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‘Yeah, well, you\'ll say I\'m crazy! I have heard it so many times that I don\'t care! Talk to your heart\'s content.

Talk a lot.

Talk all you want!!\'

Usually, she would pass by them with her eyes lowered, but today she proudly opened her eyes wide towards the maids and gave them a defiant look.

Soon after, one of the maids that made eye contact with her was horrified and they disappeared from her sight, whispering among themselves.

‘I didn\'t even throw a fist.\'

Ayla Serdian was currently in full combat mode.


Claire didn\'t visit Owen for a positive reason in the first place.

It was Claire, who arrogantly visited the palace dreaming of revenge on the person who insulted her.

Although her plans were ruined.

Claire was one of the recognized beauties of the Stellen Kingdom.

Everyone was busy praising her, envious of her appearance and background.

It was a treatment she did not receive while she was the daughter of a nameless Baron.

After her father\'s rise to the position of Marquis, Claire\'s life and the surrounding attitude towards her naturally changed.

Wherever Claire went, her surroundings were crowded with people trying to get her attention.

Numerous nobles fought to invite Claire to a banquet or party they hosted.

Humiliating her like that It was something unthinkable in the Stellen Kingdom.

At least with the financial status of Marquis Charne\'s family now.

But Owen was different.

He humiliated Claire by siding with a low-rank maid.

And that is while commenting on her beauty in front of the maids working with their hands and feet.

The more Claire thought about it, the more she was filled with an unbearable sense of shame.

Look at me.

Am I not pretty

Looking at herself in the mirror in the dressing room, Claire asked nervously at the maids behind her.


Young Lady!! You are so beautiful.

No one in the Kingdom is more beautiful than our Young Lady!

Knowing that if they hesitated a little they would get scolded, each of Claire\'s maids complimented her to no end.

At last, she said,That\'s right.\', and smiled as if satisfied; and the maids sighed in relief.

For a moment, Claire\'s eyes, which had been smiling prettily, turned sharp.

Owen\'s actions were completely unacceptable to Claire, who had always received men\'s attention and love.

Even if he was from the royal family.

Of course, there were several people who laughed haha\'s and hoho\'s and praised her when in front of her, and still talked behind her back, calling her the daughter of a poor Baron.

Therefore, Claire spent enormous amounts of time and money to further strengthen her position in the social world.

So that no one could belittle her.

However, if Owen, who is one of the royal descendants and one of the absolute authorities in the Kingdom, looked down on Claire, it was obvious how the other nobles would behave.

It was a matter of her pride and position.

After contemplating, Claire reached only one conclusion.

‘I have to seduce the Grand Duke and make him anxious.

I\'m acting first so that he can\'t trample on me again.\'

Standing in front of Owen\'s residence, Claire looked very charming.

It was very easy to get into the palace because she had given a word to the Knights in charge of the west palace beforehand.

When she saw herself dressed up prettily, Claire muttered,As expected, you\'re pretty.\', as if she liked her outfit and makeup.

As she was about to knock, she heard a clear melody.

Claire went inside, as if possessed by something, and saw Owen sitting alone in his bed and playing a mandolin.

Feeling a presence, Owen raised his head and their eyes met.

Ah, no…!

When Owen saw Claire, he waved his hands in embarrassment, like a person who has never seen her.

Her eyes, who were excited to seduce him, suddenly changed to those of a girl in love.

It was then when the unexpected infatuation began.


Have you heard

Heard what

Well… You know Young Lady Claire, the daughter of the Marquis of Charne

You mean that conceited and arrogant lady

She\'s excessively chasing after our Grand Duke these days.

You mean Grand Duke Arrot No wonder… He\'s very cool.

No, he\'s beautiful.

Isn\'t he so handsome when he smiles

Ayla, who was preparing the tea to bring to Theon\'s office, focused on the conversation of the maids whispering next to her.


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