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Ugh… That\'s enough.

Just work.

Ah, yes.

She poured Theon\'s tea and naturally poured the remaining tea into the teacup in front of her.

‘He\'s impatient for no reason.\'

Ayla\'s lips twitched and she concentrated on the teacup.

Ayla, smelling the scent of the new chrysanthemum tea that came from Libert Kingdom, smiled softly as if she really liked it.

It\'s some kind of a win-win situation

Thanks to Theon, who isn\'t stingy about a cup of tea, she had the advantage of being able to have a taste of rare tea while working.

After taking a seat on the sofa in front of the table, Ayla blew on the hot tea and turned her eyes back to the document she had been examining.

The document was nothing out of the ordinary.

It was a statement about the Kingdom\'s donations.

Since the country has the responsibility to help those who are beyond the welfare\'s influence and face difficulties, it was natural for the Stellen Kingdom to help them with donations, too.

In particular, the orphans who lost their parents in the Silver War were among those that the Stellen Kingdom cared about the most.

‘Something smells fishy…\'

Among them, there was one place in particular that caught Ayla\'s attention.

It was an ordinary orphanage, calledGoddess\' Tears\', but looking at the flow of donations, it wasn\'t ordinary at all.

A considerable amount of money was being diverted as donations, maintaining a periodic pattern.

Initially, the donation period was on a yearly basis, but as time went on, it was gradually decreasing to 6 months, 3 months, and then 1 month.

Looking up its location, it wasn\'t far from the Stellen Kingdom\'s city center.

If it were close to the border, it would be understandable because there were many war orphans; but the areas around the city center were generally sponsored by aristocrats in order to save face, so there were relatively few places that lacked funds.

‘How can such a large amount of donations go to a place like this…\'

Ayla changed her posture and leaned against the sofa.

Ayla, who seemed to be lost in thought with her gaze facing downwards, looked at Theon with sparkling eyes shortly after.


Please issue a pass!

Didn\'t I tell you before to say something that makes sense

At Ayla\'s unexpected words, Theon put down the documents he had been looking at and firmly pressed his temples.

What on earth should he do with this helpless woman… It was obvious, even if he didn\'t see the future.

It makes sense.

Please issue it! A pass!

Tell me why do you need that.

Ayla lowered her voice at Theon\'s uninterested response and came closer to his ear.

I… I think I finally found the dark secret.

As Ayla spoke with sparkling eyes, Theon\'s expression quickly hardened.

As if he had become interested in what she said, he fixed his posture and said,Explain it in detail.\', in a rather low voice.

I\'m not sure yet, but… I think I should investigate it.

Should I trust you and let you go

Ayla pounded on her chest at Theon\'s suspicious eyes, as if she were frustrated, and raised her voice.

No! I would be caught in no time if I ran away, why would I do such a stupid thing That\'s enough for your suspicion.

I don\'t think you know, but this is the only loophole that is going to appear…

‘Ah… This guy, really.\'

Surprised by the angry words that came out unconsciously, Ayla hurriedly raised her hand and covered her frivolous mouth.

Theon waved his hand as if telling her to continue, with the corners of his mouth raised.

Anyway… What I mean is, what Your Highness is worried about is not going to happen.

Where are you planning to go


I think I clearly said I don\'t like repeating myself.

At this rate, don\'t you have zero learning capabilities

‘That guy really… He disregards me whenever he can.\'

Theon\'s sarcastic remarks made her grind her teeth, but she tried hard to keep her rationality.

I\'m going to Terr District, not far from the city center.

When Ayla lowered her voice and spoke, with a grim look on her eyes, Theon\'s eyebrows rose as if it were interesting.

Terr District… Will one day be enough

When Ayla gave a small nod at Theon\'s words, Theon left the office, saying,Come to the detached palace discreetly tonight.\'



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