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She felt like she wanted to get rid of him without anyone knowing.

It was disgusting to see him acting unruly without knowing it was his fault.

If she left it to Orhan, that kind of person would quickly turn into a lump of meat.

It was that easy.

As long as she decided to.

However, for now, she needed Marquis Charne more than anyone else.

To be precise, she needed the information he knew.

Therefore, she had no choice but to push her intentions aside, trying to convince herself that it was not yet the right time.

Sadly and grievously.

Helena wrinkled the tip of her nose and gave a businesslike smile.

The Marquis has a playful side.

Shall we stop the pleasant talk here and pay for the goods

That\'s good to hear.

I was getting a bit tired.

Helena smiled softly at Marquis Charne, who was being overly talkative.

Orhan, bring me the gold bars we have prepared.

At Helena\'s words, the Marquis nodded and gave a strange smile.

He stared at Helena\'s white skin, which was exposed through a gap in the skirt of her dress.

‘He\'s doing whatever he wants.\'

Helena\'s uninterested gaze turned to Orhan.

Helena shook her head from side to side again towards Orhan, who was grinding his teeth and flashing them at Marquis Charne.

Orhan let out a shallow sigh at Helena\'s resolute appearance and left the guest room.

A strange tension hovered between the two who were left behind.

Soon after, Helena opened her mouth with a charming smile.

Do you perhaps have a price in mind

That\'s a matter for merchants to think about.

You must be thinking I\'ve been a merchant for only a day, right

Marquis Charne shrugged at Helena\'s formal voice instead of answering.

She had been worried about what to do if he remembered her old appearance and recognized her.

Although her face was covered by a dark red butterfly mask, it couldn\'t hide everything.

She expected him to have some kind of suspicion at least once.

Of course, after confronting Marquis Charne, she realized that it was an unnecessary worry.

Let alone her old appearance, the Marquis seemed to have forgotten the existence ofAyla Serdian\', or even her family itself.


Helena, who was staring at Marquis Charne, bit her lips silently.


Soon after, the closed door opened and Orhan appeared.

I have brought what you mentioned.


Thank you.

Soon after, with athump\', a large crate blocked Marquis Charne\'s view.

Arthur\'s gaze naturally turned to the interior of the crate.


The golden minerals were exposed inside the sturdy wooden crate that Orhan had brought.

A pleased exclamation flowed out of Marquis Charne\'s mouth as the contents looked fairly heavy.

Our Lady is more generous than what she looks like.


It\'s kind of an investment.

I paid exactly twice as much as the market price.

That\'s quite a business strategy.

I thought you were immature, but you\'re really… Ooh.

How much is this all

Marquis Charne\'s eyes seemed already drunk in the golden, brilliant color.

Immediately after, Arthur picked up a heavy gold bar, put it down, and repeated it, with a clattering sound.

I don\'t know if you\'ll be satisfied.

I guess the rumors were widely spread for a reason.

Marquis Charne\'s face was full of vitality as he laughed loudly.

Because Ariel had urged him to secure the funds, he was very distressed every day.

What in the world was so urgent…

Ariel\'s pressure on Marquis Charne about the funds had plagued him for quite some time.

‘If you received the money, please pay for it.

Don\'t just waste time stupidly.\'

‘If you can\'t secure the funds, you can give up your life.\'

‘We\'re on the same boat anyway.

No matter how much you deny it, you can\'t escape it.

Do you understand Marquis Charne\'

Her benevolent appearance and the beautiful stories surrounding her were just a thoroughly created image.

Ariel Clermant\'s true nature was nothing more than a vicious and greedy person.

‘Damn bitch.\'

Marquis Charne, who had been lost in recollection for a while, frowned slightly.

The hard work he had had so far flashed through his mind.

As the background was suspicious, it took him days just to find a place to trade with.

In proportion to that, Ariel\'s hysteria was also increasing day by day.

But twice as much… It was a considerable amount of money.

With this much, even the Princess of the Libert Kingdom could no longer tell him what to do.

Marquis Charne nodded and drew a satisfied smile.

Knock, knock.

With a cheerful knock, Orhan, who had left the room, came back inside.

Regardless of that, Marquis Charne\'s gaze was fixed on the golden bars.

Along with frivolous laughter.

Orhan, who was looking at him, frowned heavily and approached Helena.

His somewhat rough breath lingered in Helena\'s ears.

The preparations have been finished.

Helena nodded instead of responding to Orhan\'s whisper.

Orhan glanced at Marquis Charne and stood behind Helena.

Congratulations on your first deal with Rumba.

I have prepared a carriage in advance to take you to your residence.

Arthur\'s face was filled with confusion at Helena\'s words that she had prepared a carriage.

Then, what happened to the carriage he used to come here


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