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‘Who doesn\'t like being called beautiful\'

Ayla shrugged and secretly waited for Eden\'s next words.

It\'s really perfect.

But oddly enough, his gaze didn\'t turn to Ayla.

Feeling somehow suspicious, Ayla got a little closer to him.

As she got closer to Eden, Ayla was shocked at the sight in front of her.

Silent clamors are probably used at times like these.

Have you ever heard of narcissism

All his words, which Ayla thought were directed at her, were directed towards himself, reflected in the water puddle.

Eden was fascinated by himself in the puddle, unaware that Ayla was approaching him.

How can I be so perfect…

He incessantly expressed his admiration for himself.

Well, the truth is, everyone knows that Eden is handsome.

The shiny silver hair gave him a mysterious atmosphere.

The manly raised eyes and double eyelids, and the bright gray pupils, that resembled the color of his hair, were of a noble color that you couldn\'t see anywhere.

High and sharp nose, and a thin jawline.

No matter who looks at him, he is really handsome.

In addition to that, he also had a good physique, so he was not only tall but also had wide shoulders and firm thighs; he was perfect.

However, the figure of Eden, looking at his reflection as if we were in love… It seemed too much for Ayla to understand.

She never imagined she would see narcissism so close, which was something she had only heard of.

‘I believe you thought I was handsome when you looked at me a while ago\'

‘No matter how perfect I am, such a gaze is troublesome.\'

‘Come on, tell me.

You fell in love with my perfect appearance.\'

Only then did she understand Eden\'s erratic behavior when they first met.

Looking at him, Ayla had only one thought.

This guy, really.

He is really crazy.


Entering the office, Ayla\'s blue eyes shook from side to side, anxiously.

Seeing the pieces of glass below the bookshelf reminded her of the day Kyle threatened her.

Soon after, as if she had come to her senses, Ayla approached the sofa where Theon was sitting.

Even though he is Theon, who usually doesn\'t smile a lot, she felt that his expression was especially hard.

‘I shouldn\'t annoy him.\'

Ayla glanced once again at the pieces of glass scattered under the bookshelf, and carefully placed the brewed coffee and cheese souffle that she brought in front of him.

Theon, who kept his firm expression, raised his gaze and looked at Ayla.

Then, he raised the tip of his chin towards the sofa opposite him, as if telling her to sit down.

‘Now it\'s not even his hands or eyes, but his chin.\'

Ayla pouted, showing signs of discomfort, but he didn\'t seem to care at all.

At Theon\'s insincere attitude, Ayla glanced at him once and hesitantly sat down on the sofa.

She sat down because she was told to, but she was hesitant about where to look.

Eventually, Ayla\'s wandering gaze stayed on Theon\'s tie.

The disheveled appearance she saw at the detached palace was nowhere to be seen, and he looked neat and tidy.

The dark navy suit, red tie, and the handkerchief the same color as the tie, suited him very well.

‘If only he were kind, he would get a perfect score…\'

Theon spoke towards Ayla, who had her gaze fixed on his tie, with a bitter expression on her face.

You have some work to do.

The words,How many times have I woken up at dawn to prepare tea, and you want me to work more\', ascended to her throat, but she had to be rational.

The other person was a member of the royal family, specifically the Crown Prince, who was considered to be the next King.

With a commercial smile, Ayla tilted her head towards Theon, as if asking what he meant.

Again, he glanced at the table side without saying a word.

On the table, there was a huge pile of documents.

‘What am I supposed to do\'

Theon raised his eyebrows towards Ayla, in frustration, as she made an expression of seemingly not understanding the situation.

Why do you think I put you in charge of preparing the tea

Ayla reflected on Theon\'s question, without saying a word.


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