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Aren\'t you getting up

Eden spoke bluntly towards Ayla, who was sitting there blankly with the blanket raised up to her neck.

My clothes…


You\'re really harassing me in many ways.

I\'ll be outside, so get changed and come out.

Eden glanced at the small side table next to the bed, brushed off his hair as if he were embarrassed and walked out of the room.

On the side table, a black dress resembling the one Ayla had been wearing was beautifully folded.


How long did they run for

There was a sign saying that they would soon reach the Royal Palace.

Ayla and Eden remained silent throughout the whole trip, only sharing each other\'s warmth in the cold air at dawn.

‘Ah… It\'s awkward.\'

It was a day when she saw Eden, whom she thought was only rude, in a new light.

Contrary to what she thought, he was manly and thoughtful.

Had Eden not appeared in the ruined building, Ayla would probably have been raped by the two strange men.

According to what the owner said, while she was sleeping, Eden walked around the market, tired, looking for a dress similar to the one that Ayla wore when she came to Terr.

Before they left, the owner poked Ayla\'s waist and pointed at Eden, who was holding the horse\'s reins, saying she was envious of her for having a good groom.

In many ways, she was grateful to him.

Even though he was a narcissistic madman, she could feel he wasn\'t a bad guy.

Should I go to the hole

At Eden\'s words, Ayla silently turned around and looked at him.

The place we met.

Isn\'t that a hole that goes into the Royal Palace

Ah, that…

‘He\'s awfully quick-witted.\'

When Ayla stuttered, flustered by Eden\'s straightforward words, he raised the corners of his mouth and disheveled Ayla\'s hair.

Don\'t worry, I\'ll just leave the horse there and go.

You\'re such a bad liar, what would you say You should practice.

At Eden\'s words, who seemed to be teasing her while holding back laughter, Ayla had no choice but to lower her head, silently.


As they entered the forest, she saw a familiar landscape.

She looked at Eden with admiring eyes as if he were amazing, as it seemed like he didn\'t look at a map even once and yet they reached their destination well.

The right side is more handsome.

Look this way, this way.

‘That\'s right.

Once a madman, always a madman.

As expected.\'

It was just amazing that he could say those things seriously.

Ayla sighed silently and shook her head from side to side.

When they reached their destination, Eden gently grabbed the horse\'s reins, and with aWhoa\', the galloping horse slowly came to a halt.

When the horse stopped completely and Eden jumped out, reaching his hand towards Ayla, she hesitatingly took his hand.

As the warmth reached over her hand, which was frozen in the cold air, she somehow felt a prickly sensation.

As she came down with Eden\'s assistance, the two of them heard a voice as cold as ice.

Are you having a secret meeting

As Ayla\'s eyes quickly shook at the low and gloomy voice coming from between the trees, Eden held her as if to calm her down.

Eventually, the black silhouette came closer and revealed itself.

Confirming who the other person was, Eden chuckled and suddenly burst into laughter.

I wondered who the owner of this doghole was… And it belonged to His Highness

‘That crazy guy.

He\'s really a madman.\'

Ayla, who lowered her eyes at Eden\'s provocative words, bit her lips nervously.

Theon\'s gray eyes, shining in the moonlight, glistened coldly.

He didn\'t show it, but it was clear that he was in a bad mood.

Your attitude towards your King is a mess.

You may not know, but I\'m a foreigner.

Not only is Your Highness not the current King of the Stellen Kingdom, but you are also not my King.

Eden smiled and talked back at Theon\'s cold voice.

It was an atmosphere where it wouldn\'t be strange if someone took out their sword first.

Ayla thought, closing her eyes tightly.


I\'m X.\'



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