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Kyle naturally turned his eyes to Ayla.

Soon after, he gave her a wicked smile.

She could tell by looking at Grand Duke Kyle Ermedi that you can get goosebumps even if a person is smiling.

Even if you are the Prince, with this person with no principles is a bit… Don\'t you think Little brother.

Kyle said, as he moved to tidy up Theon\'s messy shirt collar and tie.

Theon glared silently at Kyle, who cited exactly what he had said and was smiling provokingly.

I think they have a lot to talk about, so let\'s get out of here, Eden.

I heard nice drinks came in today.

Kyle, who was squinting his eyes, said, putting his arm over Eden\'s shoulders.

Soon after, Kyle told Ayla to be careful, and left.


Ayla\'s steps back to the maid\'s quarters were heavy.

When Kyle disappeared, Theon only stared at her silently, giving no particular reaction.

Looking at Theon, heading to the office giving off a cold atmosphere, she felt as if she had committed a crime.

‘Why are they mad at me when they\'re the ones who come around me.\'

Ayla put down the tray she was holding nervously.

Did something happen again

It\'s nothing.

If you only went to serve His Highness\' tea, and when you come back you have that kind of face, it\'s not nothing.

Although Lily was usually dense, she had the ability to outwit you very accurately once in a while.

Rather, she thought she would be a little relieved to hold onto someone and solve these ridiculous situations.

She should have asked the crazy guy named Eden or Garden why he kept appearing and acting as if they were close, but, at that moment, she couldn\'t do anything as if she had been possessed.

If she were to become a royal knight, at least she would just eat and wield a sword.

It\'s a little unfair how handsome they are.

Even just now, that Prince guy, who was giving off a chilly atmosphere and treated her coldly, suddenly appeared and talked nonsense about how she\'s dating here too.

Even Grand Duke Kyle Ermedi, whom she does not want to see as much as she does and growls at her trying to kill her; with all of them in the same place, she felt as if she received a combined gift set.

Of course, the combined gift set seemed to be filled with explosives instead of delicious snacks.

They exploded one after the other, so she couldn\'t tell whether she did something wrong or they did something wrong.

Looking at Lily\'s expression, who couldn\'t organize her thoughts and was clearly convinced that something was going on, Ayla finally decided to tell the truth about what happened earlier.

So what Ayla is saying is that His Highness wenttada!\', and saved you this time as well

What do you mean saved me.

I\'m just an innocent bystander that got hurt in a fight.

And on top of that, that knight Eden is behaving strangely friendly to you.

I think he\'s just a little mischievous… If not… Is he crazy

Unlike Ayla, who was grumbling like she didn\'t like it, Lily, whose cheeks were blushing, seemed excited somehow.

I don\'t think so.

Our Young Lady is still a long way from being an adult.

‘Being delusional like that is also a disease…\'

Ayla scowled silently at Lily, who seemed to be teasing her; but she laughed as if she didn\'t know anything.

Soon after, Lily got up from her seat, humming,Our Young Lady must be happy.\'

In her mind, Ayla already imagined herself scolding Lily dozens or thousands of times, but she tried hard to be patient.


Ayla, who was pouring tea on the teacup, let out a deep sigh and sprawled out on the table, weakly.

She was like the sad eyes of a cow before being taken to the slaughterhouse.

Lily, who was watching her, touched Ayla\'s shoulder with her finger.

As Ayla\'s eyes turned towards Lily, she pointed to the bell clock on the wall and said,You\'ll be late.\'

How many times a day does the royal family drink tea Morning tea in the morning, tea at 11 o\'clock just a while ago, and now mid-afternoon tea.

She wanted to ask if he really must have tea after lunch, but this is a perfect hierarchical society.

Among them, she was just a low-rank maid.


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