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Before he could even ask, Helena continued.

We have sent back the carriage that the Marquis used.

How come Is there any reason in particular

Marquis Charne kept a slanted smile and gave a suspicious glance to the two people standing in front of him.

After checking, we found out the coachman didn\'t belong to Marquis\' family.

It\'s easier for a person\'s mouth to leak something than it is to block it.


Seeing that you came to our community without a servant at this time… That means you have to make sure secrecy is kept.

The Marquis\' eyes began to twitch a little at Helena\'s words, who seemed to see through everything.

In a short time, Marquis Charne\'s attitude towards her was changing, even if just a little.

It was at this point in building trust that it had to be wedged more firmly and more strongly.

Helena smiled charmingly.

I hope we haven\'t made a mistake.

I apologize if I have offended you with my poor judgement.

After she finished speaking, Helena secretly swallowed dry.

The wide interior was filled with silence for a while.

Soon, the lively laughter of Marquis Charne filled the guest room.

Staring at the Marquis, the eyes of the two people were tense.

Hahaha, I guess our Madam is quite insightful.

I like that.

I was an idiot for thinking you were immature.

You flatter me.

Marquis Charne nodded silently and gave a satisfied smile.

Soon after getting up, the Marquis stroked the tip of his chin and scratched his neck with aHm.\', as if thinking about something.

Do you have anything else to say

It\'s not just anything else…

Please speak comfortably.

I have another precious item…

Marquis Charne blurred his words and tapped the tip of his chin.

The Marquis sat down again not long after, as if he had made up his mind.

It was supposed to be sold across the border, but… It looks like you\'re very capable, so I\'ll leave it to you, Madam.

As much as you want.

If you leave it to me, I\'ll pay you generously.

Helena sat opposite him with a businesslike smile.

The Marquis looked around and pulled a small box out of the inside pocket of his clothes.


At first glance, it was certainly a high-value item.

Marquis Charne pushed the small box wrapped in red velvet in front of Helena.

It\'s a precious item, so take your time.

Helena nodded instead of responding to Arthur\'s low voice.


The golden lock that kept the box closed opened with a cheerful sound.

Soon after, as she checked the item that Marquis Charne had brought, Helena\'s blue eyes began to shake quickly.

Inside the small box handed to her by Marquis Charne, was something that the deceased Baron Noir had disguised as a fake.

The stolenQueen\'s Elegance\', emitting a brilliant blue light.


Unlike its beautiful appearance, the west palace was filled with only heavy silence as the sun set.

The noisy laughter of the maids, or their busy movements as they carried teacups every hour, were nowhere to be seen.

Trudge, trudge.

A heavy, slow sound of footsteps echoed through the wide, silent hallway.

The dark silhouette grew bigger and drew closer and closer to the closed door under the setting sun.


Theon\'s drooping fingers opened the door of the office, and an awful noise hit his ears.

Normally, he would frown at the terrible sound, but he didn\'t even have the strength to do so.


Theon exhaled somewhat exhaustedly and headed inside the office.

Are you here now

I think your working hours are over.

I\'m fine, so you can go back.

It\'s my job to assist Your Highness.

Theon nodded at Eden\'s formal tone of voice and sat down in the center.

At the same time, Eden\'s silver eyes moved along Theon\'s footsteps.

Did you visit His Majesty

Leaning his tired body on the chair, Theon took a shallow breath and slowly lifted his eyelids.

Then, Theon snorted and spoke in a low voice.


I just came back from the east palace.

You seem to have a good relationship.

I\'m not sure.

Do we

There is no day since His Majesty lost consciousness that you haven\'t gone to the east palace.

I guess so.

Human affairs are very interesting.

Eden remained silent with his gaze down, unable to understand Theon\'s words.

I can\'t figure them out at all.

After finishing speaking, Theon gave a sad smile and rose from his seat in a slow gesture.

Then, his heavy steps turned to the liquor cabinet on one side of the office.


Theon\'s long fingers touched the well-organized bottles of wine.

Some of the distinguished guests who come to his office occasionally ask for alcohol instead of tea, so he brought it here.

It was a means of preparation for someone like, for example, Queen Estella

However, things were a little different today.

He wanted to get rid of this frustrating, complicated, unknown feeling, even just a little.

He wanted to free himself from the excruciatingly tiresome things that tied him up, even if it was for just one day.

Theon\'s fingertips, which had been moving around as if looking for something, stopped for a moment.

Soon after, he took out a bottle of wine that looked old at first glance.


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