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Ayla, who was sitting in the bathtub drawing warm water, sighed when she saw the silhouette in front of the linen curtain.

‘I ran away because you were talking nonsense.

Meanwhile, you followed me again.\'

Sure enough, Owen, in a white gown, stood in front of the curtain with a big smile.

Why What is it again I didn\'t see anything.

I didn\'t see, so why are you like this

Hm… But I didn\'t say anything, Miss Ayla

‘That I-don\'t-know-anything expression.

I hate it.\'

Ayla silently poured pink petals in the bathtub and stirred it with her hand to spread the fragrance.

Right away, the fresh scent of petals reached the tip of Ayla\'s nose.

I prefer that sour one from before.

This is a new one that came from Pella, so I brought it.

The noble ladies prefer the flowery scent.

Grand Duke Arrot.

Pella… It was a beautiful place… It became a ruined country, probably because most of the sorcerers were assassinated Well, Pella was also famous for its spices and bathing items.

Have you been to Pella

Hm… Just briefly I can\'t remember well because I was too young, but it seemed to me that it was a beautiful place.

By the way, does Ayla also prefer the flowery scent

What What… I also like the scent of flowers.

Is that so Then I will also like this scent from now on!

‘What is he saying again.\'

Ayla smiled, dumbfounded, at the eccentric Owen\'s words.

Whether he was or not, Owen seemed to be in a good mood.

Ayla, are you coming to the tea party in the north palace

Owen asked, touching the petals floating on the water.

The tea party in the north palace I am a maid at the west palace, I\'m not going to a tea party in the north palace.

Perhaps the maids in charge of the north palace will attend.

Is that so It would be nice if you came, Ayla… It\'s my first tea party, so I don\'t know what to do.

Owen looked dispirited, unlike his usual confident self.

Soon after, Ayla rolled up her sleeves and spoke.

A straightforward tactic!! Let\'s be straightforward.

Being honest is the Grand Duke\'s charm, so do not feel constrained and be confident!! You just have to be confident.


Owen, who hesitated for a while at Ayla\'s excessive attitude, scratched his head, sayingI… I see.\'


The maids of the west palace have decided to help with the tea party that will be held in the north palace this afternoon.

Those who were selected should go to the north palace after lunch.

That bastard\'s tea.



Three times a day, no, I don\'t know how many times a day he eats that the tea he had every time was not enough; it seems he must even hold a tea party and have it all together to feel relieved.

Rose\'s sudden announcement caused a stir.

She heard that, compared to the west palace, which has few members of the royal family and the work is relatively easy to do, the north palace is where many distinguished guests from foreign countries stay, so there are many things to be mindful about.

It was an infamous place for how picky and capricious they were, not only the distinguished guests staying at the north palace, but also the aristocrats who came to see them, that the new maids who entered the palace were great after just 5 days.

Above all, no one wants to go there.

Ayla Serdian is one of the few people assigned to the tea party where all the arrogant scoundrels are gathered.

She did not understand why she had been assigned.

‘What if I make up my mind to cause a disturbance In the end, I\'m going to the tea party the Grand Duke mentioned…\'

On her way to the north palace, Ayla\'s expression was full of dissatisfaction.

Soon after, the entrance to the north palace came into Ayla\'s sight.

Right away, the large door, which had been firmly closed, opened with a click.

Her sulky expression turned into amazement as soon as she entered the palace.

On the pure white walls, there were jewels, including emeralds and sapphires, and various vines.

The interior was decorated with colorful flowers from various countries.

There was a large crystal chandelier that looks like it is going to fall when you reach your hand.

Even the fake golden roses, presented here and there as an accent; the interior decoration of the north palace, which looked like nature, made her feel comfortable.


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