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Go ahead and eat.

As soon as Ayla said those words, Eden picked up the bacon with a fork.

He must have been very hungry because he spent a lot of energy.

Ayla, who was eating the soup with a spoon, cut the bacon from her plate and put it on Eden\'s.

Although she spoke bluntly, she was deeply grateful to him for helping her, even though it was something that didn\'t have anything to do with him.

But why did you come here Are you investigating something important

Whether he was full, Eden wiped off his mouth with a tissue and spoke to Ayla.

I have to find a place.

What place

Goddess\' Tears…

Goddess\' Tears Why are you looking for it

At Eden\'s extremely simple question, Ayla sighed and put down her fork.

The owner approached Ayla with hot tea right on time.

When the owner came, Eden naturally stroked Ayla\'s hair and gave her an endearing look.

Looking at them, the owner\'s cheeks turned red, and she said,It\'s nice being a newlywed.\', overreacting.

Eden seemed to be secretly enjoying this situation.

When the owner finished pouring the tea and was about to step away, Eden carefully called her.

Do you know a place called Goddess\' Tears

Let me see… Goddess\' Tears…

Having been thinking for a while, she gave a small handclap and opened her eyes wide, as if she had remembered something.

Ah! Are you talking about the orphanage that disappeared a couple years ago


It was Ayla who questioned the owner\'s words.

Hmm… Probably There were few children.

Most of all, the person who ran the orphanage died.

It probably closed doors But why are young people interested in that

My wife is very concerned with people in need.

Just like her face, her heart is… Beautiful.

Eden carefully stroked Ayla\'s cheek and gave her an extremely endearing look.

It really was a method acting that put actors to shame.

The suspicious owner\'s eyes soon turned into a look of envy towards Ayla.


Wait here.

I will go to the next place alone.

Well… Suit yourself.

Eden leaned against the small single bed at Ayla\'s words and closed his eyes.

As the owner said that it was a restaurant that doubled as an inn, when they finished their meal, Ayla set up a room so that Eden could sleep a little.

The bed looked quite small compared to his body, but Eden didn\'t say anything.

After telling him,See you later.\', Ayla got out of the room with a few necessary things.


It should be around here…

Opening the scroll map, Ayla looked at every corner of the hillside; but she could not see any building that looked like an orphanage.

As she went deeper into the mountain path, blue dust fluttered above the wooden mark on the scroll.

Raising her head cautiously, Ayla saw a building that had turned to ruins.

It was so ruined that if she hadn\'t seen the wooden signGoddess\' Tears\' at the entrance, she would have wondered if it really was a building.

There was tension in Ayla\'s eyes as she carefully went inside.

When Ayla\'s figure was no longer visible, two men who had been following her while keeping their distance appeared.

Soon, the men who were chuckling among themselves followed Ayla inside, with a strange smile.


Terr District was one of the places with relatively poor security.

Because it was a common route for nobles and people at the top, there were many thugs seeking money and goods.

Among that, a woman traveling alone was an easy target.

Ayla, who didn\'t know about this, said she would look for it on her own and left, fearless.

Ah really, this doesn\'t suit me.

Ugh… I\'m extremely worried.

Eden, who was lying on the bed and moving his leg up and down repeatedly, got up on his feet and put the sword sheath he had put down on his shoulder again.

Frowning heavily, Eden came down to the stable and nervously untied the horse\'s reins.

He knew beforehand through the owner where Ayla was going, so the horse quickly galloped towards his destination.

When he reached his destination, he unknowingly felt a somewhat unpleasant atmosphere.

He tied the reins tightly to a tree and stepped inside the collapsing building.


Eden\'s eyes shook incessantly at the familiar woman\'s scream coming from the inside.

With his hand on the sword he was carrying, he quickly stepped towards the sound.



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