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He wouldn’t have to follow anyone else around, so was there any reason to hesitate

Without knowing it was a mirage that would disappear, he was blinded by desire, blinded by greed, and held her hand.

He fell for the devil’s secret whispers without hesitation.


‘Baron Noir is very late.

The Princess is waiting…’

‘I was thinking the same.’

Ariel took the teacup she was holding to her mouth and gave a dull reply.

Her gaze was fixed only on the jewel crystal that was showing off its blue light.

‘You said this jewel is called ‘Queen’s Elegance’’

‘Yes, that’s correct.

Baron Noir was supposed to explain everything related to it… I’m so sorry to keep you waiting, Princess Ariel.

I will tell Devin firmly.’

‘Ohoh, there is no need for that.

Baron Noir is not coming.


‘He’s… not coming’

‘He has a light mouth.

If you want to say a final goodbye, go to Baron Noir’s house.

I’m telling you this because you seemed to be quite close.’


‘Oh, and don’t forget to be careful so you’re not seen by the guards.’

Ariel, who was speaking while giving a small smile, was no different than the devil itself.

She didn’t feel guilt or anything.

It was creepy to see her enjoying this situation.

Where did it all go wrong The Marquis frowned as he recalled what had happened.

“I am also a victim! I was just being played as Princess Ariel’s puppet.

Please believe me! I am really distressed, Your Highness.”

When he finished speaking, Marquis Charne’s eyes filled with transparent tears.

It was such a perfect performance that anyone could fall for it.


“I am also a victim! I was just being played as Princess Ariel’s puppet.

Please believe me! I am really distressed, Your Highness.”

Marquis Charne’s attitude, appealing with tears as he told a story, was shameless.

Seeing him agreeing with the crime and saying this and that about the victim, he wanted to pierce him right away with the tip of his sword.

Theon continued in a low voice, struggling to control his boiling emotions.

“What happened to Count Serdian Didn’t you accuse him”


Marquis Charne was both the solution to solving this case and an accomplice.

At the same time, it was also the most important reason to save him.

The Marquis moved his lips and hesitated to answer.

“I think I gave you plenty of time to think about it”

Theon pushed the sword he was holding deeper.

At the same time, the amount of red blood that was falling increased.

Marquis Charne lowered his eyelids as if he was surrendering and muttered powerlessly.

“Count Serdian knew about the matter between me and Princess Ariel.

But I… I really just did what I was told.

I’m s-serious.

I just did it because I was afraid there would be further trouble!”

“What were you ordered to do”

“I only met the Queen of Raff instead of Count Serdian, stole some of the tribute, and brought it to the Count’s family.

I didn’t expect things to get this big!”

“You didn’t know that things were going to get bigger… Is that what you’re saying right now”

“I thought it was some kind of b… bribe.

I’m a human being too.

How could I break my loyalty to the Count I really didn’t know.”

“That’s a good excuse.

People who don’t know will think it’s true.”

“An e-excuse I am also a victim! I didn’t do it because I wanted to.

I was going to lose my life, I had no… choice.”

Marquis Charne, who was blurring his words, showed no sign of remorse.

At Marquis Charne’s voice, talking as if it was unfair, Ayla clenched her fists and swallowed a cry.

How could he put on a human mask and do this

She wanted to ask if he didn’t feel even just 1% sorry.

It was funny and ridiculous to see him appealing to emotion and trying to solve the terrible things that had happened because of his greed.

It was disdainful to see him shake off a lie without even batting an eye.


Orhan stared at Ayla, and slowly shook his head.

As if he knew what she would do next.

A low groan flowed from Ayla’s mouth.

At the same time, clear tears dripped down her cheeks.

“Is that all”

“That’s everything with me and Princess Ariel! Devin’s murder has nothing to do with me, it was one of Ariel’s puppets.

I just got the drug and brought it to them.”

“You brought clofo twice.

You gave one to Ariel Clermant, and who did you give the other to”


“Oh my.

Do you want to burn to death and choose loyalty If you bleed any more here, your life will be in danger.”

Theon lifted the corners of his mouth and stretched out the palm of his hand.

Soon, a small flame surged on top of his large hand.

“If you want, I can turn you into roasted meat.”

“Please guarantee… my life.”


“If I spill out everything like this… I’m as good as dead.

That person… There’s no way that person will leave me alone!”

The screaming Marquis Charne’s face showed signs of anxiousness.

“Answer only what I ask.

I hate noisy things.

Who did you give the other one to”

“Before that, please promise me.

Your Highness.

Promise to protect my life no matter what.”

Marquis Charne wept and blurred his words.

Judging by his trembling fingers, it didn’t seem to be a lie.


I’ll spare your life.”

Theon nodded reluctantly and went along with Arthur’s words.

After hesitating for a long time, Marquis Charne hesitantly opened his mouth.

“Duke… Holt Daniel.”


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