the tip of her nose.

It seems to be wine from the Hellen region.

I hope it will be to your liking.

But I don\'t think you came here to talk about this… What is the real reason you came to see me Queen Estella.

There was a funny girl and a funny man in one place.

Marquis Charne will come to the community of merchants soon.

I guarantee it.

When she finished speaking, Estelle drank the wine she was holding in one gulp and gave a strange smile.


What about the funds

Ah… I haven\'t secured them yet.

I apologize.


It\'s been a while since I gave you the item.

Can\'t you take care of that easily

Ariel\'s sharp gaze turned to Marquis Charne.

Beautifully dressed in a white dress, Ariel\'s face, as she looked disappointingly at Marquis Charne, was ferocious.

So who are you making the deal with

A new community of merchants called Rumba.

It must be a trustworthy place, right This shouldn\'t leak outside.

It\'s rumored that secrecy is certain.

Though I twisted things a little to see whether the leader of the community was cautious…

Ariel glared at Marquis Charne, urging him.

The Marquis, who hesitated while carefully picking his words, whispered to Ariel and continued.

Because I insisted that I had to confirm it with the owner and not with a representative… I will try to settle the deal with Rumba at the earliest opportunity.

I guess the leader has an eye for things.

If you put up a ridiculous character, we will be discovered.

I will send a representative again soon.

Judging from the situation, I think Marquis Charne should go to the community in question.

Sorry That… What does that…

Arthur\'s face showed signs of bewilderment.

Most of the items that Ariel gave him were expensive, and their source was unclear.

If things went wrong after he showed himself, all responsibility would be directed at him.


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