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Ayla\'s expression in front of Theon\'s office was a little tense.

The investigation at Terr District was a complete success because she even got evidence, but somehow, she couldn\'t shake off her feeling of unpleasantness.

‘The look in his eyes yesterday… It\'s annoying.\'

After walking around in front of the door for a long time, Ayla knocked and turned the doorknob, as if she had made up her mind.

Inside the office, Theon, who was also neatly dressed today, was sitting at his desk and examining documents.

At this point, she wondered if his daily life was the standard for the royal family and the guidelines for a proper leader.

He always woke up at a certain time, drank morning tea, took a bath and ate breakfast.

Immediately after eating, he started working in the office and reviewed numerous documents until midnight.

Theon\'s break time was nothing more than the usual teatime in the middle of that.

And even so, he would go straight to his desk to organize the documents after taking a sip or two.

Except for when he had meetings with officials, he was stuck in the office as if he had become a poltergeist.

She could see that the rumor that Theon was overseeing everything at the royal palace was true.

After watching him up close for more than a week, Ayla couldn\'t help but be astonished for his sincerity and persistence.

Is he really human There\'s no way a human can be this perfect.

That he could move according to the rules without making a single mistake was so amazing that it was scary.

Ayla shook her head a little and put the teacup she was holding next to Theon.

As she picked up the teapot and poured the tea, a fresh grapefruit scent spread inside the office.

It\'s grapefruit tea.

I prepared it because you looked tired.

You harm me and then you help me.

Theon replied uninterested, with his eyes still fixed on the documents.

After pouring all the tea into the teacup, Ayla corrected her posture and stood in front of him; and only then he raised his head.

Do you have something to say

I found evidence.

Ayla answered in a resolute tone at Theon\'s abrupt words.

I guess you didn\'t come here just for fun.

Theon turned his cold eyes towards Ayla, raising one eyebrow.

At his gaze, Ayla swallowed dry and continued.

There was an orphanage that the Royal Palace had been sponsoring regularly since several years ago.

Even now, donations are being sent to the orphanage every month.

Go on.

At first, the donations were being sent once every year; but recently, the cycle has become shorter and shorter.

Since it is an institution near the city center, it shouldn\'t have been too short on funds, right

Theon raised the teacup, took a sip, and beckoned as if telling her to continue talking.

I went there myself and found out it didn\'t exist.

This document is the original certificate of support that I took directly from the orphanage.

As you can see, the support was cut off 5 years ago.

Theon\'s expression darkened when Ayla handed him a crumpled document.

‘I brought perfect evidence.\'

Looking at Theon\'s expression, she felt that she had brought him some pretty solid evidence.

Now that she has taken care of her job perfectly, His Highness won\'t be able to mindlessly disregard her.

Waiting for Theon\'s next words, the corners of Ayla\'s mouth went up slightly.


‘Ah… It\'s suffocating.

Why isn\'t he saying anything\'

Theon\'s lips were tightly shut, with no intention of opening.

Theon was just staring at the papers he had received from Ayla, as if he wanted to kill.

Feeling her patience reaching the limit, Ayla sighed and opened her mouth first.

I understand that you are very angry, but you have to catch them quickly.

Are you going to leave it as it is

Theon sighed deeply at Ayla\'s words and pressed his temples firmly.

‘Yeah, you should get angry.

The thieves have taken so much.

Tsk tsk.\'

Ayla shrugged at Theon\'s appearance and waited for his words.

Leave it.


I said I don\'t like repeati…

No, are you out of your mind right now You saw this and you\'re telling me to leave it!

Ayla stopped talking, as if she were dumbfounded by the unexpected words.

Theon quietly looked at Ayla and said no more.


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