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There were quite a few maids who were unlucky for no reason.

To be honest, except for Lily, no one else was going to be with Ayla.

However, this maid named Diane, has been treating her affectionately since last time for some reason, and talking in an uncomfortable way.

Ayla\'s eyes were full of alertness at Diane\'s sudden appearance.

As if not interested in Ayla\'s reaction, Diane, who was sitting in her seat, scooped a spoonful of oatmeal and pushed it into her mouth.

Excuse me… Miss Diane.

You can treat me like an older sister.

I\'m 2 years older.

How do you know my age…

Didn\'t I clearly tell you last time Miss Ayla Serdian.

That you\'re very famous among the maids

After speaking, Diane focused on her meal again and savored the food.

Ayla, putting down the spoon without saying a word, unlike Diane, was looking closely at her in the middle of her meal.

The dark red hair, tied high, and the slightly darker skin color strangely matched with each other.

Diane\'s slightly raised red eyes, without double eyelids, were attractive.

Her face with a slender nose and a prettily curled up mouth reminded her of a fox.

No matter how much she looks at it, she doesn\'t remember seeing it last time.

And no matter how much she thinks about it, she has no idea why this woman is being like this towards her.

Why is she being so friendly to her when they\'re not close and don\'t work at the same place either

Ayla\'s head seemed to be filled with question marks.

Diane looked at Ayla, who was silently breaking the bread with her hands.

Because you\'re from a noble family you won\'t treat a low-rank maid like me as an older sister

It\'s not that…

I\'m in a situation similar to yours.

So, be comfortable, relax.

Ayla\'s eyes grew big at the unexpected words.

She quickly finished the food and disappeared before Ayla even asked, saying she had to do her next task.

‘In a situation similar to mine\'

Ayla looked blankly at the place where Diane had just been sitting and dwelled on what she said.

The fact that she said she was in a similar situation, Diane seemed to be a woman of noble birth.

Based on the conversation they had at the north palace, Diane seemed as hostile towards Claire as she was to her…

She didn\'t seem to be close to other maids, either.

Above all, among the many seats, she came to her and ate with her.

Putting it all together… Is Diane on her side That is the conclusion she came to.

Whatever the reason, thinking that Diane wasn\'t necessarily a bad person, Ayla picked up the spoon and smiled lightly.

Even though she could hear the maids around her whispering,She\'s crazy.\', while glancing at her.


Ayla\'s expression in Theon\'s office was of shock, terror, and astonishment.

Ayla was frozen in place, pointing her finger at the person standing in front of her, unable to speak.

What are you so surprised about

Theon asked, looking at Ayla who was standing in front of the door frozen, as if she were a statue.

Next to Theon stood Louis, looking at Ayla with a soft smile.

‘Why is he there!! Right, let\'s pretend we don\'t know.

Calm down Ayla, calm down and do it naturally, as usual.\'

Hiding her surprised expression, Ayla put the tea on the table in front of the desk.

If I knew there were guests, I would have prepared more tea… I was careless.

I apologize.

Your Highness.

I\'m fine.

Don\'t mind it.

It was Louis, and not Theon, who answered Ayla.

Ayla quietly scowled towards Louis, who was putting on an air of innocence as if teasing her.

Get out.

Theon spoke in a cold voice, without looking at Ayla once.

There was nothing she could do, so she said,I will leave now.\', and quietly turned her steps towards the door.

Her body was turned towards the door, but all her senses, including hearing, were fixed on the two men standing by the window.

You want to work at the Royal Palace

‘Work at the Royal Palace Who No way… Louis Daniel\'

Ayla walked slowly at Theon\'s dull words.


If you give me permission, I would like to work at the Royal Palace to help Your Highness.

Why should I trust and bring Duke Daniel\'s son under me We are in-laws…


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