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She also couldn\'t see the private maids, which she had behind her, today.

Ayla was very displeased with Claire\'s appearance, wearing that kind of clothes and sticking to Owen\'s side.

‘It\'s not with reason, but… Isn\'t that the person I serve anyway I also have a duty to keep him away from such a lowly individual.\'

There was a wave of unknown anger towards Claire, but she tried to assure herself that it was caused by excessive professionalism.

Who is there

Claire spoke towards the door in a high tone, as if she had felt a presence.

At her voice, Ayla carefully opened the door, went in, and lightly bowed to Claire and Owen.


Owen was clearly taken aback by Ayla\'s sudden appearance.

He was flustered, as if he had been caught cheating on his lover.

Claire, who made eye contact with Ayla, looked at her with an arrogant look, raising the corner of her mouth.

I see you have a bad habit of listening in secret like a rat

The door was slightly open, so… I was wondering if it would be rude.

If you knew it was rude, why didn\'t you just leave In any case, are maids not educated these days

‘If I ever get my nobility title again, I\'ll make sure to crush you first.\'

Claire seemed very happy with her current situation.

She trampled on Ayla\'s pride by commenting about maids at the end of her words.

They weren\'t even on bad terms, so what does she get by harassing her like that

Ayla\'s head was filled with questions.

She wanted to grab that arrogant girl\'s hair and rip it off at once but, as she always said, her status was the lowest among the maids.

She was in a position where she could secretly disappear from the Stellen Kingdom by being rude to the Marquis\' daughter, so Ayla couldn\'t help but endure her anger in silence.

Claire showed a relaxed smile and spoke towards Ayla, who was still silent.

The Grand Duke and I have something to talk about, so don\'t stand there speechless and get out of here.

It\'s not something that a low-rank maid like you can hear.

Claire proudly emphasized the wordslow-rank maid\'.

That wench seemed to have a good grasp of how to upset people.

Realizing that Claire\'s desire was to insult her severely, Ayla tried as much as possible not to show her emotions.

Why Because she didn\'t want her to behave as she wanted.

Ayla, who had been looking at Claire, turned her gaze to Owen.

Owen could only look at the two women, who were emitting sparks while provoking each other, with a troubled expression.

It would be ridiculous for him to dismiss Claire, the daughter of the mighty Marquis, who came as a guest.

Whatever the reason, a maid who eavesdropped on the nobles\' conversation deserves a scolding, so it was fortunate that Claire stopped it at this point.

Above all, after the incident at the north palace the other day, Ayla asked Owen not to meddle with her affairs.

It was a decision not only for fear that she would receive hate from the other maids and aristocratic women, but also that bad rumors would spread in the palace.

Knowing that, in this situation, if he took Ayla\'s side again, he would put her in trouble, Owen had no choice but to remain silent.

I\'m sorry if I upset you.


Then, I will go now.

When Ayla bowed to Claire, she smiled and looked satisfied.

‘I came for nothing.

I\'m in a bad mood.\'

Owen stared at Ayla, who quickly turned around and walked towards the door, with a pitiful look.


Coming out of Owen\'s residence, Ayla went down the stairs with energetic movements, swinging her arms wide.

She was expressing,I\'m in an awfully bad mood now.\', with her whole body.

She\'s not wearing anything.

She has a lot of money; can\'t she afford the fabric Why is her skin so white I didn\'t like her back then and don\'t like her now.

The maids who were coming up the stairs across from Ayla looked at her, who was mumbling to herself with great speed, and gave her strange looks.


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