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Owen has been interested in musical instruments since he was young.

In particular, the mandolin made by Owen\'s father himself was one of the most meaningful objects to him.

But God wasn\'t on his side.

Around the time he turned fifteen, Owen\'s parents passed away at the hands of mysterious assassins.

Who did it… He knew, even though he could not say it.

Is it because of that Although they were members of the royal family, because they received the wrath of the King no one came to take care of the bodies.

Had it not been for the villagers of Hanan, Owen would have fallen into despair without being able to handle the bodies of his father and mother.

No matter how brave he was, Owen\'s life, who was fifteen years old, was never easy.

The young boy, who could only play musical instruments, became a street musician.

Thanks to his father, who knew how to handle magic, Owen also had one ability different than others, although it was weak.

It was to seduce the opposite sex using musical instruments.

Thanks to that, he had no problems making a living.

When he was short on money, finding aristocratic women and flicking his mandolin while giving them a charming glance or two was enough.

The same was true when there was a person he liked.

Thanks to this special ability, Owen never had any troubles approaching women.

But for some reason, Ayla was different.

He didn\'t want to use this ability with her.

Ayla\'s small actions made Owen\'s heart flutter.

He tried to take it lightly, thinking that this feeling was simply curiosity towards a noble woman who was unhappy like him.

Because he always thought about meeting with women as a joke, he could not understand these serious feelings towards the opposite sex and thought that it would not happen to him.

But strangely, he wanted to protect Ayla with his own hands.

To be a little more honest, Ayla stood out since the first time he saw her.

Her appearance was not at the level to remain a low-rank maid.

If God created Owen\'s ideal type, would it look like this

Small body, white and clean skin, black pearl hair rolled up carelessly.

Everything was perfect, including her big eyes with long eyelashes and double eyelids, blue eyes that seemed to contain the sea, a suitably high nose, thick red lips, and rather small hands.

She was wearing a sloppy maid uniform, but it did not obscure her beauty.

That\'s right, it was probably love at first sight.

He was curious about that child, who was impudent from the first time they met.

When she was attacked by Kyle, he felt like his heart was dropping.

Seeing Theon saving Ayla, he felt relieved and angered towards himself for not doing anything at that moment.

In the Stellen Kingdom, it was a taboo among taboos to use magic inside the palace.

What Owen did last night was very dangerous.

Had Theon noticed it, something bad would have happened.

However, he wanted to protect her with his own hands this time.

Owen kept a blank look as he touched the small vial with snow crystals fluttering around.

After a long wait, he finally heard the door open.

Owen looked at the entrance with anticipation, wearing a big smile on his face.

However, contrary to his wish, the person who opened the door was Lily.

When Lily looked at the woken-up Owen, she hurriedly bowed her back and neck.

The west palace maid, Lily, greets you.

Grand Duke.

What about Ayla

Even before acknowledging Lily\'s greeting, Owen was looking for Ayla.

He was anxious about what to do if she really avoided him.

Lily hesitated for a moment, and then opened her mouth.

She went to His Highness\' residence.

Theon\'s residence Why

That, I also…

With an expression as if it were difficult to answer, she bowed towards Owen and headed to the bathroom.

Owen\'s olive-colored eyes shook a little at Lily\'s words.


‘Why is she here\'

Claire was sitting right next to Owen on the green sofa.

The teacup was showing the bottom, so she must have been here for some time.

Her outfit today was also too much.

What was she dressed for, that her bouncy-looking upper chest was very openly exposed

Thanks to the tight waist decoration her chest was even more prominent, and her skirt had a side opening, subtly showing her white legs.

It was the perfect outfit to attract anyone.


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