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The west palace maid, Ayla, greets you.

How do you feel

I feel a lot better, thanks to the Head Maid\'s concern.

I didn\'t think you would return… It\'s unexpected.

Rose, who was drinking tea, said something unexpected.

To be honest, she didn\'t want to come back.

She thought about just staying with Louis but, of course, she didn\'t.

I have a goal in mind.

Rose stared quietly at Ayla, who uttered meaningful words.

Soon after, Ayla bowed her head and turned around, leaving Rose\'s room.


She was on her way to Owen\'s residence to prepare the bath for the first time in a while.

In the morning, Rose had ordered her to go to His Highness\' office to prepare the tea.

Thanks to this, today too, Ayla was working hectically since morning.

Fortunately, the way to the west palace wasn\'t lonely today, thanks to Lily not being late.

When she opened the door to Owen\'s residence, he came running at a fast pace, having been up for who knows how long.

Owen suddenly hugged Ayla, even before she greeted him, and let out everything he couldn\'t tell her in the meantime.

Ayla, are you alright I heard from Lily that you had been staying at your home.

You don\'t know how worried I was, Ayla… Why are your lips all chapped

Ah, this…

Let me know if there is anything you need.

I will get you anything! I may look like this, but aren\'t I one of the greatest Grand Dukes in the Stellen Kingdom

As she quietly glanced at Lily, who was standing next to her, she smiled awkwardly and mouthed the wordsBecause you asked me so much.\'.

Please ask one at a time.

I am fine and I don\'t need anything.

You\'re suffocating me.

Please let go of me now.

Grand Duke Arrot.

Ah, sorry.


I\'m just so glad… Are you really alright now Why did you return so early without resting a little longer!

I\'m really alright.

I am stronger than you think.

You\'re bluffing.

Anyway, I\'m glad you\'re back.


Owen slowly released Ayla\'s body and smiled.

As if to answer Owen, Ayla\'s blue eyes were thinly folded, facing him.


Due to her next schedule, her meeting with Owen was short.

Leaving Owen to Lily, Ayla came down to the dining room to prepare the tea for Theon.

‘What would he like…\'

Putting down the teacup, Ayla was deeply troubled.

His Highness likes Darjeeling tea.

Indicating her presence, Rose was suddenly behind Ayla.

You\'re here, Head Maid.

His Highness loves tea.

He enjoys Darjeeling tea, with a clean taste and a sweet fragrance.


What are you doing Aren\'t you brewing it

Ayla, in a hurry, put tea leaves in a filter and poured hot water over it.

Soon, the crimson tea was brewed, emanating a sweet scent.

For dessert, he likes plain cheese souffle.

It will be lunch time soon, so make sure to only bring him tea this time.


Head Maid.

Thank you for your help.

You\'re welcome.

After speaking, Rose left the dining room in an elegant manner.

Ayla was staring at Rose\'s back with an unknown look in her eyes.


Knock, knock, knock.

Theon\'s office was still full of documents piled up like mountains.

‘He\'s really doing all the palace work by himself…\'

She thought she couldn\'t see him again because he was hidden by a pile of documents but, contrary to her expectations, he was completely absent.

Ayla glanced around, fiddling with the tray on which the teacup was placed.

The clean and neat interior was simple, unlike other places in the impressive palace.

The large bookshelf, which occupied a pure white wall, was filled with thick books.

It didn\'t have the usual frames or paintings.

It was literally a place for business and entertainment only.


Shortly thereafter, Theon opened the door to the office.

Seeing him after a long time, his face looked extremely tired.

The west palace maid, Ayla, greets Your Highness, the Prince.

Discovering Ayla, Theon stopped walking and stood there, in silence.

Only Ayla\'s figure was reflected in his gray eyes.



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