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“Damn it, there’s too much bleeding! Bring the first aid!!”


Luke appeared shouting behind the frozen Ayla, as if he had predicted Mason’s order.

Then, Luke gradually narrowed the distance, with thumping footsteps.


Was it because he was in a hurry

Luke, who was bringing the first aid kit, couldn’t avoid Ayla and collided roughly with her.


Ayla’s body was greatly shaken by the sudden external force, and the teacup she was bringing fell and shattered into pieces.

To her uneasiness.

“Ah, I didn’t mean to…!”

A scrambling gesture, tightly closed lips, and thinly trembling fingers.

The usually calm and composed Luke was nowhere to be seen.

Everything she could see was proof of how shaken up he was.

“I… I’m fine.

Please go, quickly.”

Ayla struggled to hold her trembling hands and said, pretending it was nothing.

Luke gave a short apology and ran to Theon’s office with a stiff expression.

Her heart, which was pulsating at a rapid pace, seemed to sink with a ‘thump’.

She was scared because Luke’s urgent appearance seemed to indicate the urgency of the situation.

“T-That can’t be…”

Ayla’s voice trembled weakly as she muttered to herself.

At the same time, Ayla’s blue eyes were shaking vigorously, losing focus.

What was happening there, just a few steps away

The image of Kyle suddenly flashed through her mind.

The sharp end of his sword, shining brilliantly on his waist.


A groan burst out of Ayla’s mouth, who was raising her body while clutching her rumpled skirt.

Ayla’s eyes, which had been shaking restlessly, turned downwards.

Her hands and legs were covered in blood from the fragments of glass scattered everywhere.

Unlike her dreadful appearance, Ayla’s expression did not move.

After looking through her wounds once, Ayla looked at her trembling hands.

As if she didn’t feel any pain.

She tried to take the steps that didn’t move.

One step, and another.

“He’s… He’s unconscious!”

“Stop the bleeding first.

Can’t you do it properly! Do you want to hold a funeral!!”

Luke’s sharp voice pierced her ears.

Behind him was a silver hair dyed with blood.

Eden’s figure, who was extremely pale, became blurry as it entered her field of view.

“Knight, sir, the stretcher is ready.”

“A route and treatment tools have also been secured.”

Luke, who was holding back the bleeding, gazed at the entrance as he heard the combat medics’ tense voices.

“Move without delay.

Even the smallest delay, and his life won’t be guaranteed.”


“I won’t tolerate a single mistake.

Save him, for the honor of the Royal Knights.”

Luke led the situation with a calm voice.

The medics who had been looking at Luke moved increasingly faster.

Eden’s bloodied body was mounted onto the tightly woven stretcher.

Immediately, the medics took their places and the front and back, passed by Ayla, and exited the office.


At that moment, a familiar warmth grazed her fingertips.

It was only for a moment, but she could see that Eden was still breathing.



As if a storm had swept through it, the place where the medics left was filled with silence.

Luke, who had been watching the situation, stared at Kyle with a threatening expression.

Doing that to Kyle, the Commander of the Knights, was like giving up his life.

Though there was no way Luke didn’t know that, his vigor showed no sign of subsiding.

“I will take my leave now.”

Luke bowed his head towards Theon with a formal voice.

“Did you move him to the medical corps”

“For now, yes.

I don’t know if the bleeding will stop but… we’ll do our best.”


As Theon seemed to be hesitating about something, Luke kept his position and waited for his next words.

“I’ll settle the situation and move to the medical corps.”

“… Your Highness himself”



Just keep that in mind for now.”

“I understand.”

“Oh, and… Make sure to save him.”

Without fail.

At Theon’s authoritative voice, Luke gave him a bitter smile instead of an answer.

Then, he exited the office with quick steps.

A long silence flowed between the three people who were left behind.

Theon gazed coldly at Kyle, who, whatever he was thinking, didn’t even move.

“Are you feeling better now”


“Finally seeing blood… I’m asking if you’re satisfied!!”

Kyle snorted towards the screaming Theon.

“No way.

My goal was you.

How can I be happy when things go wrong”

Kyle indifferently wiped off the blood in his hand.

Kyle, who was acting calm as if nothing had happened, was terrifying.

And he could tell.

It was the beginning of all these horrible things.

A figure that didn’t seem to have any sense of guilt.

Theon’s mouth trembled as he looked at Kyle.

“Why Is it unfair and upsetting that it wasn’t you If you want, I can pierce your heart right now.”

“Do you think everything will be over if I die”


“You’re the one who made you like that.”

“What do you know, to be talking recklessly What is so great about you!!”

Kyle aimed his blade at Theon in an instant.

The sharp tip of the sword shone brilliantly in the light.

Despite the cold metal feeling on his neck, he didn’t care.

Theon’s gray eyes were only staring at Kyle.

As if they despised him, who did not have any sense of guilt.

As if he, who had fallen into self-pity until the end, was pathetic.


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