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‘Why are you looking at me like that.

I said to leave.\'

Despite Ayla\'s disrespectful words, the man only laughed and seemed to have no intention of leaving.

A short silence flowed between the two.

Soon after, the voice of the head maid Rose came from behind her back.

Grand Duke Owen Arrot! You came early.

Greetings from the head maid, Rose.

Ayla, frozen with her eyes wide open, and the man, smiling as if he was enjoying the situation.

Only three words lingered inside Ayla Serdian\'s head.




I\'m guessing Miss Ayla already greeted the Grand Duke

Ah… Oh, that…

If I had known you would be coming so soon, I would have made the preparations in advance… I apologize.

Grand Duke Arrot.

She had to step in quickly to say hello and do something to apologize, but she completely missed the timing.

You must make up for your mistakes.

Whether it\'s clearing off your family\'s false charges or taking revenge, isn\'t it only possible if you live first

‘Think, you have to think.

Ayla Serdian.\'

After thinking for a moment, Ayla\'s eyes sparkled, as if something had occurred to her.

Th… The humble me did not recognize the Grand Duke.

Please kill me!!!

As expected, Rose was very embarrassed by Ayla\'s sudden behavior, in which she lay face down as soon as she finished speaking.

Rose, who was watching the situation, said in a low voice,What are you doing\'.

As if she couldn\'t hear her urgent words, Ayla didn\'t budge.

‘Since I have to live, I will try anything.\'

It was the best way that Ayla could think of.

She just hopes that this old-fashioned method will work with the blonde-haired Grand Duke.

Ayla\'s blue eyes were shaking, nervously.

Owen, looking at the scene, drew his lips in a crescent-shape and burst out laughing, as if the situation were very amusing.

Hahaha, aren\'t you a funny child

P… Please kill me!!!

Owen\'s face turned red, as he forced himself to hold back the laughter from Ayla\'s excessive behavior.

Soon after, Owen, who could not hold it in anymore, burst out laughing, shaking his shoulders.

After laughing for a while and seemingly having calmed down, Owen, calmly catching his breath, shouted at Ayla.

Phew… Killing, who is killing Get up quickly.

It is really embarrassing! I\'m not that kind of person!

Ah, yes.

Ayla replied shortly to Owen\'s complaining voice, then stood up awkwardly and fixed her posture.

Rose, who was standing next to her, continued standing still, as if she still could not understand the situation.

Hmhm, will you show me to my quarters, then

Ah… Yes, Grand Duke.

I will guide you to your quarters.

Please follow me.

At Owen\'s words, Rose tidied up her clothes and glanced at Ayla.

Shortly after, she stepped forward with an elegant gesture, to guide Owen.

Owen, following Rose who had taken the lead, passed Ayla, laughing.

Then, he whispered.

See you next time.

Miss Ayla.

What a funny child…

Owen, walking down the hallway under Rose\'s guidance, squinted one eye and smiled, as if it were interesting.

It was an unpleasant day.

He just wanted to live freely, without any status restrictions.

Owen\'s mother, the youngest daughter of the King, was always bright, easygoing and frugal.

Always longing for a free life outside the palace, Owen\'s mother, frustrated, left the palace together with his father when Owen was eight years old.

Without his mother, the palace was just an uncomfortable place.

Since that day, as the price for making the King angry, he could not even get near the palace, but… The King\'s message that he should return to the palace now that both his mother and father had passed away was close to torture to Owen.

This way.

Grand Duke Arrot.

While thinking about this or that, it seemed that he had arrived at the place where he would be staying.

Rose bowed slightly to Owen and opened the door.

Wow… As I have heard, the Royal family is great.

The interior of the room was impressive and beautiful enough to say it was extravagant.

The high ceiling was surrounded by glass so you could see the sky as it was, the chandeliers and lights decorated with crystals, various kinds of plants on the walls and a large landscape painting, depicting Owen\'s hometown on one side.

A variety of expensive musical instruments and records, even the meticulous details, everything was perfect to Owen, who loved music.

Is it to your taste, Grand Duke.


This is my first time in such a beautiful place.

It\'s really beautiful.

The inside of the palace was so magnificent and beautiful, but Owen couldn\'t feel the kindness and warmth of people like in the small town he lived in.

He smiled at Rose, but somehow, he felt bitter.

Then make yourself at home.

Please, feel free to call us if you need anything.

Grand Duke.

Standing where Rose left, Owen was looking at the place he had lived in for a long time.


For now, it seems the worst has passed.

Why did a Grand Duke, in the Royal Palace, look like that Thanks to that, I almost got decapitated.

Looking at his way of speaking, his clothes, and his actions, Grand Duke Owen didn\'t seem to fit in the palace at all.

She didn\'t know for what reason he came to the palace, but she thought his life seemed to be as painful as hers.

Ah, I don\'t know.

Since I\'m alive, it\'s alright.

Ayla threw herself over the green grass with a short groan.

As a light breeze blew pleasantly through the tall trees, Ayla closed her eyes and gave a pretty smile.

As the forest in front of the west palace is natural and outsiders are not free to enter, Ayla spent most of her day and free time here.

From the warm sun shining over her body to the moderately cool breeze, everything was perfect, no, had been perfect.


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