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The events that happened in Terr passed through Ayla\'s mind.

The ruined orphanage, the smell inside the building, the facial expressions they made, their cheap speech, the rough breathing, the wind blowing from outside, and even the sound of their laughs, making fun of her for being terrified.

It vividly came to her mind as if it was something that was happening right now.

When the terrifying moment came to her mind, she unconsciously sat down, leaning against the wall, holding her trembling hands together.

P-Please spare me.


It\'s… It\'s my fault.

Please, I beg you… Please don\'t do that.

Transparent tears rolled down Ayla\'s cheeks.

Theon stopped in his spot, extremely taken aback as he saw Ayla\'s whole body shaking like an aspen leaf.

Eventually, Ayla\'s small body collapsed helplessly towards Theon.


Theon\'s gaze turned downwards.

The small room on one side of the office was a place he built so he could rest for a while when he was exhausted from frequently working overtime, before going to the detached palace.

Sitting on a chair while looking at the end of his toes, he turned his gaze towards Ayla, who was lying on the white bed, and sighed deeply.

‘It looks like something happened.\'

Reminiscent of what Eden had said last night, Theon picked up a damp towel and carefully wiped Ayla\'s forehead.

Perhaps she was having a nightmare, as her round forehead was covered with cold sweat.

Considering the circumstances, the royal court\'s opinion was that she seemed to have lost consciousness due to extreme post-traumatic stress.

To avoid waking her up as much as possible, Theon wiped her forehead with a delicate touch.

Soon her eyelids trembled, and Ayla\'s blue eyes appeared.


‘Where am I again Why am I lying down again\'

Awakened, Ayla looked around with her eyes wide open.

Her unnecessarily weak body was just resentful for how many times it had happened already.

Ayla\'s blue eyes, which were looking around, rolled downwards.

She saw Theon sitting on a chair on the opposite side, sighing with his head down.

Seeing the wet towel in Theon\'s hand, it seems like he had been taking care of her.

‘Ah… Should I hint that I have woken up or not\'

While Ayla was struggling, biting her lips on one side, Theon raised his head and looked at her.

At the same time, Ayla closed her eyes.

‘Let\'s act naturally.

I\'m still unconscious.

It\'s embarrassing for both of us, isn\'t it\'

Shortly thereafter, Theon\'s low voice echoed in the room.

I can tell you have woken up, so why don\'t you get up


You can tell

Ayla pulled herself up, scratching her head as if she were embarrassed.

Looking at her, Theon seemed somewhat angry.

What happened

What What happened Nothing happened…

Ayla consciously avoided Theon\'s eyes, which were looking at her.

Looking at Ayla without saying a word, he got up from his seat and turned towards the door.

It\'s late at night, so stay here and go to the maid\'s quarters in the morning.

I\'m going to the detached palace, so don\'t worry.

Compared to the other palaces, the west palace was one of the most heavily guarded because it was the place where the royal family lived.

After a certain time, the entrance of the maids as well as the distinguished guests was restricted; so, if she went out like this, she would be interrogated by the guards all night long.

There was no way Theon was aware of this, so his actions were obviously due to his concern for Ayla.


Ayla firmly grabbed Theon\'s wrist as he turned towards the door.

A deep fear appeared in Ayla\'s big eyes.

Don\'t… Go.

Ayla\'s trembling voice echoed in Theon\'s ears.

Soon, he felt his heart tingling.


When she opened her eyes, Theon was not next to her.

He stayed there silently until Ayla had fallen asleep.

She fell into a deep sleep using his breathing as a lullaby.

When she turned her head, the big hand of the small table clock on the side table was pointing at 10.

It was already a long time since her daily routine started.

Getting up in a hurry, Ayla suddenly grabbed her head and groaned.

Ugh, it\'s embarrassing.

‘Don\'t go.\', what do you mean,Don\'t go.\'!!

Remembering what she had said yesterday, Ayla stomped her feet with her face buried in her knees.

‘Well, it is true that I fainted.

I\'ll just pretend I don\'t remember anything.\'

Ayla gave a small nod, with a determined expression, and got up.



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