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That bastard… What do you mean I\'m the daughter of a thief I don\'t like it.

Ayla, who came out of the office, muttered, clenching her fists while putting the teacup on the console.

How hard she was clenching, that her sharp fingernails dug into her skin, giving a tingling sensation.

It seems that the members of the royal family learn to be rude from the moment they are born.

Ha… My poor, pitiful life.

Who is pitiful Just be strong.

Ayla flinched, as if startled by the unfamiliar voice.

She turned her head to see the owner of the voice, and her eyes turned cold like ice.


It was not like him to utter unnecessary words.

Whether a maid wore a diamond or a garnet was not a matter of concern.

He knew Count Jaden Serdian well.

He always had a pleasant smile but, unlike the bureaucrats who sugar-coated their words, he was a man of conviction, simple and honest.

Young Theon, who ascended the throne as the Crown Prince due to his father\'s sudden death, was the one who dealt with the Kingdom\'s affairs.

Count Serdian\'s charges of evading the national treasury and his subsequent actions shocked Theon as well.


Why did I say that…

Theon let out a small sigh as he looked at the door where Ayla had left.

He had already heard of Ayla\'s whereabouts through Rose, but he wanted to confirm it.

Seeing the sparkling bracelet on Ayla\'s wrist, Theon felt an unknown emotion.

It was Theon himself who was embarrassed by his unruly remarks.

Theon, who was standing blankly looking at the office door, turned his feet hurriedly.

In front of the open door, Ayla and an unidentified silver-haired man were looking closely at each other.


Why are you…

I\'m also staying here, in the Royal Palace.

I thought you knew from seeing me the other day.

But, you better be careful with that mouth.

No matter how much of a bastard he is… There are a lot of listening ears here.

I don\'t think we\'re close enough to worry about each other.

Ayla said, keeping her cold expression.

Despite Ayla\'s answer, Eden was still tilting his head, smiling.

Why are you like that I thought we were pretty close.

Eden, who had finished speaking, gradually approached Ayla.


When the distance between the two was short, the doorknob made an opening sound.

Are you playing love games here too

Ayla hurriedly lowered her head when the blushing Theon emerged from the open office door, which had been tightly closed.

Eden, who was standing next to her, kept his frivolous posture, perhaps unable to grasp the situation.

Theon gave Eden a fierce look.

Even with the sharp look on him, Eden only smiled gently and did not move an inch.

Greetings, Your Highness.

Eden looked at Theon and gave a light bow with his head.

Who are you

I am Eden, Grand Duke Kyle Ermedi\'s Royal Knight.

Royal Knight

Theon\'s gaze turned to Eden\'s sword.

Even at Theon\'s alert eyes, Eden still smiled leisurely.

‘Are you persistent or can\'t you understand the situation\'

Ayla glanced sideways at Eden, seemingly unstoppable.

That\'s correct.

Your Highness.

We met on the battlefield and I became the Grand Duke\'s Royal Knight.

Which family are you from

Does that matter

It was Kyle who answered Theon, not Eden.

Kyle, who approached them without making a sound, stood behind Eden, giving a fishy smile towards Ayla.

We meet again.

I think I clearly warned you to stay out of my sight.

… Greetings.

Grand Duke Ermedi.

‘Damn it.

I can\'t get a break.

This life really is ruined.\'

Ayla\'s heart pounded fast at Kyle\'s sudden appearance, making a loud noise.

Theon stood in front of Ayla, who was holding her small hands together in order to hide the trembling.

The royal knights are the face of the Kingdom.

It is not a position that\'s easy enough to be given to someone with no principles.


He is the one who saved my life on the battlefield.

Is there anyone more suitable than him There are so many backstabbers in the Royal Palace that you can\'t trust.

So, is he trustworthy

At least he\'s worth risking my life for.

That\'s just like you.

If you understand, I think you should stop now.

Little brother.

Kyle, who finished talking, smiled brightly, looking at Theon.

I have been curious since the other day.

I don\'t know if it\'s a coincidence but, strangely enough, it seems Our Highness is always taking the lead regarding this child\'s affairs.


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