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Is it weird for the maid who brews the tea to come at teatime

We are moving in secret.

You shouldn\'t stand out.

So, of course, you have to meet me as a maid.

At his resolute words, as if she were asking something obvious, Ayla was dazed as if she had been hit in the head with a hammer.

Theon was now telling Ayla to do both her job as a maid and the complicated and time-consuming accounting job at the same time.

There are 5 tea times in the Royal Palace.


Saying to come at every teatime was no different than telling her to come as soon as she opened her eyes in the morning and work without a break until she closed her eyes.

This won\'t do.

If she does what he said, she may die of overwork.

It is time to negotiate something.

No, she must make a deal.


Ayla, determined, struck the table with both hands.

Theon looked at her, as if he was interested in her behavior.

She was surprised because the sound was louder than she thought, but Ayla pretended to be fine and spoke towards Theon.

I can\'t do it.

You can\'t

It\'s impossible to be an accountant while working as a maid.

Well… Maybe I can if it\'s only one.

Theon\'s expression hardened noticeably at Ayla\'s refusal.

Determined to get assurance, Ayla scratched her head and rambled.

It was a silent gesture that she had the upper hand now.

Are you whining

No way.

Is that so Well… If that\'s the case, there\'s no other choice.

It\'s a shame.

You\'re going to jail for reading classified documents.

Theon spoke dryly, stirring the brewed coffee that was put in front of him with a teaspoon.

No!! You have to listen to people until the end.

Everyone would say so, but! I am fine.

No problem.

That\'s what I\'m saying.

Your Highness has a very rash personality! Haha…

I like that attitude.

‘I was dragged into it again.

Scary guy.

He\'s threatening to send me to jail without changing his expression.\'

Contrary to her heart, Ayla forced a smile at Theon, who was sipping his tea in an indifferent manner.

Then, I will see you at the next teatime.

After speaking, Theon gestured at Ayla to leave.

Ayla bowed lightly and left his office.


Owen, whom she hadn\'t been able to meet since she was in charge of Theon\'s service, weighed on her mind.

Staring blankly at her wrist, still faintly red, Ayla turned around and headed upstairs.

Because it was organized so that you had to pass the reception room to go to the bedroom, she didn\'t know if there would be any guests.

Arriving in front of Owen\'s residence, Ayla raised her hand to knock.

She saw a gap in the slightly open door.

It seems that other maids did not close the door properly.

Grand Duke.

You\'re so mean.

The moment Ayla tried to step inside, smiling.

A woman\'s voice echoed in the reception room.

‘Who is it The voice is familiar.\'

Owen and the stranger were unaware that Ayla was standing in front of the door.

Ayla\'s gaze quickly turned towards the inside of the room.

Through the slightly open door, she saw Owen smiling awkwardly at the owner of the voice.

She turned her gaze to check who it was, and her expression stiffened coldly.


Owen didn\'t look good since early morning.

He was worried whether something had happened yesterday evening, that Ayla wasn\'t coming.

Although he managed to hold it in when Ayla\'s breath got closer, he almost kissed her.

Since last night, only the moment when they got closer to each other kept repeating in Owen\'s mind.

Thanks to that, he couldn\'t sleep properly all night.

Owen\'s friends in Hanan would have laughed at him if they saw him like this.

Hanan was a small town halfway between the city and the countryside, to the north of the Stellen Kingdom.

After leaving the palace when he was eight years old, his family headed to Hanan, where Owen\'s father was born and raised.

Hanan was a beautiful place with a natural scenery.

It was one of the best places for farming because the land was fertile.

As there was an abundance of food and attractions, most of the villagers were easygoing and affectionate.


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