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From the moment Ayla entered the building, she felt an unknown gaze behind her.

She tried holding onto her heart while saying that it was nothing, but her nerves that were already on edge barely calmed down.

Tap, tap.

As she went a bit further inside, a sign readingDirector\'s Office\' was dangling with only one corner stuck on the wall.

Carefully opening the door, she saw a ceiling full of cobwebs, a desk full of dust, and piles of documents scattered on top of it.

A smile appeared on Ayla\'s mouth as she walked to the desk and rummaged through the documents.

The titleCertificate of Support\' was written on the papers she picked up.

This was the moment when circumstances became evidence.


Looking at the papers, she heard a sound behind her that should not have been heard.

It was the sound of someone stepping on the old wooden boards.

Her trembling eyes didn\'t calm down.

As she turned around, holding her shaking hands together, there were two men standing there, looking all over her body with strange smiles.


When a scream burst out of the surprised Ayla\'s mouth, the men laughed out loud as if it were fun.

Ayla felt both fear and hot tears flowing down her cheeks at the same time.

She didn\'t even think of the magical tools that Theon gave her to use in an emergency situation.

There was nothing she could do other than trembling in shock at the two men that appeared in front of her.

She\'s a young and pretty girl.

We hit the jackpot.

I\'ll get a taste of her first so wait a little bit.

One of the men slowly approached Ayla.

She took a step back to avoid the man who was getting closer and closer, but, in the end, she had nowhere to escape.

The man wiped the tears off Ayla\'s cheeks with his rough and coarse hands and smiled despicably.

I\'ll show you something good, so don\'t cry.

The man soon tore Ayla\'s clothes with a violent gesture.


As the man\'s lips approached the nape of her neck, they heard the man that was watching them from behind scream.

As he stopped what he was doing at his colleague\'s scream and turned around, a sharp blade brushed the man\'s neck.

Soon, a drop of red blood came out of the man\'s neck.

I missed it right now, but I won\'t this time.

At those words, the man with blood coming out of his neck rushed out.

I pretended to be fine by myself, but…

Ah… I\'m glad I came.

Eden said softly, with a sigh.

When Ayla, with her face covered with tears and snot, looked up, she saw Eden with a flushed expression.

Sniff, thank you.

I was… Very scared.


After seeing Eden, Ayla burst into tears at the sense of relief and threw herself into his arms.

As Eden\'s shaking eyes gradually calmed down, he said it was fine now and carefully stroked Ayla\'s disheveled hair.


It was midnight, but he couldn\'t see Ayla at all.

Theon left open the barrier on the iron door that leads outside, just in time for her return.

Theon\'s expression, sitting on the sofa in front of the fireplace and reading an old book, was stiffening as time passed.

Did she really run away…

Theon said, letting out a low sigh.

Ayla was imprisoned in the palace at the King\'s command.

Regardless of the reason, if Ayla didn\'t return, Theon would have no choice but to suffer the consequences for helping her escape.

Because the King was very sensitive to Count Jaden Serdian\'s affairs, no matter if he is the Crown Prince, this time he will not be able to escape punishment.

Theon quietly looked at the teacup that had cooled down.


Having been sobbing in Eden\'s arms, Ayla\'s crying gradually subsided, as if she had calmed down.

Eden somehow thought she was cute, with her eyes swollen due to how much she cried.

As the result of his self-love, it was very unusual for him to feel these feelings towards someone else.

He was the one who snorted while saying that even if he faced women who were known for being beautiful, they could never beat his perfection.

However, there were some different emotions happening towards the small girl who was trembling in his arms.

Since their first meeting, which started as a joke, Ayla showed a completely different image from the other women he encountered.

This interesting woman didn\'t fall in love with his appearance, nor did she try to get his attention.

Unlike the woman that giggled at his narcissistic remarks that unconsciously come out once in a while, Ayla had an expression like she was looking at a bug.

But it was weird.

Isn\'t she in love with his perfection It was kind of a challenge, and he was interested.


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