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Ayla Serdian opened her eyes to the sound of unfamiliar steps.

It hasn\'t been long since she came to the Royal Palace, but she had never felt anyone else\'s presence here.

Even though she didn\'t know, she heard that there were no royal family members currently staying in the west palace, so she paid more attention to the sound of footsteps.

Is it the Grand Duke I met earlier…

Ayla poked her head out, raising her body.

Soon she saw a pretty woman with light-brown hair between the trees.

The small and petite woman was wearing a pink chiffon dress and white lace gloves, which looked fairly good on her.

Judging from her outfit, she seemed to be a princess.

Interested, Ayla\'s eyes focused on the appearance of the woman, whose name she did not know.

It\'s been a while, Your Highness.

Since I last saw you, you look… A lot worse.

Princess Ariel.

Did something happen in the west palace

The voice of a calm woman who was called a princess, and the voice of a man that has a low-pitch, but is good to the ears.

As she held her breath at the conversation between the two, Ayla, standing still, seemed to be hiding without realizing it.

After hearing the news that the Prince would return today…

Ariel lowered her head and blurred the end of her words, apparently embarrassed.

Unlike Ariel, who hesitated, blushing, the man seemed to have no interest at all.

The man gave a perplexed expression for a moment, and then smiled.

Even though he was smiling, the cold man\'s face did not contain even a trace of emotion.

I didn\'t know the Princess was so interested in me.

But this is the west palace, where the princes stay.

The man smiled, with his face close to Ariel\'s.

The distance between Ariel and the man was only about one fist.

It\'s not a place where a princess from a neighboring country can come in freely.

The gentle smile froze with the last words.

The Prince\'s words contained an implicit warning to Ariel.

Not expecting such a reaction, Ariel\'s dark brown eyes trembled considerably.

‘If they find out I\'m here, I will be in big trouble…\'

Ayla could feel the cold energy coming from the two.

She looked at both of them, more precisely at the man who was called a Prince, eagerly waiting for him to leave.

Yes… I apologize.

Your Highness.

It seems I got too ahead of myself.

I will step back now.

Please, make yourself comfortable.

When she finished speaking, Ariel\'s big eyes filled with tears.

Ariel gazed at the man, who did not answer, for a moment, and then bowed slightly and left.

‘Even if you are a Prince, how can you humiliate people like that\'

Ariel\'s appearance, turning back with a hurt expression, was caught in her eyes.

When Ariel\'s back wasn\'t visible, the man turned towards where Ayla was hiding and spoke.

Now, why don\'t you get out of there

‘Don\'t tell me, are you talking about me\'

The man\'s cold voice made her tremble.

Shall I run to the other side I am like a rat in a trap.

However, to come out saying,I\'m here.\', I really might get decapitated for eavesdropping on the conversation of the royal family.

Ah… To be associated with the royal family twice today…

This life really is ruined.

While Ayla worried, a large shadow appeared in front of her.


When she looked up, she saw the back of the Grand Duke she had just encountered in the hallway.

As if he felt her gaze, Owen turned his head towards Ayla and winked.

It\'s been a while since you\'ve seen me, but you can\'t even recognize me.

This is disappointing.

Oh, I have to call you Your Highness now.

Owen, I heard that you were returning to the palace.

You came sooner than I thought.

I finished the reconnaissance in a hurry because you were coming.

I came quickly because I missed you! How long has it been

Owen spoke shamelessly.

At the same time, Theon\'s expression stiffened, coldly.

I see.

But who is that stray cat in the back

Stray cat I do not know what you\'re talking about.



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