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Before she knew it, Ayla was riding together on a horse led by Eden.

She was very conscious of Eden\'s chest, which was close to her back.


As Ayla, who was conscious of Eden and deliberately tried to pull her body forward, swayed greatly, Eden secured her with his strong arm.

If it weren\'t for Eden, she would have fallen off the horse and would have been seriously injured.

Can you stay still I don\'t bite.

Hold on tight.

If you don\'t, you will fall.

At Eden\'s words, Ayla quietly fell into his arms.

As Eden put more pressure on the arm that was holding the reins, the speed increased, and the two bodies shook greatly.

As the horse picked up speed, the arm that had been holding Ayla hesitantly, embraced her body tightly.

His wide arms were enough to wrap Ayla\'s small body.

As the two bodies became closer and closer with the horse\'s movement, Ayla\'s eyes quickly wavered.

‘Ah damn, this is very awkward.

I shouldn\'t have asked for help…\'

As Eden\'s rough breath touched Ayla\'s ears, her body hardened as if it were a stone.

His strong arms and chest supported her firmly, making her feel comfortable even though this was her first time riding a horse.

Although her mind was troubled.

Unlike Ayla, who showed obvious signs of uneasiness, Eden\'s face showed tranquility.

Then, at that moment, the cold wind blowing over the galloping horse scattered Ayla\'s long hair.

The sweet scent coming from her fluttering hair made Eden feel hazy.

It was strange.

‘What\'s wrong Why am I nervous\'

It was an emotion that he, being a narcissist, had never experienced before.

Eden tried to maintain his composure so that he wouldn\'t hear his palpitating heart.

Full of questions about whether something was wrong.


Thanks to Eden, who rushed nonstop, they were able to reach Terr District early in the morning.

There was fatigue on his face, from riding a horse all night long.

Because of me… I will pay you back for your kindness.

Forget my kindness and let\'s eat.

I\'m sensitive for being on an empty stomach for too long.

I don\'t know if you\'re aware, but stress is the enemy of beauty.

Eden frowned and muttered in a low voice.

They soon walked towards a small restaurant at the village entrance.

You must have come from the city center

Whether the owner had detected them, she came out and spoke, giving them an interesting look.

As she spoke to the two of them, who were standing at the entrance and hesitating, Ayla smiled awkwardly and gave a small nod.

The owner took the reins with a familiar movement and led the horse, exhausted from the long distance, to the stable, giving him plenty of water and fodder.

Are you newlyweds

Ah… N…

That\'s correct.

We came from the city center.

I am on my way to give my greetings to my wife\'s parents.

Preventing Ayla, who was embarrassed by the owner\'s question, from trying to answer, Eden naturally embraced her waist and spoke.

Didn\'t you come here to investigate something Are you going to go around, saying everything Act naturally.

Eden approached Ayla\'s ear and whispered in a small voice.

The owner, who didn\'t know the situation, let out a frivolous laugh and foolishly said,Youth is good.\'

When Ayla smiled awkwardly towards her and asked her to prepare a meal for them, the owner showed Ayla and Eden to their seat and went to the kitchen.

Can you stop now and let go

Ayla said bluntly, looking at Eden\'s arm still holding her waist.

Eden only smirked at Ayla\'s words and seemed to have no intentions of letting go.

‘He really is a crazy bastard…\'

As she sat down with her mouth closed in resignation, Eden naturally sat next to her.

She glanced at the seat opposite her, but he whistled and paid no attention.

Soon after, in front of them, the delicious-looking food was ready.

When the smell of corn soup, full of sweet corn grains, a steaming baguette, as if it were freshly baked, and grilled bacon came out, his mouth started salivating and his hungry stomach seemed to be even more hungry.


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