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Eden’s gaze turned at the window at the disparate sound coming from outside.

The sudden rain heightened the mood even more.

Putting an end to it like this.

It was one of the things he planned to do when he set foot in the Stellen Kingdom.

For this day alone, he approached Kyle Ermedi on purpose and looked everywhere in the Stellen Kingdom.

He met Ayla amid that, and well… he was happy.

It had been a really long time.

Because of her, he experienced emotions he hadn’t been able to feel since the day he had left the country of Pella.

The feeling of being alive, the desire to keep something, and the longing for someone.

“Damn it.”

Eden murmured in a low voice as the image of Ayla flashed through his mind.

The tip of his sword, pointing at Theon’s neck, was shaking fiercely and hesitating.

At that time, an unexpected voice rang in Eden’s ears.

“Why are you hesitating”


“Wasn’t this something you’ve been preparing for a long time”

Theon, who he thought was asleep, stared at Eden with his cold, gray eyes.

“You knew”

“About what The fact that you’re the Prince of Pella Or the fact that you’re going to kill me now”


“If I can appease your revengeful spirit with my life, I will be willing to do so.

I also lived in hell day after day.”

Though he felt sorry for Ayla.

Theon’s eyelashes sank down with his last words.

It was as if he would humbly accept his own end.

Eden’s eyes trembled at his behavior as if he had given up everything.

The image of Ayla, begging him to stop with tears in her eyes, was lingering in his mind.

‘Everyone was… hurt.

It’s not just you.’

‘If you do that… will you be happy’

Eden’s vision gradually became blurred as he suppressed his emotions while biting his lips tightly.

Soon after, the blade that was pointing at Theon fell down with a sharp sound.

“That’s disappointing…”

Eden’s shoulders shook as he gave a dejected smile at Theon’s dull voice.

“I didn’t forgive you.

I just want to get out of this hell, too.”

Theon’s eyes filled with hot tears at Eden’s pitchless voice.

However, even the time to cool off their emotions was a luxury for them.

Tap, tap, tap.

The two of them looked at the window as they heard the unfamiliar knocking.

A small creature came inside through the open window, flapping its wings.

The red cloth attached to the ankle of the rain-soaked carrier pigeon fluttered in the wind.


Drip, drip.

The sound of water drops falling slowly.

The damp and fishy smell of wet soil.

He couldn’t understand what was happening.

Given the echo, he could only assume it was a cave.


A groan came out of Marquis Charne’s mouth.

His whole body was trapped by a well-twisted rope, and he couldn’t even move as much as he wanted.

Even his vision was covered with a red cloth, so his fear became more and more extreme.

“Sob, sob.”

The situation that happened a while ago flashed through Marquis Charne’s mind, who was weeping.

‘Hm, as you said, it’s a very precious item.’

‘As expected, our Madam has an eye for things.

It’s a jewel called ‘Queen’s Elegance’.’

‘I wonder why you want to sell such a precious item.’

‘It’s an item with a deep story.

In many ways.’

‘A deep story… I guess I should listen to it in detail.’


‘Tie him up.’

It happened in an instant with the woman’s aggressive voice, not even giving him a chance to stop them.

The damp linen cloth that approached him from behind covered his nose and mouth, and he lost consciousness in the blink of an eye.

It was as if he was Baron Noir that day.

Like his final moment, disguised as suicide by Ariel Clermant’s minions.

When Devin’s final appearance came to his mind, Marquis Charne looked around, terrified.

Though of course, he couldn’t see anything.

“Untie me!!! Untie me, you mother**ers!!!”

Marquis Charne shouted as loudly as he could, but no one answered.

In an instant, Arthur’s squirming body sank like a piece of cotton that had been soaked.

Then, when he tried to give up, thinking that there was no point in any further action,

Trudge, trudge.

The sound of heavy shoes was gradually narrowing the distance.

As the sound drew closer, his sense of fear became even more and more extreme.

Marquis Charne’s trembling body cowered, and he became alert.

“Arthur Charne”

The voice of an unfamiliar person, which he seemed to have heard somewhere.

Cold sweat dripped down Marquis Charne’s forehead at the low but authoritative voice.

“Untie him.”

The voice of the unknown man echoed inside.

Soon after, the chunky cloth that was blocking Arthur’s view fell down.

Arthur’s bloodshot eyes stared straight ahead, harboring a threatening mood.

“It’s been a while, Marquis Charne.”


Marquis Charne’s lips trembled weakly as he discovered Theon.

The Marquis’ appearance, glaring fiercely as if he could kill someone at any moment, was nowhere to be seen.

“The rest too.”

At Theon’s monotonous voice, Orhan released the gag that was blocking Marquis Charne’s mouth.

At the same time, the Marquis grunted and gasped roughly.

“Did… Did Your Highness come to save me”

Marquis Charne said in a trembling voice, his eyes wet with tears.

Seeing that, Theon let out a small snort, as if it were ridiculous.

“I could save you, but I also may not.”

“What… What does that mean…”

The quick-witted Marquis Charne looked around without a word.

Helena, who was looking at him with her arms crossed, came into his view.

A small sigh flowed out of the Marquis’ mouth, as if he was only now understanding the situation.

‘Damn bitch, they’re on the same side.’


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